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Chaos Today, Change Tomorrow The Archangels Give Us Guidance and Hope

Written by author and channel, Jodie Helm. (Ignore the “by Pete” line above. All I do is post Jodie’s articles to save her the trouble. – Pete)

It’s so easy to get caught up in fear these days. Every media outlet serves up all kinds of scary things for us to fret about, and it’s hard to see anything positive going on that offers us hope, but it’s there. The very fact that so many of us are upset about the state of the world is testimony that things need to change and that they will, eventually. We just have to join together and make it happen. Believe it or not, that’s becoming easier to do all the time.

There are several themes the Archangels focus on these days, to the point that I’m worried my readers will begin to find my writing repetitive. Self-care, energy, dimensions, heart power, and unity are common things you’ll find not only in my writing, but in the messages shared by other channels. It’s amazing how so many of us get such similar messages! I asked the Archangels to address chaos, hope and peace in these times and how they will lead to change.

Following is their response.

Question: How can we use chaos, hope, and peace as a means of change in the world?


Our channel thinks her writing is getting repetitive, because we accentuate some things, such as self-care and energies, so often, but there are good reasons behind this. The future of Earth depends on these things, and that is not an exaggeration. With your participation, the energy around you will heal you, open your heart center, jump start your personal power, and connect you to all of creation.

Once enough people embrace this and open themselves to these energies and the new dimension, it will have a major effect on others who will follow their paths and the desire for change, along with the courage to get involved in it. It will snowball very quickly. You will unite to become a formidable force that cannot be ignored. Individual power leads to collective power, which leads to change.

When you think of what is going on in the world, most of you are afraid, but we want you to realize that there is much more going on than the chaos you see in the media. As we speak, positive energy surrounds everyone on Earth and individual, as well as collective consciousness is rising. The more this happens, the faster it will spread. There are already groups of people challenging powerful systems and governments in place. You are getting closer to a tipping point that will strengthen unity among you.

The availability of worldwide information works in your favor during these times, because it makes you aware of what needs to change. As your heart energy grows, so will your sense of injustice upon seeing what is happening in the world. All of these things that scare you will lead to massive changes that will help everyone.

If you were not outraged, you would not be prompted to act. We do not say these things that scare and provoke your involvement to seek justice are good, because they are not. However, they will eventually lead to good things and change. If there were not such a strong need for change, you would not be so invested in the outcomes of the many troublesome situations playing out in the world right now. They will only escalate if you do not get involved.

These problems have progressed to this point, because, in the past, the masses have secluded themselves and avoided getting involved. Those in power are used to a lack of response from the masses, and they are just now beginning to realize that people are no longer willing to tolerate the injustices in the world. The people are no longer willing to go along with the status quo.

For example, aside from those who profit from it, there is no one among you who does not want war to come to an end everywhere on Earth. You want worldwide peace, do you not? What we are trying to teach you is that peace starts with the individual. If you cannot learn to find peace within yourself, how will you bring peace to the world?

This is where the self-care comes into play. You must do whatever is needed for you to find peace within yourself, in heart and mind. You must be in touch with yourself and know yourself, so you can be in your power. Whatever brings you joy and peace, you must do more of it, because as your energy frequency rises, so too will it rise in those around you. And the snowball effect will build and spread.

Heart energy will not let you ignore the inequality and injustice in the world, and once you stand in your power, it will give you the courage and determination to get involved and unite with others to make the world better. Exchange your fear for righteousness. Focus on what needs to change and how you can use your gifts to help. When you are part of the solution, you will find the strength and the direction to continue until change occurs. You will feel powerful, no longer a victim of the times.

Look around you. As the chaos escalates and more people are attacked, and as personal rights are threatened, outrage grows. People who are not directly targeted are beginning to stand up for those who are under attack. Think of any major problem in the world, and you will see and hear the outrage surrounding it. The Ukraine War, the climate crisis, racial, gender, and sexual harassment, Supreme Court decisions that take away personal rights and allow inappropriate actions, politicians and political corruption are all examples of major problems in the world right now, and there is outrage attached to them all.

If you do not reside in your power and are unable to control your fear, you must focus on these things first. Everything is connected, and it begins with raising your own vibration and finding peace and joy to maintain it. We beseech you to practice self-care, so you are able to contribute to finding solutions for all of these issues. You must experience peace before you spread it.

Change is already underway. Problems are already being addressed in many ways. People are beginning to join forces to correct these problems.

We send you all Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

This message brings to mind the midterm elections in the US. Every state that voted on abortion rights came out on the side of a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. Most of those who supported lies and liars did not win an office. That’s unity on a small scale, and it’s growing every day.

The damage and injustice that have come out of the Supreme Court is beginning to be challenged. People are putting the justices and politicians on notice that we’re watching them, and we won’t tolerate what they are doing. The MAGA folks and the extremists, although still loud, are losing ground, and more people are finding and sharing their voices.

If we allow the current state of affairs to overwhelm us, we lose the power we are gaining. It’s hard to fight for justice when you can’t secure your own peace of mind. So, I’ll repeat the repetition of the importance of self-care. Talk yourself down from the ledge, and make sure you do whatever you need to do to make joy and peace the cornerstones of your life. As the Angels have said so many times, if you help yourself, you automatically help others.

Wishing you all peace, joy, and blessings this holiday season and in the coming years.

Copyright © 2022, all rights reserved, Jodie Helm. This article is republished with her written permission.

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