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Finding Compassion for Hateful People The Archangels Offer Guidance

Written by author and channel, Jodie Helm. (Ignore the “by Pete” line above. All I do is post Jodie’s articles to save her the trouble. – Pete)

I’m human, like everyone else, and I have human emotions and reactions like everyone does. I’ve been working hard on nonjudgment and compassion for people who I find aggravating and dangerous. Sometimes I do a good job, and sometimes … not so much. However, I do catch myself and try to backtrack and stop the anger and judgment that can arise, not for anyone else’s sake, but for my own. I don’t like feeling that way, so I work hard to maintain my peace of mind, because anger and hostility don’t feel good.

I asked the Archangels about how we can strengthen our resolve to avoid sacrificing our peace of mind after being triggered by someone else’s negative ideas or actions, and their response follows.

Question: How can we find compassion for hateful people?


There are a few things to consider and remember when dealing with these people. You should keep in mind that everyone is on their own path and timetable, and everyone, pleasant or unpleasant, serves a purpose.

Everyone on Earth right now chose to be there in order to help with The Shift. Some are easy to spot, whether you call them lightworkers, way showers, awakened, psychics, etc. When you meet someone like this, it is usually comforting and appealing to be around them, because they are usually loving people who are happy to help others and share their wisdom.

Unfortunately, the people who could benefit from them the most have significantly lower vibrations and often do not feel comfortable around them due to the difference in frequencies clashing.

These people also serve a higher purpose, which is why they should not be condemned by anyone. Many of them volunteered to play this role in order to help with The Shift. They are simply following their life plans and fulfilling their purpose in this lifetime. It is not that they planned specifically what they would do, as much as it is the personality traits they accepted to take on that affect their actions. We will offer you some examples.

Let us start with the Ukraine conflict. It is a terrible thing, but there is good that has come from it. The small country of Ukraine has held off the larger, better resourced country of Russia, despite the uneven odds that they would be able to do so. They have surprised many and grabbed the attention from all parts of the world. We love all of you, but the Russian leader is now considered by most of humanity to be evil and heartless, and he is now unaccepted by many. The Ukrainian leader, on the other hand, is now well-known and well received and pictured to be strong and just. However, it goes much further than these two leaders and their countries.

This war has shown that not only is using force wrong, but those who use it are not as mighty as previously thought. It is the Ukraine who is considered the “winner” and is respected, and that will not change, regardless of how this war ends. The Russians will not regain the world’s respect until they withdraw from trying to control others, and their leader will never regain his status. The war has triggered a wave of support for the Ukraine from all over the world, and it has gained them many allies. Russia has lost respect and power.

As much as we and you wish this war would never have happened, it has cast a darkness over violence, war, and the hunger for power and control over others that will carry forward long after the war has ended. It has also provoked some unity within the world. It has set an example of what is unacceptable.

Many of you were upset about the loss of personal rights and choices when Roe v Wade was overturned. Whenever there is such an overwhelming outcry from the masses regarding something, there is obviously something wrong, and the unrest is noticed. Although it is never good to hinder people’s personal choices or force them to follow rules they do not believe in, especially when the new rules reflect others’ wishes and ideals of what is right and wrong, good things are happening because of this.

The outcry and outrage across, not only the U.S., but the world, is still being heard and felt. It was what could be referred to as a wake-up call for the masses. There has been a loss of power, respect, and cohesion in previously powerful circles, and the downward spiral continues for them. Rather than the empowerment they had expected, they continue to lose ground.

Why? Because the injustice brought the masses together, and it is their unity that gives clarity to their disfavor regarding what those in power are doing. The masses are withdrawing their support from those who are trying to reduce human rights, and they are supporting those who were negatively affected, whether they were personally affected or not. This is when change takes place. Not only has it sent a clear message that the majority of people do not support these new rulings, it has triggered a mass movement of unity and a push for equality for all.

Those who are behind this rise in oppression are being identified, and they and their causes will continue to weaken. They will suffer through lessons of humility and come face to face with their downfalls, caused by their own actions and the selfish reasons behind them, which are spiteful and vain, rooted in fear, ignorance, and self-service. Those who are not extremists will shift their support to whoever truly represents the convictions of the masses.

These are just two examples of the good that comes from unfavorable circumstances and those behind them.

It is not that we think you should be grateful for these things. They were not predestined, they are not acceptable, and they came to be through human actions, not divine actions. However, it is good to see the positive, as well as the negative impact they have had. If you do not see it already, you will, because it will continue to build, and it will lead to changes that will have much stronger and longer lasting effects on the world, despite the negative foundation.

As difficult as it is, try not to condemn people who cause these problems. Try to find compassion for them for two reasons. First, their actions will ultimately end with a positive outcome, and second, they are needed and are helping with The Shift, whether it is their human intention to, or not. It is highly likely that it is their soul’s intention and effort to serve humanity behind it all.

Lastly, if you succumb to judgment and condemnation of others, two very emotional, human responses, that kind of energy will strengthen their energy. Your vibration will lower, and theirs will strengthen. Try to rise above their bad habits, hateful actions and rhetoric, and use them to become stronger.

As your peace grows, their hate wanes, and you need do nothing but maintain your own calm. The best way to defeat these people is not through confrontation, but through growing your joy, peace, hope, and love.

We send Love and Light to you all.

Final Thoughts

The Archangels love all of us, warts and all, regardless of our mistakes and actions. We’re all human, and we are all susceptible to human emotions, but we can choose which ones to focus on, and reject the ones that do not serve us well. It’s easy to name the “good” emotions and the “bad” emotions, based on how they make you feel.

I certainly don’t support the actions of hateful people, but I’m trying to find compassion for them. That’s one of the reasons I don’t overdose on the news. I can be going about my business, doing a good job, then bam! I see or hear something or someone who is spreading hate and trying to control others, and I lose ground. I try to stop immediately and redirect myself, because I don’t like feeling that way. I’ve gotten pretty good about rejecting emotional reactions I don’t like, but I’m hoping sometime in the future, to avoid the reaction completely. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, but I’m trying, not for their sake, but for mine and for positive change.

Blessings, all.

Copyright © 2023, all rights reserved, Jodie Helm. This article is republished with her written permission.

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