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Seth–There is No Need to Justify Your Existence

There is no need to justify your existence. You do not need to write or preach to justify yourselves, for instance. Being is its own justification. Only when you realize this can you begin to utilize your freedom. Otherwise you try too hard.

If you be­come too determined to justify your existence then you will begin to close out areas of your life. Only those areas that mean safe justification to you will have mean­ing, and the others will begin to disappear. You do not have to justify in any terms.

Now if you would each, for ten minutes a day, open yourselves to your own reality there would be no question of self-justification, for you would realize the miraculous nature of your own identity. I have said this before: you are as dead now, and as alive, as you will ever be. In life you can be as dead as you think any corpse is—even, by contrast, far deader.

When I come here to speak I focus my energy, but not toward this room as a destination, for in your terms this room does not exist to me. In your terms, it does not even exist to you. You pretend to agree that it does; we meet in no place of space or time. The true meetings that take place here have nothing to do with the room or the people that you think you are. You know that you hallucinate the room and that you are as much in trance here as you ever are when you’re in psychological time. I simply want you to realize that if this life is a trance, then you can turn the direction of your consciousness to perceive greater realities that presently exist. You can be aware of your own greater identity, even as I am. You sit within the miracle of yourselves and ask for signs. It is your inner eyes I would open.

As you already know, you only accept those suggestions, ideas and hang-ups that suit your pur­poses at this time. You are not, therefore, at the mercy of any neurosis from a past life, nor are there any fears from your present lives that you cannot conquer. I have not said that you will necessarily conquer them, but it is within your ability to do so.

The decision is your own according to your understanding. You cannot be hounded from one level of reality to another by a fear that you do not understand. You cannot be threatened in this life by fears from your early childhood, or by so-called past existences, unless you so thoroughly believe in the nature of fear that you allow yourselves to be conquered by it. Each of your personalities are free to accept and develop, from the miraculous banks of reality, those experiences and emotions that you want, and to reject those you don’t want.

Let me give you a more concrete example that each of you can use in your own way. Suppose the worst, that in this life you have the following background: you are poor, you are of a minority race, you are not intellectual, you are a woman, you have a severe phys­ical defect and you are no beauty. Now you set these challenges for yourself in a so-called past life. This does not mean that you cannot use all of your courage and resolution to solve these problems. You set them in the hope that you will solve them. You did not set them like millstones about your neck, hoping ahead of time that you would drown.

All you have to do is realize your own freedom. You form the reality that you know, not esoterically, not symbolically, and not philosophically. Some great oversoul does not form it for you, either. You have in the past, collectively and in­dividually, blamed a god or a fate for the nature of your personal realities—those aspects that you did not like.

The personality is given the greatest gift of all; you get exactly what you want to get. You create from nothing the experience that is your own. If you do not like your experience, then look within yourself and change it. Realize that you’re responsible for your joys and triumphs, and that the energy to create any of these realities comes from the inner self. What you do with it is up to you.

You are not “programmed.” Nothing happens because it must happen. Every thought that you have now changes reality. Not only reality as you know it, but all reality. No act of yours predisposes a future self to act in a particular manner. There are banks of activity from which we can all draw or choose not to draw.

From Seth Speaks, the Eternal Validity of the Soul, ESP Class Session, Tuesday, February 9, 1971. Channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by Robert F. Butts. Current copyright holder: Laurel Davies-Butts

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