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Doing the Best We Can 2

Doing the Best We Can

Thoughts upon waking up this morning, Saturday, September 23, 2017:

  1. As I reached inward to retrieve any messages that may have been left for me by my inner self and friends during the night, I began to think about the similarity between the concept of a world view and a work ethic. Both represent a set of ideas, understandings or principles that either work for us or don’t. The only difference between the two, it seems to me, is the scope, size, or intent of each. A work ethic, by definition, generally limits itself to beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations surrounding the idea of working for a living, whether it’s for ourselves or others. In other words, doing what we must do to survive. The ideas meant to represent a worldview attempt to include a reference to everything, including a story of origin. How effective a worldview is depends on how detailed it is and how well it reflects our experience. Does that make sense to you? It does to me.
  2. The next thought that presented itself was the memory of how the sleeping or meditating self can lighten its density from that of a human body, down through a series of less dense bodies, all the way down to the lightest of tissue bodies surrounding pure consciousness or raw awareness and action, thought and feeling. In other words, it can shift from the most complex form of being to the least and back again in response to our desire. To discover that, however, we must dare to boldly go where few have gone before, to paraphrase the imaginations behind the creation of Star Trek.


Inside Ivy is an account of how my love for a household ivy plant led to my consciousness flowing out of my body and down into the plant after many months of talking to it lovingly, before going to bed at night.

The Ball of Light – A Lucid Dream About the Nature of Consciousness and Being uses the symbolism of a high school and a miniature living replica of the Earth in one of its classrooms to set the stage for one of the most extraordinary and coherent lucid dream experiences I’ve ever had. I wish my writing was better to make reading it more enjoyable but, in keeping with the image above, I’m doing the best I can and learning more to do better. Bear with me!

So, this brings us to the final thoughts I had before prying my butt out of bed to start the day. These final thoughts were:

  1. Be more observant.
  2. Explore.
  3. Experiment.
  4. Record.

My assumption, as I began to receive these thoughts, was that they all refer to the study of the larger consciousness of which we are both one with and apart from.

“Become the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

We all have our own worldview because we’re not only following the “rules,” we’re creating them. When we stop worrying about right and wrong, good and bad, and start looking for what works best and makes us happiest, we’re creating our own rules. The challenge is to make good rules, rules that work and make us happy in both our oneness with and separation from All That Is.

“Everything you do must be worthy of your ideals or they become something else, something less than ideal.” – Seth

Being and doing what works best and makes us happiest is challenging sometimes but, isn’t it worth it?

What works best and makes us happiest in our oneness with and separation from each other? Don’t we need to take everything into consideration to be at peace with ourselves?

Every idea has its own validity and presents us with a choice. This supports the idea that we’re here to live, love, learn and evolve. Conscious Creators – always looking within and without for the best to express!

For further reference, read, A Different Worldview. It represents my best effort, so far, to develop a worldview that measures up to the intent of my basic impulse or Feeling Tone, which is to, seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good. Sometimes, I feel more comfortable with a stepped down version of it as in: seeking greater understanding and serving a higher good. It takes the pressure off and lets me ride life with a lighter reign when I feel the need to. Cheers!

Roger “Pete” Peterson – https://realtalkworld.com

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller

What others will not or cannot do for us, we must do for ourselves.

Seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good.

Doing the best we can at The LifeSong Store at Cafe Press!

Affirm the ideas that work best and make you happiest!

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