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Archangel Michael and the Source Energy Perspective

Archangel Michael, channeled by Daniel Scranton. To hear this material channeled through Daniel, use this  link to YouTube.

“By living your life, you are letting Source Energy play through you. You are giving Source Energy an opportunity for new experience. Therefore, live your life and recognize that this is precisely what is happening. Believing this is one thing. It is nice to come to this awareness and to hold that knowing in your mental body.

But to live it, to truly embody it, that is what you are all here to do. That is what you are all sorting out. You may find that the challenge lies not within knowing that you are allowing Source Energy to have an experience through you, but in syncing up with that perspective of Source as you go through the motions of your day.

Every act is an opportunity to know yourself as Source and to see something through the eyes of Source for the very first time. Taking on the perspective of Source is as easy as deciding that it is the perspective that you would like to hold. Because remember, you already are Source. And sometimes, many times in fact, you are simply pretending to be something else, something separate, or less, than who and what you really are.

And every time that you acknowledge your true identity as a Source Energy Being, filtering Its way through a physical experience, you make it easier for yourself and others to hold that perspective. And the more of you who hold that perspective, the more you create Heaven on Earth. Be willing to don the perspective of who you really are and to live your life in that vibration.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.

To view other posts channeled through Daniel, visit his website at https://danielscranton.com/ or his Facebook page.

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  • Pete July 27, 2014, 10:34 AM

    Outstanding, Daniel! I just posted an article entitled: Look at the World Through Other Eyes . It resonates so nicely with your thoughts. This morning (7/25/14), I told my wife that the last couple of days have been dream-filled and emotionally volatile. She said, “me too!” Anybody else? I’ve also been recalling many thoughts and experiences lately that remind me that who or what I am is a matter of perspective. This morning I woke up thinking of myself as All That Is as well as my earthbound self.

    Lately, I’ve started using phrases like: What I tell myself through religion and science, instead of what religion and science tell me. By doing this, I acknowledge my own role as Source Energy and the more I do, the less I look for scapegoats to blame for what I believe and how I deal with, or fail to deal with, my own creative challenges. By accepting this larger perspective, I shift the focus away from changing others to changing myself. By letting other voices become projections of my own consciousness then life becomes a matter of finding the path that most closely represents my ideals. Not only does this honor our oneness and individuality, it honors the idea that we’re not only products of creation; we’re creation itself!

    Not only does this perspective empower me, it empowers others and enables us to love ourselves and each other. We switch from competition to collaboration, which enables us to ride life with a lighter reign. It also sets a precedent that makes it okay for us to, every once in a while, see ourselves as Source Energy* or Unconditional Love. It allows us to travel more freely throughout the Energy of All That Is, although, I must admit, at this early stage, this level of psychic openness can be a bit unsettling. Where is this Awakening going to take us? I don’t know but I absolutely want to find out! It’s a matter of love and value fulfillment.

    * This is what I think about the nature of Source Energy. I wrote about it in In the Beginning There Was Nothing (article still evolving):

    In the beginning there was nothing – until Nothing realized it was Something! After all, how can nothing exist without Something to define it?

    For me, Aware Energy or Consciousness)) is the Source and Substance of All That Is. This definition works for me because it fits with the idea that the Beginning is always happening in every moment throughout All That Is. It is a universal process of value fulfillment. It’s the Impulse for Consciousness or Aware Energy to Be and Create, that manifests and sustains All That Is in its most simple and complex, ever-changing forms. At least, that’s what I like to tell myself because it’s what makes the most sense to me. Again, Daniel, thank you for sharing these Consciousness-expanding thoughts!

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