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We Are All Creators The Archangels Talk About Gifts and Purposes

Written by author and channel, Jodie Helm. (Ignore the “by Pete” line above. All I do is post Jodie’s articles to save her the trouble. – Pete)

I have sisters who are so creative. One can invent her own recipes, another can come up with great gift ideas, and another has a gift for decorating. I always kind of thought the creativity gene skipped me. I can reproduce something I’ve seen and even improve upon it, but I don’t often come up with the original idea. Then, I started writing, and I realized that my creativity goes in a different direction. That can be said about all of us.

I don’t believe everything in the Bible, but it says there that we’re created in God’s image. I asked the Archangels about that, and they explained that this idea is misunderstood. It pertains to one’s gifts and creativity.

I asked them to expand on this idea, and their response follows.

Question: Can you please expand on the idea that we are creators?


Sure. The Creator designed you in His/Her image, but not in the physical sense. You were designed to be creators, just as your God creates, not in the same way, but in different ways, and you are all given gifts to help you do this. Humans cannot create souls, as the Creator of all does, but you are all naturally creative in your own ways. Your greatest creation is how you choose to create your life.

We realize there are many restraints on many people that they cannot control right now, but you can have control over your actions and how you respond and plan your life within the restrictions that limit you. Any strikes against you that you have no control over, such as race, gender, physical features, and in many cases, the availability of opportunity, will someday not exist. They will cease to exist, because the masses will realize not only that the systems in place are unfair, but that they have the power to change them.

You have been conditioned to believe that your power is very limited, but that is not true. When you add your gifts to others’ gifts, unity will provide what is needed for change. Because you have believed that you lack the ability and power to improve your life, you trust others to take charge, such as politicians. That has not served you well, and people are beginning to see that now. You all are gifted creators, and you can create the solutions needed now. Consider how you can help, and get involved with others of like minds. Everyone has something they can contribute.

We also think you would do well to reconsider what it means to be creative or to be a creator. Many of you have a very narrow view of creativity, and that needs to change. You limit creativity to the arts or to certain fields, and it reaches so much further.

You consider architects, artists, song writers, and inventors to be creative, and they are. So, too, are teachers, parents, mechanics, construction workers, and housekeepers. They all create their own ways of doing things, and many gifts transfer to other areas you have never considered.

Our channel is a great nurturer. That gift has served her well as a teacher, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a writer, a manager, a leader, a healer, and a channel. She creates comfort for many who need it and cannot generate it for themselves. Not everyone can do that, but it is one of her gifts.

We could apply examples such as these for every one of you. You all are gifted creators in a number of areas, and you do not even realize or accept this. No soul embodies a human form without gifts. You simply have to broaden your perspective of what qualifies as a gift or a creation.

Gifts are given to be shared and used to help others. You all have multiple purposes and multiple gifts to help you accomplish them. You plan every day, which means you create something every day. You are all present on Earth at this time to help with The Shift in a variety of ways. Identify your gifts and use them. Feel confident in your gifts and yourself. You all have much to offer, and when you participate in a way that uses your gifts, it is very uplifting and fulfilling. To know that you added something in a group effort is so very rewarding.

So, ask yourself where your talents lie, then ask yourself how you are using your talents to help mankind and where you can find an avenue to create, to assist, to add to the solutions, rather than to the problems. You will have multiple opportunities to do so, so pay attention and be ready to do your part.

We send you Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

I may be a nurturer, but I’m tired of cooking, I’m terrible at staying organized, I hate assembling things, and I despise yard work. I’d just as soon pay people to do that stuff than do it myself. I can do it, but it doesn’t come naturally to me, and I have to work at it. When it comes to nurturing or channeling or writing, I never have to put much effort into them. It comes quickly and easily. I enjoy doing these things.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and no one is good at everything. However, if we join with others who are talented in the areas that we are not talented in, and if we contribute our own talents to areas they are not good at, great things can happen, and everyone can be comfortable contributing what they can. In fact, I bet a well-rounded group of willing and open-minded people can solve just about anything.

Blessings, all.

Copyright © 2022, all rights reserved, Jodie Helm. This article is republished with her written permission.

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