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Seth, on Value Fulfillment Within the Dream World

The dream world has a molecular construction, but this construction takes up no space as you know it. The dream world consists of depths and dimensions, expansions and contractions that are more clearly related, perhaps, to ideals that have no need for the particular kind of structure with which you are familiar.

The intuitions and certain other inner abilities have so much more freedom here that it is unnecessary for molecules to be used in any imprisoning form.
Action in the dream world is more fluid.

The images appear and disappear much more quickly because value fulfillment is allowed greater reign.

The slower physical manifestation of growth that occurs within the physical system involves long-term patterns filled by atoms and molecules which are, to some extent, then imprisoned within the constructions.

In the dream world, the slower physical growth process is replaced by psychic and mental value fulfillment which does not necessitate any long-range imprisonment of molecules within a pattern.

This involves a quickening of experience and action that are relatively unhampered by the sort of time necessities inherent within the physical universe.

Action is allowed greater freedom. . . .

This is not to say that structure does not exist within the dream world, for structures of a mental and psychic nature do exist.

But structure is not dependent upon matter, and the motion of the molecules is more spontaneous. An almost unbelievable depth of experience is possible within what would seem to you a fraction of a moment.

One of the closest glimpses you can get of pure action is action as it is involved with the dream world and in this mobility as the personality passes into and out of the dream field.

Within the physical world, you deal with the transformation of action into physical manipulations — but this involves only a small portion of the nature of action, and it is my purpose to familiarize you with action as it exists, more or less, in pure form.

In this way, you will be able to perceive the ways in which it is translated into other fields of actuality that do not involve matter as you know it.

Within the reality of the dream world, fulfillment and dependence, then, are not dependent upon permanence in physical terms. Bursts of developments are possible that have matured in perspectives that are not bound up in time.

These developments are the result of actions that occur in many perspectives at once and not developments that happen as within the physical system through a seeming series of moments.

Basically, even the physical universe itself is so constructed, but for all practical purposes, as far as perception and experience is concerned, time and physical growth apply.

As a result, the ego portion of personality is, to a large extent, dependent for its maturity and development upon the amount of time that the physical image has spent within the system.

A certain portion of physical growth, in terms of a series of moments, is, therefore, necessary for value fulfillment to show itself within a physical organism.

But in the dream world, ‘growth’ is a matter of value fulfillment which is achieved through perspectives of action — through traveling within any given action, and following it and changing with it.

Session 149, The Early Sessions, Book 6. Channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by Robert F. Butts. Republished with permission of current copyright © holder: Laurel Davies-Butts. Thank you, Oceanside Rick, for posting it online.

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