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Invite a Special Guest into Your Life – The Archangels Tell Us to Get Closer to Our Souls

Written by author and channel, Jodie Helm. (Ignore the “by Pete” line above. All I do is post Jodie’s articles to save her the trouble. – Pete)

Every once in a while, I’ll ask a question to the Archangels, and their answer goes in a completely different direction than I expected, sometimes to the point of addressing a completely different topic. That happened today when I asked them if all of us are on a spiritual journey. It ended up being about the human/soul connection. Check out their commentary below.

Question: Are we all on a spiritual journey?


All souls who incarnate on Earth are on a spiritual journey, if this is the term you wish to use, but there are different reasons, goals, and lessons chosen that are particular to each individual soul, and the life plans which are put into place for each lifetime are designed to facilitate the journey.

Souls created for Earth usually incarnate with a goal for spiritual growth at the center of the life plan. They wish to experience and learn lessons that will bring them into a closer relationship and a clearer understanding of the Creator and the elemental Love that is the Creator and that was used to create all souls.

There are also many ET souls who incarnate on Earth, sometimes to learn and grow spiritually, but often to assist humanity in various ways. We speak of beings who are further along in their spiritual journey than most Earth souls and who want to contribute something useful and helpful to raise the individual or collective consciousness.

These ET souls — and there are many — are doing a great service for Earth and humanity. They gain the experience of living a physical life as a human on the planet, but their goal is not self-centered, but service-centered. There are also many ET souls throughout the universe who actively help Earth and Her people without incarnating on Earth. Many focus powerful energies to assist with The Shift. Their services are, again, performed for the sake of others, rather than themselves. This is indicative of highly advanced spiritual beings who feel a strong spiritual connection with all of Creation and want to help others feel this same connection, so the entire universe benefits.

Ascended Masters, those who are in full communion with the Creator, also sometimes incarnate still, even though they have mastered all spiritual lessons, to try to help Earth and Her people awaken to a higher level of consciousness.

Then, there are souls, like our channel, who incarnate at specific and difficult times who act as bridges, among other things, to bring humanity and the higher realms closer together.

We offer something for your consideration, that to other worlds and the souls attached to them, human beings fall into the ET category. It may seem strange to think of yourselves in such a way, but from other perspectives, it is true. Human beings have a tendency to think of themselves and their world as being at the center of everything else. We do not say this in a judgmental or negative way, but simply as a fact. However, if there is a center point of any kind, it would be the Creator of it all. This is the common connection all souls and worlds share.

Whether you think in terms of a spiritual journey, enlightenment, nirvana, higher consciousness, or what have you, all souls work towards understanding and strengthening that universal connection that all things created have in common, regardless of the soul’s origin. Most human beings are not yet aware of this, but all souls have this knowledge and desire to strengthen this connection.

Further, at this time of immense change and all the challenges attached to it, all Earth souls are working on having a stronger connection with their human counterparts, so they can offer guidance and encouragement as you transition into the fifth dimension. Please consider reaching out to your soul and inviting a closer involvement and relationship into your life. Establishing a better understood relationship between soul and body is a major goal for all souls at this time, and it is very achievable if you open yourself to it.

We often suggest you spend time with yourself daily for self-care and to know yourself better. You can take this a step further by getting closer to your soul, your higher self. You are the same being in different forms.

Why would you want to do this? Because only good things will come from it. Your soul has universal knowledge and the accumulated experiences of all lifetimes. To know your soul is to know yourself. It is a stronger connection than connecting with High Guides and Angels. Your soul is a divine connection and the best and biggest part of you. Without your soul, there could not be human life. Your human body is an extension of your soul, a vehicle for learning and spiritual growth.

The soul/human connection is a partnership that, for a long time, has remained within a one-way communication, the soul trying to guide and help the human, but can you imagine how powerful a two-way communication would be? Imagine having access to much of the universal knowledge contained by your soul and using it to guide your human life. Imagine being able to communicate with your soul and having access to the memories of all your lifetimes and what you learned. The wisdom connected to these avenues of knowledge is beyond your greatest imagination, but think of how helpful it could be and the doors it could open.

When people try to get guidance for spiritual growth or connecting with Guides, there are many possibilities to consider. Different things work for different people. Your soul, however, knows precisely what works for you and from which things you would benefit most. It was our channel’s soul who decided that she should speak with us before she connected with her higher self. The soul knew what she would learn and how she would understand best.

Beyond the knowledge and wisdom is the peace of mind and joy that comes with connecting more closely to your soul. Once you begin to tap into those sources within the soul, the possibilities are endless. By connecting with your higher self, you tap into the power that is you, and it can take you virtually anywhere. Invite your soul to become more active in your life, and that universal connection you share with all of creation will strengthen, and you will be able to find your place on Earth and within the universe.

We send all Love and Light, as do your souls.

Final Thoughts

See how they did that? I’m almost always the one who begins our conversations, but they have a way of manipulating the conversation to go in a direction that best serves us, even if it doesn’t have a lot to do with the initial question. I thinks it’s kind of fun to see where they take things, and I trust them completely to know what we need to hear at any given time.

I’ve shared in the past that the human/soul relationship and connection was much more difficult for me to understand and enjoy than the connection I have with the Archangels. That’s changed over time, and I now feel much better and more comfortable about it. It’s changed me. When I first started channeling, I was really trying to broker a deal that I’d never have to reincarnate again. This was after the loss of my husband and parents, and I’d had a pretty rough time for the past several years. My feeling was that life is just too hard, and I didn’t want to come back again.

Since then, I can totally see myself coming back if I’m needed for a specific reason. I’m hoping to broker a new deal that if I do, I can keep at least some of my universal knowledge, so I don’t have to start all over again. Silly me, thinking I’m in charge. My soul sees things with a clearer and much more far reaching lens, and I trust she (I can’t seem to think of her as a he or it) knows what’s best for us, as do the Angels.<.span>

I hope you have a relaxing, happy weekend, and I hope you consider inviting your soul to dinner or for an after dinner respite to get to know each other better. It’s a truly powerful and impactful relationship you can build together, and it will help you understand yourself better, as well as the soul who is such a part of you, who wants to be more active in your life.

Blessings, all.

Copyright © 2023, all rights reserved by Jodie Helm. This article is republished with her written permission.

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  • Pete September 10, 2023, 12:18 PM

    A great share from Jodie Helm and the Archangels! Can you see it and feel it?

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