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Think for Yourself – Don’t Let Others Do Your Thinking for You

By author and channel, Jodie Helm. (Ignore the “by Pete” line above. All I do is post Jodie’s article to save her the trouble. – Pete)

I’m on a health kick. I need all the help I can get, so next time you pray or meditate, please think of me and send good energy my way. The motivation behind this is mostly due to the gifts of my grandchildren and a request from my son, who wants me to be immortal. I told him although I couldn’t give him immortality, I could do better in terms of staying healthy.

My checkup was this week, and I’m happy to say I’m in good health. I know I’m carrying too much weight, but thankfully, it hasn’t affected my health, but I didn’t need the doc to tell me it would catch up with me eventually. So, I’m trading in cake and ice-cream for fruits and vegetables. I like fruits and veggies, but I’m sure you can understand that the exchange isn’t particularly exciting. At least I’m not dreading it. It’s the exercise that makes me cringe.

Anyway, as I was fleshing out my new regimen, I got to thinking about all the advice out there about diets and exercise and all the controversy and arguments that go with it. Bear with me, I really do have a point. That led me to thinking about all the other controversies going on, and how much division there is right now. From there, I thought about people having a hard time finding the truth and not knowing where to look for it. Finally, that led to the idea for today’s article. Some of the things we hear are so blatantly, obviously untrue for some and so believable for others. We’re all people with brains, yet we’re often so far apart in our beliefs. I asked the Angels for some guidance on helping us to think clearly for ourselves, and their response follows.


What help can you offer us regarding finding and believing the truth? There is so much misinformation out there, not to mention outright lies, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.


People questioning things is happening more and more as we speak, and for many it feels odd, challenging, and evolutionary. People have trusted governments and other people in power to run the world for a long time. Now that Earth is in the fifth dimension, it is as if a veil has been lifted, and people are seeing more clearly than ever before and realizing not only that they are being treated badly, but they cannot trust what they are being told.

While there has long been suspicion of the trustworthiness of decision and law makers, it is more and more accepted that not only can they not be trusted, but they must be replaced with better people. Further, more honest people are getting involved and going beyond realization and thinking and on to planning and actions.

We are seeing more people refusing to accept what, in the past, was not only accepted but considered irreversible and not within their power to change. People are beginning to ban together. Even for those who are not ready to involve themselves directly, there are some things they can do to help see things more clearly and more truthfully.

Accept that there are very few people in power positions that can be trusted or that work on your behalf. To find one who does is the exception, rather than commonplace. You should not expect life improvements at their hands or by defending the status quo. Pay attention to their speeches and responses to important issues. Do they directly address problems and questions, or do they cast blame or redirect to what they say is the real problem that should be addressed?

Do they admit to being at least partly to blame, or do they blame others? Do they offer possible solutions that make sense, or do they change the subject? Do they concretely explain why a possible solution is not feasible, or do they simply cast it aside? Ask yourself what they have done or are doing to make life better for the masses. Do not concern yourself with whether or not their actions have been successful yet, only look at what actions they have taken to address issues that affect the people. When you do this, you will see that actions are few, and most of them taken are self-serving.

When you ask for their help or support, do they offer it, or do they tell you what you or others need to do instead to improve things? Has there been any effort made or work done, or is their time spent on talking and plotting ways to stay in power? Do they follow through with what they have promised, or do they make excuses for why nothing has changed? Was there any attempt or action that they can claim, or have they taken any steps at all to make improvements?

What we see is that those in power work hardest to stay in power, rather than to make any changes. They are more concerned with how things will affect their own future, rather than working to improve yours. Most are liars and cheats. We do not say this in judgment, only to offer clarity and truth. They serve a purpose, and that is to motivate the masses to unite and make the changes that need to be made on behalf of everyone, rather than to further their own agendas.

It is often difficult to ferret out the truth these days, we know. The media has their own agenda, and too often it has to do with manipulation, rather than truth. We would like to suggest that you look within yourself for the truth. This is both more difficult and easier than it sounds. We will explain.

Long have people been overly influenced by what others say, without asking themselves if what they say makes sense, or if it feels morally right. To look within for truth and guidance, you must release the blind acceptance of everything you have been told and taught. You must question everything, especially things you have never questioned before. Do not regurgitate what you have been told and accepted in the past. Ask yourself if something makes sense. Is it reasonable? Does it feel right? Does it make you uncomfortable? Is it based on love, hate, joy, anger? Is it presented as fact without offering credible proof other than one’s opinion or interpretation? If the source of information is questioned, do they stay calm and forthcoming with information, or do they accuse you or others of wrong doing and refuse to explain themselves?

