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Seth on the Reality behind Reality

Session 498, The Early Sessions, Book 9, recorded Aug. 25, 1969.

Now I have several things to say, and we will try to answer questions that you have in mind.

First of all, (to Rob) do not lose your sense of perspective, that larger perspective, that our work should give you. You are also involved in other realities and other experiments. There is more, and there are trends now in your own reality that you do not see.

Not only this, but even if the race as you know it distorts itself beyond belief, or even destroys itself, the many will not forget. The knowledge, hard won, would be as instinct when the race began again. The losers then would become
stern teachers, having learned through experience.

Each experiment is a success, regardless of whether it succeeds or fails in your terms, and each experiment also brings with it new elements of creativity, new innovations having appeared. These are retained.

There are various levels all operating, various levels of consciousness and identity. They cannot be forcibly restrained, for they would learn nothing. What they do learn, however, is always retained. This does not mean that each succeeding earth experiment will be made up of selves who have been through these cycles.

They may be personalities new to the system, new for that matter to any ideas, completely unused to conceptual thought or vision, beings only now emerging into strong individuality. Consciousness at your level is at a crisis point for many reasons.

Within your system, for the first time, individualized consciousness is strongly-enough organized to do, good or evil. Before that it was protected, somewhat coddled, with instinctual behavior holding it in bounds. It is not able to utilize enough energy to maintain a system of its own, but operates as an adjunct to other stronger systems.

Now some of those within your reality are having their first experience with an ego as you think of it. Others are returning to it, the system, in an effort lo learn more. There are guardians, so to speak, within your system, reincarnated for the last time to help keep it in some kind of order while the others mature. There are also some, not physical, who keep an eye out over the whole proceedings.

The training is necessary. The results at any given stage may not appear very hopeful, and in your terms there is indeed what seems to be a cumulative effect. There is a system of checks and balances that do operate. These exist within the inner selves. The system of checks and balances will operate up to a point, and maintain some stability.

There are alarm signals that trigger warnings through the entire physical reality. Disaster indeed shows itself within the dream state before it appears as physical fact.

Your ego is now focused within this reality. You have other egos focused in other realities. The inner self is aware of what is being done in all of these realities. There is some compensation, and the race knows this. Rubert (Jane Roberts’ greater self) wrote there were clumps of consciousness, and of course, he is correct. You are a part of many such clumps of consciousness. The abilities and potentials are not only being developed in this system but in others.

The race also realizes well the advantages and disadvantages of the physical reality it has adopted. It knows for example that there is a tendency to go to extremes. I mentioned earlier that the rewards, the challenges, and the dangers exist precisely because so much freedom is allowed.

Now. Those within the system know this. Regardless of what you think of their present performance at any given time it is from this system that the greatest potentials emerge; for having dealt with it, consciousness undergoes one of the severest tests in learning to handle its own energy.

The horror and the results of mismanagement, and the vulnerability, are the teaching methods that each consciousness has accepted before entering your system. There is no way out but to learn or to ruin the entire system. In no other field of reality are the terms so drastic. For this reason the inner self withholds much of its knowledge. There must be no leaning upon the very basic fact that behind and within the system there is relief. You must believe in physical reality and accept the vulnerability.

Now, from your system spring some of the most advanced of all identities. They go on and learn from other realities, granted, but yours is the hardest to manage, and those who accept it go off into a certain line of development where the potentials are beyond anything of which you can presently conceive.

I am telling you this not only because of your own earlier discussion, but also because this material will fit in with other sessions that I have in mind. You are not only ready for them but you are demanding them, and until you are ready you would not understand them.

First, quite simply, there are many who do not see those failings and shortcomings and trends of which you spoke earlier. They cannot be told; they learn. Alone they would not be permitted to destroy an entire reality. The mixture of consciousness within your system gives some control. The child must mature, and your system is a maturing ground, a very primary one. A beginning school for those who are trying out for particular kinds of experience. Some simply will not succeed. They will continue instead along other lines of development.

Now, you have quite literally put in your time, for centuries. This is one of the reasons that you find yourself very impatient with the development of your fellows who have not had that advantage as yet. You have learned. You cannot understand why they have not.

There are cycles of entry into your system. The first, mass entries do not give you war. Those entering are at first too bewildered. Manipulation within the physical universe is strange. They do not realize the potential of their own energy, and it is not until they begin to realize it that they are, led into temptation.

They have to learn to handle it constructively. Now cooperation is an innate feature to these entering selves. Without it they could not survive long enough to learn anything. The warlike periods do not begin until this group achieves some ability at manipulation. Now while it seems to you that there has been little advance, there has indeed, in the overall. Larger masses of individuals than ever before in this cycle realize that killing is wrong.

This cycle that I am speaking of goes back to the beginning of history as it is generally known, to your cavemen.

Now we will get on with some other subjects. But remember, you must consider the race and its inhabitants in the entire context of existence if you are to be realistic.

© Copyright 2002 by Robert Butts. Current copyright holder is Laurel Davies-Butts.


All in This Together – Partners in Evolution – Pete

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  • Pete February 15, 2021, 10:13 AM

    What a great story! Does it ring true to you? It does to me based on feeling, common sense, and experience. To read about the kinds of experiences I’m referring to, browse the contents in Pete’s Story Room under the subheading, Library of Experiences in the menu bar above the title. It includes examples of near death experiences, remote viewing, lucid dreams and extraordinary waking reality experiences.

    In my story of the universe All That Is thinks, feels, acts and reacts; therefore, we ARE. As we think, feel, act and react, we create. To change what we create, we change what we think and feel, how we act and react. It’s the only way. As multidimensional, vibrational beings of aware energy, or consciousness, we are both the Source and Substance of All That Is, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. As Beings of Aware Energy, we are both one with and separate from All That Is; we are both products of creation and creation itself – something we leave out of the human part of the equation until we learn just how important it is to include it. “Step by step, slowly we turn.” That’s the name of the game and thank god!

    As Seth says, this rough ride is intentional and we agree to these condition before we’re born for the sake of evolution and the fulfillment of our greatest possible potential as individuals and as a collective. Bless us all with love and understanding!

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