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Bless Yourself and All That Is

All That Is Blessing

Do you want to change the world for the better? One way to do it is to bless yourself and All That Is with thought-forms that encourage living, loving, learning and evolving. Be creative! For example, imagine yourself throwing positive suggestions up into the air like confetti at a wedding so they rain down upon you and All That Is with the invisible power of their Being. Sound like fun? It is because it’s such a simple and easy thing to do! You can do it during meditation or when you walk down the street. You can do it whenever you think about it, wherever you are, and no one, except you, will be the wiser.

Pete's Story RoomSince I’ve come to believe that life, or Being and Creation, is the result of what we believe about ourselves and All That Is, I’ve converted my bedroom into a Story Room. Many old cultural beliefs don’t work for me or reflect my experiences. As a result, I’ve decided that the only way for me to be happy is to create my own story about how All That Is came into being. By accepting responsibility for writing my own story, I can write “happiness” and other things I value, into it.

Part of the process included developing a set of guiding principles that provide me with the results I want. To do this, they had to represent what works best and makes me happiest in my oneness with and separation from All That Is, as both a product or creation and creation itself. After asking for help from my inner self and the universe, two guiding principles (three if we include, what works best and makes me happiest in the mix) emerged from the greater consciousness of which we are all a part:

  1. Seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good.
  2. Let love and understanding be the light and your way.

I suspect these two ideas or principles come from deep within the collective consciousness of All That Is. Why? Because it took two years or more for each idea to surface or become clear in my waking mind. The first principle expressed itself in words uttered by a strong male voice inside my mind a little more than two years after I asked my Inner Self to tell me what my deepest “feeling tone” or impulse was. The moment I heard the words, “seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good” spoken in my mind, I knew what it was and why it came to me. I asked for it!

The second principle was derived more through brute strength and ignorance than question-higher-consciousness-and-wait. Starting with the question to myself of what might be “the light and my way,” I kept working with different ideas until I arrived at the answer I liked best, the one that felt just right. The question began as one thing and became something more over time. When I finally arrived at, Let love and understanding be the light and your way, I knew that was it! The moment it was expressed in those words, I felt a strong wave of satisfaction wash over me, followed by the feeling of a job well done. It was then I knew the answer was right for me.

Whether I ask my Inner Self for answers or hammer them out by myself, I know the answer is right when a strong feeling of satisfaction washes over me, followed by the thought of a job well done. It is as if my greater self, or all that I am a part of, is collectively expressing its approval. Everyone is happy!

It is experiences like these that strongly suggest All That Is thinks, feels, acts and reacts; therefore, we ARE. It also suggests that we are all Beings of Aware Energy, or Consciousness, whether we exist as single units of Aware Energy or complex organizations (gestalts) of countless Aware Energy Units, like you and me. As such, Consciousness, or Self-Aware Energy, is both the Source and Substance of All That Is. As we think, feel, act and react, we create. To change what we create, we change what we think and feel, how we act and react. It also suggests that we are all in this together – partners in evolution.

Freedom to Choose

If you want to experiment with the power of blessing or psychic healing, there is one thing you might want to remember. Either ask the individual you want to help if they’re okay with you sending them energy, or frame your gift in a way that gives them the power to consciously or unconsciously accept it or not.

This suggestion comes from a lesson I learned while administering healing energy to Jane Roberts’ body (the author of the Seth Books) during her final hospitalization in Elmira, New York. It was 1984, just before she died. Elmira is 3,000 miles from my home in California and I had spent days attempting to send her healing energy remotely during meditation. Sadly, it felt like an empty gesture because my efforts never reached the point of feeling real. I thought about giving up, but the next day during meditation, I felt an amazing amount of energy around me. It was so intense, I thought it was powerful enough to let me visit Jane in New York in astral form. It worked!

To keep this story short – Jane evidently didn’t want to be healed. After my misguided attempt to help her failed, I began to do some research. With help from one of her closest friends, Susan M. Watkins, it became clear that Jane  did not want to go on living, despite what she kept telling Seth and her husband, Robert Butts.

The evidence of her true feelings existed in the form of an alien language she had learned during her days of channeling Seth and other entities. Just before she needed to be hospitalized, she began repeating a short alien phrase like a mantra. Rob asked her what the words meant but she wouldn’t tell him. Later, he saw the words written on a note Jane had written for herself. She continued refusing to tell Rob what the words meant until just before she died. The alien words, translated, said: “Let my soul find shelter elsewhere”.

(For more on Jane Roberts and My Healing Meditation Surprise, read my account by clicking on the link. You can also copy and paste the title into the search window on my website.)

As you might guess, Jane was very important to me because she channeled Seth and I consider him my greatest mentor.

My Favorite Blessings

Here’s a list of my personal blessings. You can create your own list or use mine. In any event, be playful when you send them out. Send them from that place of love and feeling of oneness within you.

