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What Needs to Happen – The Archangels Give Us a Checklist.

Written by author and channel, Jodie Helm. (Ignore the “by Pete” line above. All I do is post Jodie’s articles to save her the trouble. – Pete)

The Archangels keep saying we’re making great progress on “fixing” the world, but it’s hard to see, isn’t it? I mean, I can see a few things changing or at least there are more people interested in changing things, but it’s not like the media shows those stories and gives us hope and encouragement of any kind. So, I asked the Angels what needed to happen before all of us can see that things are getting much better. Their response follows.

Question: Can you please tell us what needs to happen before we can “get ahead” of all this chaos and start making obvious progress and finding sustainable solutions to our problems?


It sounds like you want a checklist. We can give you one, but each item is connected, just as you all are connected. It is not a “to do list” as much as a “to become” list. We will explain.

First, we would say that, although many of you do not see obvious progress being made, we do. You do not have our world or universal view, we understand, and media coverage doesn’t help, but we wish to tell you that you continue to make significant progress. More people than not are feeling some of the differences in the higher dimension energetically and consciously, whether or not they know why. For those who have not felt a difference, it is because they either do not recognize it or they suppress it.

The masses are beginning to band together, although this is not as common yet. It will be eventually and continues to grow as unity forms and increases. You are definitely headed in a better direction. Having said that, you have quite a ways to go yet, but focus on the fact that the speed and increase of changes has never been greater or more promising than it is now.

There are some things that must receive vast increases in support from the masses before everyone will be aware of major changes. Some of them are an embracing of diversity, equal respect and acceptance of personal choices, the belief that everyone has equal worth and value, more participation from the masses, and releasing the “us and them” mindset and replacing it with a unity mindset.

We can anticipate some negative responses to these statements. Some of you are thinking these things are impossible, because some people will never change. You think there will always be issues of entitlement, inequality, and bigotry. We will tell you that you are correct in a very limited way. You do not have to have 100% agreement and acceptance of these principles. There will likely always be exceptions, but when the majority opens to these views, that will be enough to make them the norm. In truth, you are well on your way as a collective to victory in terms of the majority of people embracing these things.

Some of you are thinking of many bigots, judgments, and power struggles going on and already feel defeated, but we wish to tell you that you do not have to concern yourself with these people and things. You do not have to reach out to them, convince them of anything, or change their minds. You only have to focus on one person, and that is yourself.

Most of you have no idea how powerful you are. Some of you are thinking you do not have to work on yourself, because you have evolved beyond bigotry, judgment, and violence, and you do not care about having more power, but we must tell you two things:

1. You are already powerful enough to impact great change

2. You still have work to do in regards to evolving.

We will explain.

Until you find your own power, you will continue to be swept away and overwhelmed by fear, anger, and the chaos all around you. If you are consumed by fear and anxiety, it means you are not in your power, and you need to work on that. If you struggle with anger, hatred, resentment, and impatience where others are concerned, you have not reached the level of evolution you need in order to maintain your power and increase your effectiveness enough to achieve your goals.

This is why you need to focus on yourself and your power. Every negative, low level emotion you feel or think, whether you act on it or not, adds to the overall negative energy which hinders not only your evolution and rise in consciousness, but detracts from the collective evolution and the rise in collective consciousness. Whenever you cast blame on others, whether they are responsible or not, when you give into fear and anger toward others, you become part of the problem. It slows your progress and that of the collective, and it takes you further away from your goals.

The problem is not that there are too many extremists causing trouble, but rather there are not enough non-troublemakers getting involved.

It is not that you can bar or banish these emotions, but you can stop them from consuming you and catch yourself when you falter. When you get impatient with others, because they have not awakened as you have, you delay their awakening even more. When someone or something provokes these low vibrational emotions, it strengthens the overall negativity that provoked you to begin with.

Stay away from these people and situations as much as possible, and when you cannot avoid them, call on your power and send them positive energy instead. This will combat their lower energies better than anything else you could possibly say or do, and it will bring you closer to your goals and them further from theirs.

This is why we so strongly stress self-care, because it not only has a positive effect on you, but on everyone and everything around you. When you can maintain your calm and peace of mind, you help everyone around you. When you evolve to the point where you can see yourself in the very people who provoke you, you are standing in your power and are part of the solution, even if you do not know yet what that solution will look like. You have no idea of the energetic chain reaction you can cause. Stop looking at your antagonists as your enemies and try to see them as part of the overall, universal connection you all share. It does not matter what they think or do. What matters is that you do not allow them to lower your vibration.

Now, do you begin to see the importance of self-care and standing in and maintaining your power, and why you should make yourself a priority? It is not just you who benefits. It begins with the individual and spreads and combines with others. Individual power leads to collective power and high vibrational energy that will affect everyone and everything around you. When enough of you can do this, you will see the obvious, positive changes in the world for which you yearn.

So, do not concern yourself with the thoughts and actions of others. Focus instead on your own, and by doing so you will promote your causes and goals and positively impact the world. You do not have to defeat any of the extremist groups you so often see through the media. Your energy will defeat them, and hopefully, raise their energy.

In addition, when you are in your power, you will have more self-confidence and drive to become an active participant in finding solutions in other ways, using your gifts in a productive way in whatever capacity you choose.

You could truthfully say that everything hinges on each individual. All any of you need to do is focus on yourself and stand in your power. The rest will follow.

We send you all Light and Love.

Final Thoughts

Once the collective energy and consciousness rises for the majority, things will move faster. Everything is tied to energy. More of us are awakening because of the changes in energy in this higher dimension as well as the energy being sent to us. Eventually, higher energy will overcome the lower vibrational energy, and it will not only become uncomfortable for people to hold on to their extreme views and try to control others, but they will no longer be accepted or tolerated by the majority. They will lose their influence and power, because they will no longer fit into the new energetics that are overtaking the Earth and Her people.

All we have to do is embrace these new energetics and build them, along with our power. The energy around us everywhere will help us do that. It’s hard not to give in to anger and fear, especially when we’re exposed to extremist and threatening views, but I’m working on that, and I hope you will too, because it can have a huge impact.

In a recent article, the Archangels suggested that we take just ten minutes a day to sit quietly with ourselves, so we could tune in and evaluate how we feel and find ways to stay at a high vibration by bringing more joy to our lives. Please consider doing this. It will speed things up, so we can more easily see the positive changes happening now and in the future.

Blessings all, Jodie.

Copyright © 2022, all rights reserved, Jodie Helm. This article is republished with her written permission.

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