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Early Contact With Seth Through Ouija Board

1963.12.11 (006: The Early Sessions, Book 1 of the Seth Material)

Note: This session is transcribed from The Early Sessions, Book 1. Ouija board session, held as instructed. Jane begins to sense the answers before the board spells them out. Rob and Jane experiment with spoken answers.

[Conducted as usual, with Jane and me {Rob} sitting at the Ouija board.]

Rob: Are you there, Seth?


Rob: Do you have a message for us?


Rob: Do you have a last name?


Rob: Are we in a trance or under light hypnosis when we are talking to you?


Rob: Can we talk to you at any time we choose?


Rob: Can hypnosis send an individual ahead into his next incarnation or into life after his earth cycle is completed?

Yes, though much caution must be used.

Rob: Why such caution?

Inability to adjust and return intact.

Rob: Do you mean just mentally?


Rob: Did you ever try anything like that while you lived on earth?

No, never thought of it.

Rob: Do you think you might have tried, had you been aware that such a thing was possible?

As Seth I might have. Other personalities would not.

Rob: Do you know many who have tried?

Attempted, yes.

Rob: Why is my father so timid?

He was an extremely aggressive woman last time. Caused unhappiness.

Rob: When?

18 century.

Rob: In what country?


Rob: And, in what town or city?

Capitol. (Gratis) Always intelligent but often ruled by emotion, as now.

Rob: Can you tell us something about Jane’s father?

Fragment entity, uneasy with present personality. Gap between (t no) ego and subconscious, vital forces escape. He is a part of his last mother’s entity.

Rob: Why did Jane’s parents marry?

Attraction, both fragments. She solid aggression. He saw aggression as strength. She reborn too soon, chased after her father. Knew him before. Shocked to find herself his daughter. Wanted to be contemporary.

Rob: Why did my father marry my mother?

Vitality. Also wanted her boldness. (Gratis) He frozen on top. She frozen beneath. Together bearable temperature. Saved each other.

Rob: Would psychoanalysis or psychiatric help be of use in such cases?

Yes. Age is some detriment in that sort of adjustment.

Rob: Seth, where is Jane’s father right now, on December 11?


Rob: Just where in Florida?

Orange Beach Park.

Rob: How long has he been there?

Very short time.

Rob: How many dogs does he have with him?


Rob: Is there anybody else with him?

Woman. (Gratis) He basically good but hidden aggressions a danger. They belonged to his mother. She put them on him unknowingly.

Rob: In what way are these aggressions a danger?

To him and others. Fragment ego not strong. Aggressions deep.

Rob: Can you give us the name of the woman with him right now?


Rob: Why do human beings live only 75 years on the average?

That’s long enough. Entity is split during incarnations. Between lives whole self.

Rob: How many times have the continents of earth risen and fallen?


Rob: When will the next period of such activity begin?

2000. (Gratis) Begin 2000.

Rob: Will this destroy our civilization as we know it?


Rob: Seth, can you signal your presence to us by something like table raps?

Yes, possible. Sit quietly 3 minutes, wait.

This period began at 22:11. This was very strange for us. I was surprised to find my pulse speeding up. My palms became very wet. Jane and I did not know what, if anything, to expect. We both felt somewhat apprehensive. The table was close by my right hand. I used it to take notes on. The period ended at 22:14, with nothing happening.

(Gratis) I can’t get through. You aren’t receptive enough. When I can get through you will know.

Rob: Can we do anything to help?

Not consciously.

(Gratis. After I had remarked that perhaps Seth could try to move Jane’s ring, which lay on the table.)

I’ll try the ring.

(Gratis. After another wait, during which nothing happened.)

Sorry. Reaching to another level not easy.

(Gratis. While we were talking about the ring.)

Rob: Now what, Seth?


Rob: Is it possible for humans to…

(I got this far in my question about levitation when the board began to answer.)

Levitation possible. Jane’s dreams on subject valid. Her intuitions good.

Jane had a very vivid dream about receiving instructions in levitation while we were on vacation in Maine last August.

Rob: Has Jane ever levitated?

Helped someone else. Trickery then, part trance.

Rob: Whom did she help?


Rob: Can you give us the man’s name?

No, but unwholesome.

Rob: Seth, in the future will it be possible for us to contact you without using the board?

The import is magical. Yes. Sometimes ask questions. Both try. Do not dispense with board but begin trying other method also.

Jane received the first few words of this answer within before the board spelled it out. I had not let her see the question as I wrote it down.

(Gratis) Begin training.

Jane received the word training.

Rob: Why do we have cripples?

I asked Jane. Her answer came deliberately, with little hesitation.

Fragments refuse to help individual as organized organism.

Jane said this was not the answer she would have given in her book on idea construction. But, later, after thinking it over, she said it could be the reason or motivating force behind her own explanation.

(Gratis) Very good.

Jane then received another message, which she quoted.

Also have Joseph try to answer questions. This is an experiment.

Jane then asked me if her book, To Hear a Dolphin, would be accepted by the publisher who now had it. I did not know consciously who the publisher was. I answered, thinking I saw the answer:

Rob: Yes.

(Gratis. From Seth.)

Be receptive and answer further.

I said the book would be accepted this month and that some changes would be asked for. The board answered.

Yes. (Gratis) Two together should do well with this.

Jane asked me her second question, as we sat with our hands on the pointer:

Jane: Is Ruburt my name? What is the significance of this name for me?”

I answered, eyes closed, describing a picture I saw before me:

Rob: Ruburt signifies a tall man walking along a path, in robes, and in hilly country. He reminds me of Joseph. He appears to be alone. The sky is very blue with white clouds. It is a very beautiful colorful day. I see gnarled trees and large boulders. Ruburt walks with his arms outstretched. The flowers, daisies, are very vivid, the grass very green.

(Gratis) Very good. You say more, I will correct. This is an aspect of spirit expansion as mentioned earlier.

After thinking a bit, I told Jane I had the thought that Ruburt was once Joseph.

(Gratis): Part of same entity or counterpart?

Rob: I think part of the same entity.


Rob: Seth, what kind of an arrangement would that be?”

Excellent. High stage of cooperation. Near end of reincarnation cycle.

I was looking through our notes for a question I had down on how the Pyramids were built when Jane received the answer within:

Rock followed the will. Rock followed the hand of the will. (Gratis) Fine.

I then remarked that we were both quite tired and wanted to call it a night.

Go ahead.

Rob: Seth, when do you want us to contact you again?

Fri. 9 PM {21:00}, if you please.

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