When they speak, do they try to trigger your fears and insecurities? Do they tell you that you or your choices are being threatened? If so, they are likely trying to manipulate you. If someone tells you that you will surely suffer if those that disagree with them get their way, and they cannot offer more than conjecture and opinions, if they say or do things that trigger an emotional response, you should be suspicious of their purpose and their message.

We would also add that anyone who provokes anger, hatred and fear in the name of God is mistaken at best and at worst, purposefully misleading you. The Creator would never condone acting against others, persecuting others, judging or condemning others, or purposely setting out to harm others in any way, physically or emotionally. If there is not love and compassion behind what they say, it is not of God.

Many of you are quietly questioning many things. Things that you have believed and followed in the past do not feel right now. You worry about offending or angering others with these newfound thoughts and questions. We tell you, have courage! Pursue the quest for truth and answers to what no longer resonates. We know it is scary and uncomfortable, but we would add that these new thoughts and questions will not leave you in peace, because somewhere inside you, you know that things are not right. This feeling will grow and pester you until you face it.

We do not say you must shout to the world that you no longer believe something or that you have found a new truth; you may keep all to yourself and not share it with anyone else. However, at some point, if you wish to have peace of mind, you will have to address these things, because they will not let you rest.

When you practice shutting everything else out and concentrating on what your heart is telling you, you will discover that you know the truth already. The trick is to keep an open mind, even if you are afraid to find the truth. In fact, if you are afraid, at some level, you already know that something is wrong. When you allow your doubt and find the truth, you may not know why something is the truth or the details supporting and proving it to be true, but you will feel whether or not it resonates with you. Do not hide or refuse the truth, and learn to trust your intuition.

If you question a long-held belief, it is because there is something there that bothers you. We tell you now that doubting something on a religious level is never offensive to The Creator. Follow your heart. Our channel marks her first, major spiritual awakening step as realizing that one does not have to practice any religion in order to be loved and accepted by God. The idea from her Christian upbringing that told her non-Christians could not be saved never felt right, but because she loved those who had taught her this, she had to find the courage to face her uncertainty.

Once she did, she could feel the wrong in that belief in her heart. All of you have this ability if you can find the courage to use it without allowing any bias to interfere. Ask us for help in finding the truth. Ask us to help you open your mind and heart to the truth. Ask us to help you filter out all the noise and distractions you carry. Then, be brave. Follow your heart and intuition. Look for substantiation if you need to, but do not turn away from what you know and feel. To find the truth, you must genuinely seek it, whether or not it is what you want to hear.

The creator resides in all of you. Your soul resides in all of you. All of you have Guides and Guardians watching over you. Rely on these things over what others, even those with good intentions, tell you. Strive to keep an open mind and acknowledge that what you have been told and what you have always believed might be in error. Ask us, the Archangels, for guidance and assistance in finding and accepting the truth, and we will help you with love and acceptance, and without judgment.

We send you gifts of Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

The truth isn’t always easy or pleasant. I’ve stated before that truth is relative to the believer, but there is a difference between truth based on your beliefs and blatant lies that can be proven false. Holding onto those lies because it is more comfortable and what you want to believe isn’t serving any purpose other than fear, pride and deceit. If you don’t admit to others that you were wrong or changed your mind, that’s one thing, but if you lie to yourself, that’s a whole new level of lies. If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

It’s understandable if you don’t want to face the truth, but the truth will remain in any case. You can run from it, but you can’t bury it, at least not permanently. Ask for courage and guidance from the Archangels. They’ll surely come through for you. My dad used to tell me not to let others do my thinking for me. He was usually speaking in response to peer pressure when I was a teenager, but isn’t that good advice for everyone? Try to keep an open mind, and most of all, be honest with yourself.

Many blessings to all of you as you start what I hope is a wonderful, long weekend.

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Copyright © 2022, Jodie Helm. Republished with Jodie’s permission.

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  • Pete September 29, 2022, 2:14 PM

    Excellent job, Jodie and Archangels! Having fun and getting it done with love. How can you beat that?

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