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Heal the Coronavirus Fear-Mongering ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

(To understand how thoughts shape our actions and experiences, let’s look at the Story of Creation in the Bible. It doesn’t matter if the events depicted are historically real or not. Our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions, can still be influenced by them just because they exist, seen or unseen. For example, just by hearing or reading the word “Flu,” we can catch it, depending on how open we are to suggestion. I saw the word “Flu” written on a road one night and came down with it the next day. Another time, a passenger on my bus asked if I had the flu and followed that up with the comment that, “everyone I know is getting it.” Again, I came down with the flu the next day.

After this unpleasant demonstration, I decided to harden myself against the power of suggestion. I reminded myself that I should be the one to control my thoughts, not other people. – Excerpt from Religion’s Role in Shaping Human Behavior. – Pete)



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to explore the implications of the fear-mongering that has been going on there on your world because of this corona virus situation, and we know that certain people are susceptible to fear-mongering. They are the ones being targeted at this time, and keeping you all in fear has been a very successful way to keep you all in check. But as we have said in an earlier transmission, the amount of compassion that is being generated for those who have gotten sick, and for the families and friends of the deceased, far outweighs the negative effect of the fear-mongering.

Each of you who is awake is being called at this time to be a part of the compassionate blanket of energy that humanity needs right now. Humans need to feel secure about their health and well-being, and those of you who are there to be the light-workers at this time are the ones to construct that blanket of energy, that healing love and light, and to throw it over the entire planet at this time. See yourselves working with the other light-workers, the other healers, the other compassionate ones, all around the planet to co-create this healing, loving, compassionate energy, and imagine yourselves holding that blanket around the entire population at this time.

Hold space for those who are living in fear that they will get sick and possibly even die. This is a gigantic root chakra cleanse for humanity, and when you are cleansing, there are side effects. You do experience pain during a cleanse because you are releasing that which is toxic. There have been enough now who have suffered from the coronavirus to have completed the root chakra cleanse, but the fear is still present because some of these fears are fears that have been generated in this lifetime and are just floating around in people’s energy fields.

The cleansing of the energy fields of each and every human being of the fears that they hold onto is the final step here, and you are the ones to help bring about this final purging with a gentle kindness in your hearts for those who are feeling the fear. You are the ones who are being called at this time to be strong, to be balanced, to be grounded, and to know that your vibration will always determine how much health and well-being you hold in your body. Knowing that, holding that truth in your consciousness, is also what is needed at this time for the collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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