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Seth On the Natural Body and Its Defenses

From The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Chapter 1, Session 801

What is the relationship between the individual and the gigantic mass motions of nature, of government, or even of religion? What about mass conversions? Mass hysteria? Mass healings, mass murder, and the individual? Those are the questions we will devote ourselves to in this book.

It is titled: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.

Your questions about epidemics served as a convenient stimulus; for that question also comes from the readers of our books.

Inner Reality and Private Experience Give Birth to All Mass Events

No person becomes ill unless that illness serves a psychic or psychological purpose. So, many people escape such complications. In the meantime, scientists and medical men find more and more viruses against which to inoculate the population, each one viewed as unique and separate. There is a rush to develop a new inoculation against the newest virus. Much of this is on a predictive basis: The scientists “predict” how many people might be “attacked” by, say, a virus that has caused a given number of deaths. Then as a preventative measure, the populace is invited to the new inoculation.

Many people who would not get the disease, in any case, are then religiously inoculated against it. The body is forced to use its immune system to the utmost, and sometimes, according to the inoculation, it is overextended. Those individuals who have psychologically decided upon death will die in any case, of that disease or another, or of the side effect of the inoculation.

Inner reality and private experience give birth to all mass events. Man cannot disentangle himself from the natural context of his physical life. His culture, his religion, his psychologies, and his psychological nature together form the context within which both private and mass events occur. This book will be devoted to emotional, religious, and biological events that often seem to engulf the individual or to lift him or her willy-nilly in their power.

Posted on Seth and Personal Reality website, Apr 29, 2016, by Oceanside Rick.

Dying Is A Biological Necessity

Dying is necessary, not only for the renewal of the individual but to ensure the continued vitality of the species. It is also spiritually and psychologically important, because, after a while, the energy of the spirit becomes too weak to translate itself into flesh.

Intuitively, everyone knows that he or she must die physically to survive spiritually and psychically. The “self” outgrows the flesh. Especially since the advent of Charles Darwin’s theories, death has come to imply a certain kind of weakness, for is it not said that only the strong survive?

To some degree, epidemics and recognized illnesses serve the sociological purpose of providing an acceptable reason for death – a face-saving device for those who have already decided to die. This does not mean that such individuals make a conscious decision to die, in your terms: But such decisions are often semi-conscious. It might be that those individuals feel they have fulfilled their purposes – but such decisions may also be built upon a different kind of desire for survival than those understood in Darwinian terms.

It is not understood that before life an individual decides to live. A self is not simply the accidental personification of the body’s biological mechanism. Each person born desires to be born. He dies when that desire no longer operates. No epidemic or illness or natural disaster – or a stray bullet from a murderer’s gun – will kill a person who does not want to die.

Posted on Seth and Personal Reality website, Apr 29, 2016, by Oceanside Rick.

The Desire for Death

The desire for life has been most flaunted, yet human psychology has seldom dealt with the quite active desire for death. In its natural form, this is not a morbid, frightened, neurotic, or cowardly attempt to escape life, but a definite, positive, “healthy” acceleration of the desire for survival, in which the individual strongly wants to leave physical life as once the child wanted to leave the parent’s home.

I am not speaking here of the desire for suicide, which involves a definite killing of the body by self-deliberate means – often of a violent nature. Ideally, this desire for death would simply involve the slowing of the body’s processes, the gradual disentanglement of psyche from flesh; or in other instances, according to individuals characteristics, a sudden, natural stopping of the body’s processes.

Left alone, the self and the body are so entwined that the separation would be smooth. The body would automatically follow the wishes of the inner self. In the case of suicide, for example, the self is to some extent acting out of context with the body, which still has its own will to live.

I will have more to say about suicide, but I do not mean here to imply guilt on the part of a person who takes his or her own life. In many cases, a more natural death would have ensued in any event as the result of “diseases.” Period. Often, for example, a person wanting to die originally intended to experience only a portion of earth life, say childhood. This purpose would be entwined with the parents’ intent. Such a son or daughter might be born, for instance, through a woman who wanted to experience childbirth but who did not necessarily want to encounter the years of child-raising, for her own reasons.

Such a mother would attract a consciousness who desired, perhaps, to re-experience childhood but not adulthood, or who might teach the mother lessons sorely needed. Such a child might naturally die at 10 or 12, or earlier. Yet the ministrations of science might keep the child alive far longer, until such a person begins encountering an adulthood thrust upon him or her, so to speak.

An automobile accident, suicide or another kind of accident might result. The person might fall prey to an epidemic, but the smoothness of biological motion or psychological motion has been lost. I am not here condoning suicide, for too often in your society it is the unfortunate result of conflicting beliefs – and yet it is true to say that all deaths are suicide and all births deliberate on the part of child and parent. To that extent, you cannot separate issues like a population explosion on the part of certain portions of the world, from epidemics, earthquakes, and other disasters.

In wars, people automatically reproduce their kind to make up for those that are killed, and when the race overproduces there will be automatic controls set upon the population. Yet these will in all ways fit the intents and purposes of the individuals involved.

Posted on Seth and Personal Reality website, May 1, 2016, by Oceanside Rick.

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