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Unit of Consciousness, the Basic Building Block of Reality

Seth “Snippets” organized by Lynda Madden Dahl and published on her Facebook page

Lynda: Hi Seth friends, we know we emerge from and are a literal part of All That Is. We know of probabilities and simultaneous time and our entity or soul. We know that matter is not concrete, but the camouflage of ideas. We know that we exist, and will continue to exist, whether or not we’re in physical reality.

And how do we know all this and more? Because everything herein is a result or reflection of the basic Unit of Consciousness (CU) of All that Is.

The information below from Seth is perhaps the most illuminating thing he talks about, because from it comes all answers and understanding, not only of ourselves, but of the nature of the universe; indeed the nature of All That Is.

And it also tells us why science, quantum theory included, will never meet the Seth material. It will bridge it through some basic understandings, as it already has, but it is impossible for science to mathematically chart the Free Will, the Feelings, the Divine Intent of consciousness units; in essence, the Purpose of All That Is.

So, here we go, an explanation of the basic building block of…well, everything.


Seth: “There are units of consciousness, then, as there are units of matter. I do not want you to think of these units as particles.

  • There is a basic unit of consciousness that, expressed, will not be broken down.
  • The basic unit of consciousness obviously is not physical.
  • It contains within itself innately infinite properties of expansion, development, and organization; yet within itself always maintains the kernel of its own individuality.
  • Despite whatever organizations it becomes part of, or how it mixes with other such basic units, its own identity is not annihilated.
  • It is aware energy, identified within itself as itself, not “personified” but Awareized.
  • It is therefore the source of all other kinds of consciousness, and the varieties of its activity are infinite. It combines with others of its kind, forming then (organizations or gestalts of awareness) …
  • This basic unit is endowed with unpredictability. That very unpredictability allows for infinite patterns and fulfillments.
  • You would call a soul the result of a certain organization of such units, which you would then recognize as a “soul.”
  • Their nature is the vitalizing force behind everything in your physical universe, and others as well.
  • These units can indeed appear in several places at once, and without going through space, in your terms.
  • Literally now, these basic units of consciousness can be in all places at once. They are in all places at once.
  • They will not be recognized because they will always appear as something else.
  • Of course they move faster than light.
  • There are millions of them in one atom—many millions.
  • Each of these units is aware of the reality of all others, and influences all others.
  • These units can move forward or backward in time, but they can also move into thresholds of time with which you are not familiar.
  • All probabilities are probed and experienced, and all possible universes created from these units. Therefore, there are realities in which the endless probabilities of one given event (underlined) are probed, and all experience grouped about that venture.
  • These units of consciousness do not have human characteristics, of course. They do, however, possess their own “inclinations,” leanings, propensities.
  • They are vitalized, aware, charged, with all the qualifications of being.
  • All psychological structures then are composed of such organizations.
  • They are innately endowed with the desire or propensity for growth and creative organization. They are not found alone, then, in isolation.
  • Since these units of consciousness exist at once, they are aware of all the organized self-structures of which they are a part. To this extent, all probable realities are connected in that basic manner.
  • Since I have told you that in your terms your past, present, and future exist at once, these units are constantly emerging out of your NOW-POINT from both the future and the past.
  • All matter is based upon these units.”

The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1, Session 682

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  • Pete November 4, 2018, 9:54 AM

    Great work, Lynda. Thank you!

  • Johanne Enevoldsen January 30, 2020, 9:27 PM

    Another final motivation is that panpsychism might help us to integrate consciousness into the physical world. Physicists and philosophers have often observed that physics is curiously abstract. It describes the structure of reality using a bunch of equations, but it doesn’t tell us about the reality that underlies it. As Stephen Hawking puts it, what puts the fire into the equations?

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