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A Children’s Tale of Origins–by Seth

Channeled by Jane Roberts and hand recorded by her husband Robert Butts. Both are deceased.

Now, I will tell you a children’s tale. Once upon a merry time, on a distant star, there lived a fine people. They were not physical people, in your terms, and, if you traveled to that star now in your spaceships, you would not see them. You would walk through the fields and think that the land was barren. You would land in your spaceships and, though the whole populace came out to greet you, you would see no one.

In this very, very distant time, these people, who were very gifted and are still very gifted–these people had a dream. They were, in a strange way, mathematicians and scientists, but in a way that had nothing to do with physical space or physical theories. Out of their great power, they imagined a dimension of reality in which there were trees and fields and physical beings with physical bodies; skies that were blue; and water that fell down from the sky. They did this out of their great creativity and from themselves because, in your terms, they were a race of gods.

They conceived a dimension of reality in which these things would, indeed, exist, and from themselves they sent out portions of their own entity and consciousness. When I say they did this, I mean that they did it joyfully and with a great exuberance. Yet, also, they felt this portion of their own consciousness leave them and escape from them. So, to some extent, they cried to see a portion of themselves forever leave. Yet they did this that you might have existence and song.

And so, in this children’s tale that is given to you in parable and in symbol, you came to have your being. Yet when this universe as you know it was then brought into existence, you had to forget momentarily where you came from and you had to be created in flesh so that you could experience, in flesh, this new portion of creativity and so that you could, in your turn, create from that of which you were physically made.

So on purpose in a way, you forgot your heritage, and you found yourself upon a physical planet. All the stars blazed, and you opened your eyes and found infinite possibilities and a virgin physical reality that you could shape to your heart’s desire and in which you could give your creativity full rein. Those from whom you originated watched and, when great clouds scurried across your primitive skies in those days, the ones who had originated you came down, and you saw them and wondered.

And in this children’s tale, there were also, behind those who originated you, others who also watched carefully and gently and with great love. For, as you were created, so you create. Those thoughts of yours that you consider meaningless and that escape from you, these are also given vitality and existence, for you cannot help but create even as you have been created.

Now in this children’s tale, pretend with me. Pretend with me that you sit here in a physical reality in one tiny, unspeakably, and unutterably small dot upon the physical planet called Earth. Pretend with me that you are presently sitting in a room in a town called Elmira in a state called New York. That you are seated in a circle and that you are listening to me speak.

And pretend with me that, at the same time, you are in a circle about me in another space and another time. Pretend with me that, in your terms, we were in another circle and another star in a past so inconceivably distant that your physical brain cannot imagine it, and that together, being non-physical, we had a great dream, imagined a physical reality, and we imagined this moment and this time. There is no end to this children’s tale.

There is never any end to a children’s tale. It is only adults who insist upon beginnings and endings. Imagine also, therefore, that within yourselves now are other, far wiser selves and that within your eyes are other eyes as old as mine and other selves quite as ancient and quite as new, and that these selves, within yourselves, look out at me and wink, and in winking, know what they know.

Ruth, a class participant, said she was surprised to see Seth smiling.

Seth: It is within my rights. You have civil rights; I have smiling rights.

Now, I am glad you liked my children’s tale. I do want to give our friend (Jane) more of a break, but let me tell you that, in my own book, Seth Speaks – the Eternal Validity of the Soul, I am not using children’s tales. You have been given children’s tales too often. They are lovely and there is meaning in them, and you here should understand the meaning of the tale I gave you. But beneath the stories of the beginning, there are other things that you should know. In my own book, I will tell you what they are.

The above passage is an excerpt from a transcript of the ESP Class session held by Jane Roberts on November 10, 1970. Copyright (c) 1991 by Robert F. Butts. Reprinted with permission from Laurel Davies Butts, the current Copyright holder.

From Reality Change magazine, Vol. 9, No. 2 – 24

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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