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A Thanksgiving Message to Us from the Archangels

Written by author and channel, Jodie Helm. (Ignore the “by Pete” line above. All I do is post Jodie’s articles to save her the trouble. – Pete)

I channeled this message last night, thinking I’d post it next week, but it was so beautiful, I decided to post it today, so we have a positive lead-in to welcome the weekend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and I send all of you love, gratitude, and blessings. Enjoy.

From the Archangels:

Dear Ones,

Over the last few years, we have often reminded you that you have much for which to be grateful. We have spoken about your true nature, the many changes currently underway, offered a glimpse of the beautiful future you can look forward to, and we have tried our best to give you sound, comforting guidance. We always try to offer you truth, hope, joy, peace, and of course, Love.

This year, we wish to tell you all how grateful we are to and for you. You give us joyous purpose, and helping you in any way brings us encouragement and strengthens our dedication and faith. We speak of our faith in mankind. We have stood by you always, and we always will. It is our greatest pleasure to see you grow and evolve and to know that we are involved in that.

The Creator made the Archangels to assist mankind while incarnated on Earth. We help in various ways, but we do not do so simply because it is our duty. No, we guide and help you, first because we have grown to love you so dearly.

Our channel has asked us if all our messages are so comforting and positive due to our nature. Perhaps that is part of the reason, as we were created with a great deal of Love and Light to share with you, but the greater reason is that, after interacting and helping you for all of this time, we have grown to love, understand, and respect you for who you are, the progress you have made, the accomplishments you have achieved, and who you are becoming and will become.

It is so much easier for us to be positive in the Angelic realms than it is for you on Earth. Where we reside, there is no hatred, anger, fear, inequality, or unfairness. We have the benefits of fewer limitations and universal knowledge in our favor, while you have continued to move forward despite the fear, danger, anger, and isolation you have faced and despite living in a dimension which has been both limited and limiting.

You have made mistakes at times, but you have also enjoyed success in many areas. Things will remain challenging for a while longer, but as the higher dimension becomes better established, and as individual and collective consciousness continue to rise, your struggles will become less, and your lives will become more joyous and fulfilling. You will bring about a new Golden Age on Earth, and we are so grateful to you for it.

Your growing efforts and commitment to Love and unity will have a far reaching, positive, universal effect that will benefit not only you, but all entities in all worlds. You have no idea of the power you hold and what a difference you will make. It is our supreme honor and greatest joy to be part of that and to help you accomplish all that you have and all that you will have.

So, if you find our messages comforting and hopeful, it is because you give us so much comfort and hope. We do not doubt you, not only because we so greatly love you, but because you have earned our confidence and devotion. We will never abandon you or stop believing in you. If you could see yourself as being half as powerful as we see you, you would have no doubt about your abilities, your power and your future. We are in awe of you.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving holiday to all who celebrate it, and to all of you, we offer Love, Light, and eternal gratitude to you, all you have done, all you are doing, and all you will do to make the world better.

Copyright © 2022, all rights reserved, Jodie Helm. This article is republished with her written permission.

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  • Pete November 18, 2022, 1:25 PM

    Hi Jody! I just posted a message from the Arcturian Council on this website. It seems connected to your article here and on Medium. It’s entitled: How 11/11 is Carrying You into a Glorious 2023. As you know, it’s important for us to think for ourselves since every thought is a suggestion, a blueprint for action, and every action is a choice with consequences that work for us or against us, individually and collectively.

    Dialing ourselves into the best possible future is a challenge that requires great awareness and faith. Your Thankful message from the Archangels reminds us of the greater unity All That Is shares since we’re all products of thought, feeling, action and reaction. Being human requires most of our attention to survive and thrive in this demanding illusion of material existence. Every once in a while we need to remind ourselves of this so we can think outside the box of human experience. As Beings of Aware energy, or Consciousness, we are both the Source and Substance of All That Is. We are both the dream and its actualization in whatever form or level of density we choose to express it. To be, we must create. To create, we must be. Is there any other way?

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