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Part 5 of Seth’s Concepts in a Nutshell – What Is the Nature and Purpose of Dreams?

Seth material, organized to answer Andy Hughes’ questions

“A man’s thoughts and dreams are more far reaching than he knows. They exist in more dimensions; they affect worlds of which he is unaware. They are as concrete, in effect, as any building. They appear in many guises within many systems, and once created cannot be withdrawn.

“The dream world is constructed within a field that you cannot physically perceive, but it has more continuity than the world you know.

“The same sort of psychic agreement holds the dream system together as holds the physical system together.

“There is one self and it focuses its attention in various dimensions. In the waking state it focuses in physical reality. In the dream state it is focused within a different dimension.

“This does not mean that we do not sometimes leave our bodies and travel in our dream to other physical locations.

“When you are manipulating within physical reality, you have a fairly simple set of rules to serve you. Within dream reality there is greater freedom.

“The dreamer creates his dreams for his own purposes, selecting only those symbols which have meaning to him.

“Each dream begins with psychic energy which the individual transforms into a reality which is just as functional and real as physical reality. There is form within dream reality, but the potential form exists, within psychic energy, long before its materialization.

“Through our dreams we change physical reality, and our physical daily experience alters our dream experience. There is constant interaction. Our consciousness is simply directed in a different kind of reality when we dream, a reality as vivid as waking life.

“On one level the personality attempts to solve problems through dream construction… and often this gives freedom to actions that cannot be expressed within the confines of waking life.

“Dream action CAN be turned toward fulfilling constructive expectations, which will effect a change for the better!

“Dreams can be utilized creatively to improve health, gain inspiration, restore vitality, solve problems and enrich family relationships. You can have a pleasant and joyful dream that will completely restore your good spirits and vitality.

“In our dream life we also visit other levels of existence, and gain needed skills.

“The ego is not present in dream reality. The waking consciousness is not the ego. The ego is only that portion of waking consciousness that deals with physical manipulation. Waking consciousness can be taken into the dream state, but the ego cannot, as it would falter and cause failure there. When you take your consciousness into the dream state, you will meet with various conditions, some you can manipulate, some you cannot. Some dream locations will be of your own making, and others will be strange to you because they belong to other dimensions of reality.

“Individual consciousness can be sent through other systems of reality.

“This involves the transfer of conscious energy from a home system to an alien one, and certain automatic changes are made from system to system, involving the use of brain waves, certain patterns being normal in different systems.

“As the personality is changed by any experience, it is changed by dreams. We may forget our dreams, but they are always part of us. The dreams experience is felt directly by the inner self. Dreams have their own actuality, they not only exist independent of the dreamer, but they also have tangible form, though not in the form of matter as you are familiar with it. They are forever contained as electrically coded data within the cells of the physical organism.

“The dream universe possesses concepts which will someday completely transform the physical world, but the denial of such concepts as possibilities delays their emergence.

“There are also shared or “mass” dreams. In these mankind deals with problems of his political and social structure. In these, man dreams individually and collectively of ways in which change-about could occur. These dreams actually help bring about the resulting change. The very energy and direction of these dreams will help change the situation. The solutions reached are not always the same as those he accepts in the physical world.

“The energy behind a “bad dream” is the energy of hidden fears, which could be formed by anyone, since there are fears in anyone.

“Evil does not exist separate from the dreamer, and even illness or fear should not be seen as enemies, but rather as aids to understanding and means to a greater end.

In larger terms there is no evil, only your own lack of perception.

“Fear directs your conscious energy into the realm of reality of that fear, and you then must deal at that level. The words “May peace be with you.” will get you through any difficulty in other layers of reality.

Seth’s Concepts in a Nutshell continued….

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  • Caleb Murdock March 30, 2020, 1:46 AM

    I would like to add one thing to these excerpts. Seth makes it clear that we have many selves and layers within the whole — the inner self, the outer self (which deals with physical reality), the ego, the dreaming self (and there are others). One of the reasons dreams don’t seem real to us after we wake up is that it is the dreaming self that dreams them. They are not dreamed by the waking self, and so they feel somewhat distant to the waking self after we wake up, as if they were a distant memory instead of an immediate memory.

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