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Part 10 of Seth’s Concepts in a Nutshell – Seth on the Inner Senses

Seth material, organized to answer Andy Hughes’ questions

“I do not harp about theory simply because I want to. These are not just fine words that mean nothing; I want you to put them into practice.

“You must try to understand the nature of reality. To some small extent I have begun to explain this, and the ideas, in themselves, will make you think. To perceive other realities, we have to use the Inner Senses (see below) — methods of perception that belong to the inner self and operate whether or not we have a physical form.

“The Inner Senses expand normal consciousness and allow us to become aware of our own multidimensional existence.

(For examples of “multidimensional” experiences, read: The “Suck Face” Incident, My Encounter with the Energy of Unconditional Love, and/or The Ball of Light – A Lucid Dream about the Nature of Being and Creation. Inside Ivy is another example of  multidimensional behavior. If you have experimented with psychedelic drugs or you remember your dreams, you already know that you have “inner senses” and what multidimensionality is like. The Internet also has many examples of extraordinary experiences. – Pete)

“Undistorted and yours for the asking, is the knowledge inherent in the inner self, pertaining to reality as a whole, its laws, principles and composition.

“In the inner self you will find the innate knowledge concerning the creation of the camouflage universe as you know it. You will find the ways and means by which the inner self, existing in the climate of psychological reality, helps create the various planes of existence, constructs outer senses to project and perceive these, and the ways by which reincarnations take place within various systems.

“Here, you will find your own answers as to how the inner self transforms energy for it purpose, changes its form, and adopts other realities. You will also learn about the mechanics involved.

“These will enable you to perceive reality as it exists independent of the physical world. You must learn to recognize, develop, and use them. The methods are given in this material, but you cannot use it, until you understand it.

“You must, first of all, cease identifying yourself completely with your ego, and realize that you can perceive more than your ego perceives. (To expand your awareness and understanding – Pete), you must demand more of yourself than you ever have before. The material is not for those who would deceive themselves with packaged, ribbon-wrapped truths that are parceled out and cut apart so you can digest them. This material demands that you intellectually and intuitively expand.

“Consciousness can be turned in many directions, but you are in the habit of directing it along one certain path, and you have forgotten that there are other paths.

“If you consider the conscious mind that you usually use as one door, then you stand at the threshold of this mind and look out into physical reality. But there are other doors… It is true that when you close one door there may be a moment of distortion before you open another, and you may need to learn the methods by which you can perceive other realities, other conscious portions of yourself. But these portions are as valid and as real as the consciousness with which you are ordinarily familiar.

“There is only one way to learn what consciousness is: by studying and exploring your own awareness, by changing the focus of your attention and using your own consciousness in as many ways as possible.

“When you look into yourself, the very effort involved extends the limitations of your consciousness, expands it, and allows the egotistical self to use its abilities that it often does not realize it possesses.

“The Inner Senses reveal to us our own independence from physical matter, and let us recognize our unique, individual multidimensional identity.

“Properly utilized, they also show us the miracle of physical existence and our place in it. We can live a wiser, more productive, happier physical life because we understand why we are here, individually and as a people.

“The Inner Senses can help us to use telepathic abilities. This means that in family, business, or social contacts, we will intuitively be aware of what another person is saying to us: we will know what is beneath their words. You will also use words better yourself to communicate your inner feelings since you will better know what those feelings are. You will not be afraid of them or feel the need to cover them up.

“Using the Inner Senses, we simply increase our entire range of perception.

“The point of learning how to use the Inner Senses is that you will learn what reality is… This self-investigation initiates states of consciousness with which you are not usually familiar, and these senses can be used as investigative tools.

“Books cannot tell you this. Even if you use psychoanalysis, you are still only exploring the topmost levels of your personality, and you do not have the benefit of those altered states of consciousness that occur when you look into yourself.

“In this sort of exploration, the personality attempts to go within itself, to find its way through the veils of adopted characteristics of its own inner identity.

“The inner core of the self has telepathic and clairvoyant abilities that greatly affect family relationships – and your civilization. Currently, you are not using these abilities effectively. These are precisely the abilities that are needed now. If there is to be any hope of world communication, then each of you must understand where your potentials are.”

The Inner Senses

(These are my interpretation of them — Andy)

Inner Vibrational Touch – consciousness expands to contain other living things, like empathy but perceived as an overall impression like hot or cold.

Psi Time – relax, turn off physical. Focus inward.

Perception of Past, Present, Future – time expanded Inner Vibrational Touch

The Conceptual Sense – complete understanding of concept on all levels

Cognition of Knowledgeable Essence – stronger instantaneous cognition of the essence

Innate Knowledge of Basic Reality – particular data to make manipulation possible – instinct

Expansion or Contraction of the Tissue Capsule – “tissue” surrounding consciousness in any system – astral

Disentanglement from Camouflage – change of frequency

Diffusion by the Energy Personality – birth – projection into systems

For more on what Seth has to say about the Inner Senses, click here. – Pete

For an even more comprehensive discussion of the inner senses, read The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, Chapter 19: The Inner Senses – What They Are and How to Use Them. Copyright © 1970 by Jane Roberts. Current copyright holder – Laurel Davies Butts. Excerpts from the Seth/Jane Roberts material are reprinted with her written permission.

Seth’s Concepts in a Nutshell continued….

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