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Seth–When the Inner and Outer Self Work Together

The Early Sessions, Book 7 of The Seth Material, Session 308.

(Setup: Seth introduces the following ideas by describing how the outer self or ego, at some point in its development, wakes up to the presence of its inner self or ego. This occurs when the outer self begins to see value in experiences like dreams, visions, and intuition. You can only ignore so many strange or unexplainable experiences before you are forced to take a closer look at them, and the more you look, the more you see. The more you see, the more you change. The more you change, the more you become one with your Inner Self. –Pete)

“In other words, portions of the inner self have joined the strictly egotistical functions. The ego in such cases is so attuned that it becomes almost something else. We are coming here to a definition of illumination in psychic terms. The ego is not banished. It joins with portions of the inner self previously unconscious, and illuminates the whole personality. It is no longer primarily physically oriented. Therefore it is no longer an ego in the terms usually meant.

“Again, this is an important point. The ego has accepted the goals of the inner self. Its identity has already changed, so that its main concern is no longer primarily with physical manipulation, but with inner growth and development.

“This does not mean that it ignores its earlier functions. In the true expansion of consciousness, you become more and more aware, more conscious of inner realities that were previously never realized on a conscious level. Since the ego is presently your main vehicle of consciousness, it will not be obliterated. It will indeed be resurrected. It simply changes not only its form, but its inner core, accepting as a part of itself realities which it previously ignored out of fear, ignorance (willful denial and suppression?), and insecurity.

“It becomes more and more a portion of the larger consciousness. Its new function is to help direct the overall personality so that inner abilities and illuminations can also reach the level of physical reality.”

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