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What You Need to Know about Lion’s Gate ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very happy to see so many of you opening yourselves up to the Lion’s Gate energies. We know that many of you have felt the changes in the air already, and as you completely open up and expect to receive more, of course you do. You receive these energies because they exist and they are coming to you through the Lion’s Gate portal, but you also receive them because you expect to, and that is something very important for you to recognize.

If we were human beings living on Earth at this time, we would expect to be receiving help all the time, but then again, we can see what you cannot. We can feel how many helpers you have, and we are of course amongst those you can consider helpers in your experience. Now, getting back to these wonderful energies that are coming in at this time. When you open up to the Lion’s Gate energies, you will receive not only the boost to your vibration they are designed to give you, but you will also be opening yourselves up to energies that you have personally summoned over the past year.

You build up so many desires as you move through your lives, and then you open up at these various times and let in so much of what you have been asking for since the last great opening and delivery of energies. This is a time to be focused upon receiving, and also on what you want to build as you move forward throughout the rest of this calendar year. There is so much to be constructed for humanity by humanity. We, and all of the other beings and collectives like us supply you with the raw materials, but it is you who create with those raw materials what you want to experience.

In the case of some, you create what you fear, what you don’t want to experience. And that is something we would like to remind you of, as you see so many fear-based scenarios being handed to you at this time. Take back the control that you have over what you focus upon and therefore create, and let go of the idea that you are all hurdling towards one future reality that is set in stone. These Lion’s Gate energies are meant to empower you, and they are meant to get you to focus like a laser beam on what you want to create.

We all know how good you are and how powerful you are, but it helps when you know it. It helps you to create a better version of the shift in consciousness that is happening, one where you make smooth transitions into each next step along the way of your journey. That’s the shift we know you can initiate and experience from where you are, and we know it because we have seen all the potential timelines, and we know that enough of you are choosing the ones that are joyous and filled with ease and grace. You are the architects of this next phase of human consciousness evolution, and we are merely supplying you with everything you need to build that better future for humanity that we see and that so many others like us see as well.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Copyright © 2021, Daniel Scranton.  Republished with permission.

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  • Pete August 7, 2021, 1:54 PM

    Excerpt from: californiapsychics. I’m new to Lion’s Gate too so I did some research and came up with this.

    What Does the Lion’s Gate Portal Do?

    The Lion’s Gate Portal is a massive influx of energy from the cosmos, but what exactly does that energy do while it’s open?

    Enhances Love: Love is the greatest power of all, and when aligned with the heart of the Lion, it helps you access your inner divine love, truth, and light. This is the time of full soul embodiment in physical form, when you’ll be filled to overflowing with strength, courage, and the desire to be a force for good. You will realize the full power of divinity within you, access divine creative intelligence, and become the person you were always meant to be. This energy shifts us all into a more enlightened and evolved state, bringing dramatic new beginnings, new levels of consciousness, and helps us manifest the ascension of humankind together. The energy of the portal aligns with the emerald-green Heart Chakra and makes the Solar Plexus Chakra glow like a golden-yellow sun, amplifying your self-confidence, willpower, inner balance, and ability to truly love yourself. Your soul shines brightest now, for you are on the path of personal mastery. This is when the balance of light and dark within your soul is achieved. It also activates energy to bring in soulmates and twin flames. Whether you have love in your life or you’re seeking it, your love energy will radiate with the warmth and beauty of the sun, acting like a siren call to summon love to you.

    Increases Manifestation: Your Third Eye will open wide as you meditate now, making your intuition blossom, your creativity manifest, and allow you to receive illuminating guidance from your guardian angels. It also helps you tap into streams of abundance and the flow of resources and money, increasing your prosperity. All you need to do is listen with your heart.

    Cleanses Negativity: The ability to love and find balance within yourself during this time will allow you to release toxic relationships, old habits that have held you back, and negative assumptions about life. This sudden surge of high-frequency energy can overwhelm one’s chakras and senses, but there is nothing to fear. If you feel jittery or anxious, you’ll become calm when you recognize that great lovelight is channeling through you, helping your soul evolve higher. You are being charged up by Divine forces.

    Accelerates Transformation: Making changes in your life can be difficult, whether they’re internal or external. Trust that the Universe has your best interests at heart right now as you put your hopes and ambitions at the forefront of your mind. Allow your inner divinity to shine now and take you from where you are to where you desire to go. You will be supported.”

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