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Telepathic Communication with Us ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

(I think this article is a very important addition to the 9th Dimension Arcturian Council material. The subject is telepathic communication, what it is and how it can be used. After some online research, I decided that the definitions for these inner sense abilities, presented by the author and teacher, James Van Praagh, were the simplest and clearest.

For a more comprehensive description of our Inner Senses, click the Inner Sense link. For actual examples of telepathic communication, read the account of my experience with a house plant in our home, entitled Inside Ivy and the account of The Cat’s Tale, Part 1. Whenever we close our eyes or begin interacting with inner consciousness and events, we’re using our inner senses.

For a great example of how our inner and outer senses can work together, read My Encounter with the Energy of Unconditional Love. I was driving an empty minivan over Mt. St. Helena in northern California when it happened. What surprised me most was that it seemed so natural.

Don’t we all talk to plants and animals or at least think about talking to them? That is, until we remember that we live in an earthbound, value judgment world of thought that may treat us as if we’re nuts when we’re caught talking to plants and animals. It’s bad enough to get caught talking to ourselves in most cases. Read on. This is a great article. – Pete)

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“We have been discovering new ways to make contact with those of you who are desiring that connection with us. We know that you rely heavily on your technology to keep in contact with each other, but you do not use technology to connect with your pets and other animal friends. You are, in fact, more likely to chat with one of your animal friends telepathically. And so, one of the ways that we have been reaching out to you is in those moments when you are communicating with one of your pets or some other animal beings that you wish to connect with.

“We will slip something in during those interactions. We do this regularly, and now we invite you to pay attention to what you are opening yourselves up to when you are in communication with the animal kingdom. Some of you will even communicate with trees, plants, flowers, and all of the members of the plant kingdom, and that is another time when we will sneak in a message, just for you.

“Now, it’s important for you to realize that telepathic communication is real and that you can receive a clairaudient (“clear hearing” – all definitions from the James Van Praagh website) or a claircognizance (“clear knowing” – James Van Praagh) message when you relax and let your mental guard down. You can also experience messages through clairsentience (“clear feeling” – James Van Praagh) and through clairvoyance (“clear seeing” – James Van Praagh). We have many ways of delivering messages to you and you have many ways of receiving and interpreting those messages. The way that this channel (D.S.) is speaking for us right now is just one of the ways in which our energy can be translated into something that is useful for all of you.

“Now, we still want you to seek that connection with your plant and animal friends. We want you to expect to receive something in return from them when you reach out, but also pay attention to what else you are getting, because we will always attempt to make more and more contact with all of you who are interested in connecting with us. And we know that more and more humans are believing in the possibility of that connection every day.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Copyright © 2021, Daniel Scranton.  Republished with permission.

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