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What Do We Want Most For and From Each Other

Want most for

What do we want most from each other?

Ask each of these questions with an open heart and mind. If it helps, imagine that each one is a key that unlocks the door to all possible and probable answers that lie hidden outside this moment in your life. Or, imagine that, by asking these questions, you automatically open the door to greater awareness and understanding. To get the answers that work best and make you happiest, treat this process as though it is a grand treasure hunt, because it is!

Remember, too, that as a Being of Aware Energy, you are both one with and separate from All That Is; you are both a product of creation and creation itself. Green light!

To give you a head start, here is what my wife, Sandra, and I came up with for answers to these questions and other variations of them. My answers came quickly because I work with inner consciousness every day. As I thought about what I want most for and from myself and others, “love and understanding” popped up in my mind. When Sandra asked herself these questions, the answers that came up for her were happiness, love, understanding and wisdom.

When you ask parents what they want most for their children, a majority of them choose happiness. How do you feel about that? I used to agree with that. However, how can anyone make happiness a big part of their lives without having love and understanding first? Isn’t not having love and understanding a major source of unhappiness? Now that I think about it, I would add honesty to this framework of ideas too. Without honesty, how can balance and integrity be part of our lives?

If thoughts are “things” with a reality of their own and each of us an artist, isn’t it important for us to learn from our experiences instead of judging ourselves by them? If, as we think, feel, act and react, we create, to change what we create, shouldn’t we change what we think and feel, how we act and react?

Think about it. Every thought is a suggestion, a blueprint for action, whether we use it in the form of a belief, attitude, value or expectation. What do we want most for our children, ourselves, and the world? What can we do today for the selves we’ll be tomorrow? Change what we think and how we act, and we change what we create. Green Light!

Roger Peterson “Pete” – https://realtalkworld.com

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