  1. Bless us all with the Energy of Unconditional Love.
  2. Bless us all with love, truth, and joy.
  3. Bless us all with love and understanding.
  4. Bless us all with understanding, forgiveness, and love.
  5. Bless us all with greater awareness and understanding.
  6. Bless us all with value fulfillment, or what works best and makes us happiest.
  7. Bless us all with clarity and balance.
  8. Bless us all with the wisdom to understand and forgive ourselves and others.
  9. Bless us all with self-acceptance and well-being.
  10. Bless us all with challenges faced and lessons learned.
  11. Bless us all with strength and determination.
  12. Bless us all with love and appreciation for ourselves and All That Is.
  13. Bless us all as multidimensional, vibrational Beings of Self-Aware Energy, or Consciousness.
  14. Bless us all in our oneness with and separation from All That Is.
  15. Bless us all as both the Source and Substance of All That Is.
  16. Bless us all with unconditional love for All That Is.

It only takes a second to silently imagine yourself throwing a blessing up in the air like confetti at a wedding. As you bless yourself and All That Is, see your blessings accepted with understanding and joy by those who want to receive them and easily ignored by those who don’t.

Understand that each thought-form is a living entity of Aware Energy. Like every other complex thought-form, including you, it wants to fulfill its greatest possible potential whenever and wherever it’s called into action. Feel for the energy of your blessings as they seek to fulfill their greatest potential within you. Others who want them to be a part of their Being and Creation can choose to do the same or not, depending on their personal preference. The more real, imaginative, and exciting your vision is, the more powerful its effect.

To give you an idea of how meaningful and alive thought-forms are, read the following articles on unconditional love and forgiveness. They demonstrate how thoughts are “things” with a reality of their own and each of us, an artist. With thoughts in the form of beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations we paint the landscape of our lives. Create a great day!

Unconditional Love

My Encounter with the Energy of Unconditional Love began in the Fall of 1983, after my wife and children left for work and school. I was sitting at my  office desk recounting all the ways I had tried to raise enough money to bring about meaningful change in the world and failed. In a moment of utter despair, I threw my arms up at the universe of All That Is and yelled, “What do I want more than anything else in All That Is?” To my surprise, a strong male voice, about six inches in front of my forehead, said: “Love.” That’s it, I yelled; what I want most is to love and be loved without condition!

About two years later, as I began to ascend the western slope of Mt. St. Helena in a minibus to pick up construction workers in Clearlake Highlands in Lake County, I began to experiment with mental telepathy. The bus driver following me was a good friend. I knew from experience that she didn’t care enough about the study of consciousness to receive my thoughts so I directed them to her higher self. At first our exchange seemed fake but after several imaginary exchanges, they became real. Then it happened; I encountered the Energy of Unconditional Love. Wow!

During my encounter I was told that “Nothing you can ever think, feel, say or do can keep you from being loved unconditionally.” With a feeling of complete self-acceptance for the first time in my life, I bathed in the life-changing Energy of Unconditional Love.


Like some adult children, I viewed my parents with anger long into adulthood. One day, during meditation, I began to see them from a completely different perspective. Instead of reciting the old story of what they did or didn’t do that made me unhappy, I began to see how much they did do and how much I learned from it. Suddenly, I was able to appreciate how challenging life is for everyone and how well we all do in spite of it. This new understanding was so profound and meaningful I couldn’t help but forgive them and myself. I forgave them for what I had interpreted as parental imperfections and shortcomings, and I forgave myself for what I knew was small-minded fault-finding.

Once forgiveness was complete, it turned into a feeling of profound love, tears and all. This one experience, from that moment on, transformed our relationship from one of false loyalty, contempt, and anger to one of heartfelt love, genuine friendship, and understanding.

For more on this experience, read The Healing Power of Forgiveness by clicking the link or pasting it into the search window on my website.

Secrete of the Universe

The Importance of Unconditional Love

If the Energy of Unconditional Love didn’t exist we would have to invent it. Why? Because, on our own, we tend to become polarized and compartmentalize each other. The outer self, or ego, forgets about its oneness with All That Is under the pressure of survival in human form. As a result we become competitive and even combative at times, at least on the human level of Being and Creation.

During my encounter with the energy of unconditional love, while joyfully bathing in its field of energy, thoughts and feelings I normally hide from myself and the world began to cross my mind. I began to panic, thinking that if I could see these thoughts and feelings, the Energy of Unconditional Love could too. It was at this point that the Energy of Unconditional Love stepped in and stopped me from freaking out. With a calm voice, it reassured me that “Nothing you can ever think, feel, say or do can keep you from being loved unconditionally.”

In that moment all I wanted to do was show my gratitude to this Being who loved me without condition. To show my feelings, I performed miracles in a return show of love and gratitude. I knew things I didn’t know I knew and I did things I didn’t know I could do.

What is my takeaway from this experience? After years of thought and question, I think Unconditional Love knows what we are becoming. As a result, it is far more interested in that than what we have been or done now or in the past. Does that make what we’re doing now, on-the-job learning (OJL)? The best answer I can come up with is that I’m here to live, love, learn and evolve. What do you think the purpose of life (Being and Creation) is all about?

While I was inside the Energy of Unconditional Love, it felt like home, my real home. Imagine what life would be like if we stop judging ourselves as good or bad, right or wrong, I win, you lose, and start thinking in terms of what works best and makes us happiest, in our oneness with and separation from All That Is, as both source and substance of All That Is. I don’t know about you, but I find this shift in thought exciting because it’s based on ideas like what we are is good, not bad, and that we can trust ourselves instead of distrust ourselves*.

*For more on this subject, read What I Learned in Catholic School.

By Roger A. Peterson (Pete) https://realtalkworld.com

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