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Seth On Drugs and Use

Seth from Jane Roberts ESP (extrasensory perception) Class. Posted on Facebook by Barrie Gellis.

Now, as Ruburt (Jane Roberts) told you, there is nothing wrong, by itself, with grass. But if you use it as a crutch, or if you believe that your high is dependent upon it, or that your joy is dependent upon it, or that it is your primary avenue to enlightenment, then you had better examine your beliefs more than you have…

ESP Class, 12-11-73

(Ingrid raised a question about drugs and the class got into a heavy discussion about them.

Rob (Robert Butts) commented that drugs in various forms were used throughout the ages of man.)

Now. I am going to bid you good evening, and if you realize now, I will make a few comments, but comments will tell you nothing that you do not know. Your beliefs about the drugs that you take are extremely important. Sometimes you can take the drugs you have been speaking about simply as a method of rebelling against the world that you know, and against the society. Some people who feel that they are minorities, like the feeling of being minorities. They like the sense of danger. They like the idea of being on the outskirts of society. They like the idea of doing something illegal. They want to be pursued. They enjoy the danger.

You make your own reality. Of course, there are alternate states of consciousness. And when you are in those states of consciousness, you do certain chemical things to your body. You can take a drug and do the same thing from the outside. And many people, of course, through the centuries, have taken drugs for that reason. They can serve to initiate tribes and groups to those alterations of consciousness. But if you begin to think that they represent your only way of achieving mental or psychological freedom, then you are using them as a crutch.

Now, there is nothing wrong with using them as a crutch except that you do not need the crutch to begin with. So we are not talking in moral terms. I am not saying anything is wrong or evil in moral terms. You are each intimately aware of the balance of your own personalities. And you always sense where there is an imbalance. And so you know when it is time to change. You can become addicted to eating a paper cup, if you believe it. There are tribes who chew cocaine leaves and do a full day’s work and think there is nothing strange about it. But when you take drugs such as that in your society, it means something entirely different. The effect is not the same.

And so I simply want you to consider such things and understand the reasons for your actions. And Ruburt (Jane Roberts) was correct. Never are we so sure of our convictions in our speech, when we wonder about them in our hearts. But you are all doing well. And if you would simply realize, you do not need drugs. You produce through your thoughts and feelings all the chemicals that you need to turn you on to whatever extent, and you do not have to buy them. And you do not have to worry about the police coming. But then, that is all too natural and uninvolved and unexciting.

I bid you all a fond good night and where you are I am, because I represent the part of you that you know you are. And I am nothing that you are not. I am nothing that you are not, in true fact, in the true meaning of the word. So any wisdom or power or energy that you assign to me you cannot do rightfully unless you assign that power to yourselves. I am in your dreams because I am the self that you know you are. And you are in my dreams for the same reasons. There is room in our system of beliefs for different tastes. For those who have a love of terms, and those who do not. For those who have different styles of being.

ESP Class 9-29-79

(After a discussion of Seth’s remarks, Wade completed reading Chapter 9 of Seth’s book (Personal Reality, I think), and Larry started to read Chapter 10. In the chapter, the subject dealt with massive doses of LSD.)

During the reading, Seth interrupted:

Now, instead of the next massive dose, there are many people who think that the next occult school will do it, or the next religion, or the next political party, or the next new medicine, or the next new wonder drug, or the next new improved god will all do it. Excedrin will do it if you believe in it! Acid will do it if you believe it. But you will do it if you believe it.

And each person reading those passages will for himself see what he has put up before himself, instead of himself – what beliefs, what god, what product, what medicine man, what guru, what father, what mother, (Pat interjected: “What diet!”) what diet, what vitamin, and each reader will follow his own journey as he reads that chapter….

(L passed the manuscript to Richard and reading of Chapter 10 continued.)

Seth again interrupted:

Now, I want to make a note that will not be in the printed book. What I said applies to massive doses of acid. The same chemical disorientation, however, can also occur with quite accepted medical drugs – as I have, to some extent explained further on in that chapter – where the messages are literally scrambled on a biological basis. The self tries to solve a particular problem. In so doing, it may end up with a physical difficulty. The physical difficulty is meant to remind the personality of the inner problem behind it. The difficulty will be cleared up when the inner problem is.

Now, if instead a drug is used to camouflage the ailment, or in your terms to heal it, to cure it, to get rid of it, the inner self is in a quandary for it knows the problem has not been solved though the symptom has disappeared. The drug used to cure the body may now, may in many instances, obscure the problem and confuse both the body and the mind. Another ailment must be taken, therefore, that will symbolically, and quite practically, materialize the problem in your reality. So the patient will get another ailment.

If this ailment is also obscured or cured through the drug, whatever it may be, then the inner self is in a further quandary, and it will continue to try to materialize the problem so that it can be solved. The communication between the mental, psychic, and physical portions of the being can, in such instances, become obscured.

Now that does not always apply: for someone with a severe difficulty, believing in the effectiveness of your doctors may be given a wonder drug and believe in it so that when the symptoms are completely annihilated, he is convinced of the fact of an inner help, and therefore feels secure enough to solve his inner problem. In such a case, however, he has effectively used the drug to heal his mind and his body. The drug has not done it.

This does not mean that you cannot take advantage of such drugs. It does mean that when you do, you are operating within a framework of reality that still, to some extent, divides you from the reality of your own being.

Now, I return you to the book.

