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Adopting Ideas as Friends

Lights, Camera - Action!

Lights, Camera – Action! I love this idea! Why? Because more than a desirable belief, attitude, and value, it plays to the power of expectation. It’s dynamic imagery is exciting and funny because it prepares us to focus attention on what we’re about to witness or create now and in the future. It not only affirms belief in our creative ability and nature, it affirms belief in the creativity and nature of ALL being!

Does this idea work and make you happy? If it does, share it and encourage further discussion on your favorite social media platforms. Encourage others to do the same. Right now, we’re being pushed into realignment of our belief system. Instead of resisting it, let’s dance with it!

On Being and Creation

In the beginning there was nothing, until Nothing realized it was Something! After all, how can Nothing exist without Something to define it? Aware Energy or awareness with the power to act (consciousness) is the Source and Substance of All That Is. As individual units and complex Beings of Aware Energy, we are both one with and separate from All That Is. We are not only products of creation; we are Creation Itself! We think, feel, act and react; therefore, we ARE. As we think, feel, act and react (conceive and perceive), we create. To change what we create, we change what we think and feel, how we act and react.

From We Create Our Own Reality:

Thoughts are “things” with a reality of their own and each of us, an artist. With thoughts in the form of beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations, we paint the landscape of our lives. Create a great day!

Befriend the beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations that work best for you and unfriend the ones that don’t.

Conscious Creators, seeking greater understanding to serve a higher good.

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