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Why Great Change is Now Possible The Archangels Offer Us an Energetic Answer

Written by author and channel, Jodie Helm. (Ignore the “by Pete” line above. All I do is post Jodie’s articles to save her the trouble. – Pete)

When I first started learning about The Shift and hearing about the huge changes that are likely to take place on the planet, making our world a much better place to live, I had a hard time getting past the skepticism. In the beginning, I just could not picture the majority of people caring about and helping each other, collaboration overtaking competition, and world-wide peace. It’s not that I didn’t want those things, but I had a hard time believing that the vast majority of people on Earth would be working together, considering all people equally important, and lending a hand.

At one point, I even asked the Archangels if they might be overly-optimistic and putting too much faith in people. They explained to me that, whereas it was never a serious possibility in the past while the Earth was in the third dimension, now that it has moved to the fifth dimension, all of these things would not only be possible, but they were highly likely. I always like to end the week on Friday with a positive note, so I asked the Archangels to further explain this 5D phenomena, and their response follows.


Can you please clarify why you are so convinced that the world will change in the ways you’ve mentioned in the past? So many of us question whether or not these things are likely to happen or are even possible, considering how messed up the world currently is.


Let us speak first of human nature. Earth and humanity were created for the fifth dimension, which supports unity, love, hope, collaboration, and care for and between people. We have spoken in the past about the Fall of the Earth to the third dimension, so we will not go into detail about it now, but when the Earth fell to the third dimension, those aspects of the fifth dimension mentioned above were no longer naturally or easily supported in 3D. What is supported naturally in 3D is fear, seclusion, anger that can lead to violence, war, suspicion, and the fight for survival.

Although the 5D traits were still attainable on 3D Earth, they no longer came naturally or effortlessly. People had to embrace and build upon them. On the other hand, the 3D traits such as fear and survival and the rest we listed required very little effort and felt more comfortable. So, what you had for so long after The Fall were beings who had to reconcile their nature within the 3D limits. For the majority, it was easier to adjust their nature to 3D traits than it was to fight for what used to come naturally in 5D, so seclusion and fear became a way of life for most. In time, it felt natural to live this way, and humankind got further away from their nature. For most, this meant a separation from the Creator, their Guides and Angels, and each other.

Now that the Earth has returned to 5D, people are reawakening to their true nature and getting further away from the way things that were prevalent on 3D Earth. A big part of this awakening is a resurgence of unity and an expansion of the universal connection all beings share through the Creator of All.

This is why there is an increase in the pursuit of equality for all. This is why so many people are opening their eyes, as if for the first time, and seeing the corruption and mistreatment of others and want things to change. This is why memories of past trauma are resurfacing to be healed and why more people are awakening to psychic gifts and connecting with the Guides, Angels, and other sources of divine guidance. In the fifth dimension, those actions and emotions that came easily no longer are well supported, and human nature — the real human nature when human souls were created for the fifth dimension — is beginning to come to light.

More and more people are discovering a stronger sense of compassion and connection with others. The reason it is so difficult for many to believe that serious, positive, sustainable change is in progress is because you are basing judgment and likelihood using the third dimension standards, rather than the fifth dimension. In 3D, these changes would not be taking place on a collective level, only at an individual level, because 3D does not support the energy required to make this kind of widespread change happen.

Now, people are seeing and feeling different things. Unfairness and persecution of others will now seem much more troublesome, and this is moving and building quickly. People are beginning to feel a stronger connection to all of humanity. This started very slowly, but it is spreading and intensifying. Rather than focusing on a limited group of people in an intimate circle of friends and family, the focus is widening and will reach the point where you realize that all human beings are important, and the responsibility you feel towards others will grow until it includes everyone on Earth.

This is not to say that you must take it upon yourselves to save others. You will naturally want to help where, who, and how you can, because it is your true nature. To do nothing when you know of people suffering will not feel right or acceptable. What will happen is people will watch over each other and help when they are needed.

You have seen this before on a limited basis, such as when an emergency situation such as a natural disaster occurs. People who are able to pitch in through service or donations of some kind often do, because they want to help. Instead of a few people doing this, it will be the majority of people, and you will not have to be prodded or overtaxed to participate, you will want to volunteer, and the same will be done for you if you find yourself in need of help.

This was how it used to be on Earth and will be again, because your true nature and dimension are now naturally compatible. In short, you are now living in a dimension where you can be who you were always intended to be.

Try to imagine a place where strangers come to aid a person in trouble or step in to defend someone who is being mistreated, because they would never consider not trying to help. Imagine a world where, when troubles arise between nations, war is not even considered as a solution. Think of people helping each other not for personal gain or recognition, but because it is the right thing to do, and everyone wishes to do their part.

There will still be people who cause harm in the world, but they will be neither commonplace nor accepted by others. They will be outsiders. Those who choose to bury their true nature and remain aloof and uncaring will be few, not only because they will become outcasts, but because they will never feel comfortable or at peace acting as they did in the third dimension. There will be a clash of energy now that will forever feel unnatural until people embrace 5D energy and traits.

Although it will create conflict and chaos for some time as systemic change and problem solving take place, if you are open to change, the energies now available to everyone who wants them will smooth the way, and they will bring joy, peace, and healing. You will begin to feel different, but in a very positive way.

So, when we tell you that these changes are occurring, and they will lead to a better world, we are not speculating or exaggerating, we are speaking realistically. As with most things, behavior, thoughts, and emotions are governed by energy. The higher the vibration, usually the higher level of confidence. No one can be forced to embrace these changes, and some will not, but neither will they thrive in the fifth dimension or feel comfortable. Please, open yourself to this new dimension’s energy, along with the energy being sent to you by many to smooth the way in this transitional time. Simple ask for our help, and we will give it to you. We await your call.

We send all energies of Love and Light

Final Thoughts:

So, there you have it. These kinds of changes in the world might not have been possible before, but they are now, within the higher dimension. Many of us are feeling and seeing things differently now, because we “fit” better in 5D, which is the dimension for which we were created. Be hopeful. Be willing to do your part, and help however you can.

I hope you have a crazy-good weekend, filled with peace, love, and the anticipation of better times to come.

Blessings, all.

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