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How to Tune Yourselves to Higher Frequencies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are sending you transmissions in every moment of every day. They are energetic transmissions, and so is this. This is an energetic transmission that this channel has been able to pick up and run through his physical body, and now here he is making sense of what we are sending and what he is receiving. You can do this as well. At any time, you can pick up on our transmission.

There are many, many other beings and collectives who want very much for you to pick up on their transmissions. You all have to decide which of us you want to tune yourselves to. And of course, some are not choosing to tune in at all. When someone is not choosing to tune themselves to a higher frequency, they are unknowingly tuning themselves to a medium or low frequency, and they are then getting what they are getting as a result. Most people are walking around, receiving all sorts of information, and because that information is a vibrational match to how they’ve been feeling, it seems real to them. It resonates.

If you’re angry, and there’s a talk radio show host who spends a couple of hours a night screaming into a microphone about how this group or that group is harming America, or whatever country that person is living in, and the angry person who is listening to this show feels as if the host is speaking for them, then the entire broadcast is going to resonate. It’s going to hit home. This is why you needn’t go looking outside of yourselves for information.

Whatever you are vibrating will bring you information, thoughts, experiences, people, and so on, to reflect to you that vibration. This is how the universe works. This is why it’s more important for you to simply sit, go within, breathe, and raise your vibration than it is for you to gather pieces of information that will then inform you about what you should be doing. Instead, we recommend just sitting, opening yourselves up, raising that vibration within you, and then waiting for the inspired thought to come.

We suggest that you tune yourselves to the higher frequency beings and collectives so that you can receive directly what it is that is most appropriate for you to receive. Perhaps it is just a message that says, ‘slow down, or ‘relax,’ or ‘pay attention.’ There are so many small messages that carry so much weight, but you have to tune yourselves to these higher frequencies first, or you’re just going to get the angry talk show host who riles you up.

We are not saying that you have no reasons to be angry. You do, but it is more important for you to process and feel that anger than it is for you to go looking for more reasons to feel it. We want you to feel the love that you are. We want you to feel joy, and then we want you to create more reasons to feel love and joy. Again, that is how this universe works.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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  • Pete February 26, 2021, 10:30 AM

    When I ask Mother Earth what she wants most from me, the answer I get in return is: love and understanding. Is it so strange that when Mother Earth asks me what I want most from her, the answer is the same: love and understanding. When I think of my children and ask myself what I want most for them, again, the answer is: love and understanding. Is it any wonder why I chose to make: Let love and understanding be the light and my way, as one of my highest values, as one of my most cherished beliefs and guiding principles? Don’t we all want to be loved and valued? Don’t we all want to love and value ourselves? Don’t we all want to love and value others?

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