(Before Seth withdrew, Sue, Wade and Marianne all asked him about particular situations dealing with their parents. Seth answered their questions and then he was asked about peyote as an hallucinatory drug.

Seth responded:

There is a small bit on peyote, in other terms, in the book. However, peyote, used naturally by the natives who use it, has an entirely different idea than most of you have about the drug. It is not expected to annihilate an ego. They used it within a social framework in which it was perfectly natural. There was no paranoia connected with it.

So the reason that you use a drug is highly important. When you use peyote, you expect it to give you, again, a new occult, forbidden knowledge. When the natives used it, they expected it to give them the wisdom of the leaves and the flowers, to activate within themselves the nature that they know they possess, and it is as natural as you when you eat bacon and eggs. Therein lies the difference in your beliefs.

ESP Class, 2-5-74

You do not need, in Ruburt’s (Jane’s) terms, to take acid. You do not need to find the answers from acid or from me – even when I am acidy.

The answers are within yourself – you simply have not believed it. You have an ego because you are conscious. The ego is a responsive part of yourself. It is not a stupid relative to be shunted out of the way. And yet you look at it constantly and you say, “You stupid thing, you know nothing – out you go! Let my pure unconscious well up and give me the answers.

And so your life operates according to your beliefs. And since you believe you do not have the answers, it does not seriously occur to you to listen to yourself. You listen to your animus or your anima or your shadow. But try listening to the self that you are in all your remarkable unity. And then the answers are and they are a part of you.

ESP Class, 12-12-72

I am not telling everyone to go out and get grass. But grass is a natural ingredient, and acid is not, in your terms. There are those who go on fasts and will not touch liquor or cigarettes, who will not look an egg in the face, and who will take acid without a qualm.

It has various effects – few that you understand – and it brings to the forefront the knowledge of the self with which you are not, at this point, equipped to deal. The resultant lack of balance can be disastrous.

You were lucky. I use the term lucky in that you were graced to assimilate that knowledge in a way that you could at least bear, if not understand. I will have much to say at a later date along those lines.

But when you have mental experiences of the same kind of nature that are not brought about by drugs, then you draw out from the cells that knowledge. And you are prepared to face it. And drawing out from your cells that knowledge, you bring about, on your own account, certain changes in those cells that are otherwise brought about without preparation. Cells are alive and living; they are conscious and aware. They have their joy as you have yours.

ESP Class, 1-16-73

A squirrel is filled with the reality and present joy of his being, and none of you today has seen a squirrel with a hypodermic up in his tree. He does not need it either. He does not need peyote. He does not need acid. He does not need grass. Because he is that which he is, and he is full of the joy of his being and not afraid of it. And as he scampers through the branches, he is not afraid of falling down either, because he trusts his own being. And he knows, without your fine intellect, that he has a place in this universe, that a place was made for him and that his being is sacred and joyful and alive. So for any of you who may stray so deeply, those remarks were addressed!”

There are other drugs however, and if these are discovered and utilized, then these developments could occur within the field of psychology itself. The drugs release certain barriers that stand between the physical body and its other forms. One such plant resembles the cotton plant, yet with very small yellow or yellow white seeds, and grows in certain portions of Africa (Iboga plant – Tabernanthe Iboga?). Its effect would seem to be highly hallucinatory. The hallucinations however would be quite valid journeys into other realities.

ESP Class, 3-20-73

Session 410 from “The Early Sessions, Book 8“.

For reference, read, Insight and Laughter on LSD:

Since it was my first time taking LSD, he broke a small piece off a transparent square of Window Pane (pure LSD), the whole of which is normally considered a single dose. It seemed like a half hour had passed before I felt the drug kick in. The first thing I noticed was that as I thought about a new idea or concept, it seemed to take on a life of its own. Looking at each one from the inside-out, I could see pathways or variations in each one that, if followed, would lead me to other ideas. Suddenly, every thought I viewed from the inside-out became a complex environment like any other. As I explored the possibility that every idea is connected to every other idea, I came upon a stream with stepping stones from one side to the other. While the stream acted like the membrane of a cell separating two unique and different ideas, the stepping stones connected them.

Shape Shifting on LSD:

In late 1980, I took LSD for the second time. This time it was in the form of a small white tablet. When it kicked in I stripped naked and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. It was daytime and I was home alone. On impulse, I began to Tone, repeating the sound of, “ohm”, out loud. Immediately, intricate tattoos began to appear on my neck, starting at the top and growing down. As they spread over my shoulders and started down my chest, I became uncomfortable and began to wonder if I might have been an Aztec priest in another lifetime, one who had participated in the ritual of human sacrifice. The thought of seeing myself kill someone by cutting out their heart made me feel nauseous. When the tattoos reached the bottom of my rib cage they stopped growing and turned into feathers. I was now half man and half bird (Quetzalcoatl?).

Chest Cavity Blues – Role for Marijuana in Therapy:

Each box contained an old person (I was 39 years old at the time). Some people sat against the side wall of their box with their legs pulled up while others faced straight out with their legs dangling over the edge. Some of the women wore short cotton summer dresses with nylon stockings rolled down to their ankles. Other women wore bathrobes and muumuus. The men were in retirement-home garb too. Some wore bathrobes and others wore pajamas or sweats. Some people looked like they had suffered strokes while others appeared to be suffering from plain old age or dementia. Many were drooling. Most looked distant as they waited to die. They all looked tired and done with life. Did this scene, these people, represent the current state of my psyche? Wow!

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