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Doing the Best We Can

Doing the Best We Can

Recently, I woke up with the words, I love you on my lips. What prompted this declaration? In the dream, I was talking to a small group of people, sharing with them the thoughts I share with you below. There is no doubt in my mind that the people in the dream world heard my words even though they were spoken in this one.

We always do the best we can and try to learn more to do better.

This is a bold statement but what if it’s true? Even at our worst, is it possible that we’re still doing the best we can and trying to learn more to do better? As Beings of Aware Energy, we’re pushed from within by the impulse to be and create and pulled from without by the promise of being and creation, the beating heart of consciousness. Think about what it takes to manage power of this magnitude as it pulls and pushes us into being or doing something or anything. I never thought deeply about this until, during meditation one day, I began to think about my parents and the rift that existed between us from childhood to my midlife years.

For the whole story, read The Healing Power of Forgiveness. It takes you step by step through the healing process that took place when I began to see my parents from a different perspective, one that took into account the challenges we all face in creating a life.

Forgiveness Knows

“Forgiveness” is a form of energy, a state of being and awareness. As soon I was able to see that my parents did the best they could with what they knew and tried to learn more to do better, I couldn’t help but forgive them for what I perceived as the lack of love and attention I wanted to experience in our relationship. As soon as the energy of forgiveness washed over me, it turned into unconditional love and I hugged the versions of my parents participating with me in my meditation.

As I mention in The Healing Power of Forgiveness, change not only took place in the realm of the psyche, it changed in reality as well. From that moment on, our phone conversations and personal visits were grounded in love and acceptance. There was one more profound realization that came out of my experience with forgiveness.

At the end of my meditation, I had a powerful OMG experience. It went something like this: If we’re all doing the best we can with what we know and trying to learn more to do better, how can we beat each other up the way we often do? It was a “come-to-Jesus” moment for me. I felt so bad for holding my parents in silent contempt for so many years, even though I never talked about it or outwardly criticized them. It’s a thought I wouldn’t have had if not for my experience with forgiveness.

Now, what if those of us who understand and appreciate this perspective take it out into the world as we carry on with the business of our lives? What if, when we look at others, we keep these thoughts in the forefront of our minds? What if we accept that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and learning more to do better, whether we can observe it in the moment or not? What if we remember how challenging life is for everyone? How would this affect us and the people we meet? I’ve experimented with this and it works! The thought and feeling must be genuine, however. Forget about the “fake it until you make it” part.


  1. The first step in this experiment is to get clear on the idea that we’re all doing the best we can with what we know and learning more to do better, whether we realize it or not. Meditate over it or simply begin to notice that you, and the people around you, are doing the best they can with what they know and trying to learn more to do better. Take into account we’re all dealing with different issues in life. For some, this will be easy and for others, it will be hard. No worries, we all have to start from where we are.
  2. Step two is to realize how challenging creating a reality or living a life is for everyone and everything. Again, think about how challenging life is for you. Then look at the people, plants and animals around you and see how challenging life is for them. Exercise your ability to empathize.
  3. Step three is to realize and remember how unfair it is to beat ourselves, and each other, up, when we know how challenging life can be for all of us. It’s funny but when we reach this point, life becomes easier.

If enough of us learn to project this kind of energy out into the world, which many people already do naturally, what will it do to transform reality? Will we see an end to the pain and oppression of value judgment and control from the outside-in? It’s my hope that changes in belief and experiments like this will open the door to value fulfillment and control from the inside-out. It’s my hope that we become a world of Conscious Creators. We’ve always been the creators of our reality because of what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. When we fully understand this and become more aware of how it works, shouldn’t we be able to do a better job? I think so.

Roger “Pete” Peterson – https://realtalkworld.com

For reference, read Sharing a Different Worldview. It contains the platform for my belief system or worldview. It’s based on what works best and makes me happiest, as opposed to “official” beliefs held by society. The final question is, what works best and makes you happiest? Affirm what you believe!

The growing library of ideas (memes*) in The LifeSong Store are short, meaningful, and easy to understand. They represent a worldview that lies hidden within our own consciousness that sees us as far more than we’re normally aware of. We create reality from what we choose to believe about ourselves and All That Is whether we realize it or not. Isn’t it time to wake up, wise up, and rise up to this greater awareness and understanding? Isn’t it time to become Conscious Creators in a Human Evolution Revolution?

* Meme – “A meme is a piece of information that is passed from one entity (person, book, etc.) to another. Often memes are social or cultural in nature and are ways aspects of culture are passed from person to person so that the information is understood.” – Psychology glossary, alleydog.com

Read all about it at The LifeSong Store at Cafe Press!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller

What others will not or cannot do for us, we can and must do for ourselves.

Seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good.

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