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Seth On the Third Christ Personality

I would like to make certain points clear. The “new religion” following the Second Coming will not be Christian in your terms, although the third personality of Christ will initiate it.

This personality will refer to the historical Christ, will recognize His relationship with that personality; but within him the three personality groupings will form a new psychic entity, a different psychological gestalt. As this metamorphosis takes place, it will initiate a metamorphosis on a human level also, (emphatically), as man’s inner abilities are accepted and developed.

The results will be a different kind of existence. Many of your problems now result from spiritual ignorance. No man will look down upon an individual from another race when he himself recognizes that his own existence includes such membership also.

No sex will be considered better than the other, or any role in society, when each individual is aware of his own or her own experience at many levels of society and in many roles. An open ended consciousness will feel its connections with all other living beings. The continuity of consciousness will become apparent. As a result of all this the social and governmental structures will change, for they are based upon your current beliefs.

Human personality will reap benefits that now would seem unbelievable. An open ended consciousness will imply far greater freedom. From birth, children will be taught that basic identity is not dependent upon the body, and that time as you know it is an illusion. The child will be aware of many of its past existences, and will be able to identify with the old man or woman that in your terms it will become.

Many of the lessons “that come with age” will then be available to the young, but the old will not lose the spiritual elasticity of their youth. This itself is important. But for some time, future incarnations will still be hidden for practical reasons.

As these changes come about, new areas will be activated in the brain to physically take care of them. Physically then, brain mappings will be possible in which past life memories are evoked. All of these alterations are spiritual changes in which the meaning of religion will escape organizational bounds, become a living part of individual existence, and where psychic frameworks rather than physical ones form the foundations for civilization.

Man’s experience will be so extended that to you the race will seem to have changed into another. This does not mean there will not be problems. It does mean that man will have far greater resources at his command. It also presupposes a richer and far more diverse social framework. Men and women will find themselves relating to their brethren, not only as the people that they are, but as the people that they were.

Family relationships will show perhaps the greatest changes. There will be room for emotional interactions within the family that are now impossible. The conscious mind will be more aware of unconscious material.

I am including this information in this chapter on religion because it is important that you realize that spiritual ignorance is at the basis of so many of your problems, and that indeed your only limitations are spiritual ones.

The metamorphosis mentioned earlier on the part of the third personality, will have such strength and power that it will call out from mankind these same qualities from within itself. The qualities have always been present. They will finally break through the veils of physical perception, extending that perception in new ways.

Now, mankind lacks such a focus. The third personality will represent that focus. There will be, incidentally, no crucifixion in that drama. That personality will indeed be multidimensional, aware of all its incarnations. It will not be oriented in terms of one sex, one color, or one race.

For the first time, therefore, it will break through the earthly concepts of personality, liberating personality. It will have the ability to show these diverse effects as it chooses. There will be many who will be afraid to accept the nature of their own reality, or to be shown the dimensions of true identity.


Events are not predestined. The framework for this emergence has already been set, however, within your system of probabilities. The emergence of this third personality will directly affect the original historical drama of Christ as it is now known. There is and must be interactions between them.

Seth Speaks, the Eternal Validity of the Soul – Session 586

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  • Pete January 26, 2014, 1:44 PM

    Wow, this excerpt is so powerful! Doesn’t it outline the change we all want to create?

  • Janet Glatz January 28, 2014, 4:15 AM

    Exciting! And encouraging, too. Yes, it does lay out a scenario that all of us would welcome with open arms if we took the time to give it any thought. So many are so caught up in their lives that they won’t take the time to even think about these things. I must admit that it is often difficult for me to tear myself away from my “routine” to respond to these lines of communication. But after I have, I always feel better. 🙂

  • Pete January 31, 2014, 1:08 PM

    Sorry to take so long getting back to you, Janet. I spent several days resizing our photos to run as wallpaper on my new computer. It’s backlit and shows such vibrant color; it’s amazing!

    Seth’s reference to the third “Christ Personality” is interesting. It seems to me, when anyone gets excited about an inner value, whatever it is, they participate in making it real. Can we credit one person without acknowledging everyone involved? Think about how excited you were after reading what Seth said. I reacted with great excitement too. Every person who reads this article and gets excited will help make this ideal become “real”. I think it’s wonderful to remember and acknowledge that! <3

  • Neil February 5, 2014, 5:02 PM

    Pete, your comment is very interesting. You are in a sense pointing out something reciprocal or paradoxical. The fact that this “ideal” becomes “real” is an attraction to what is intuitively known (by quite a few) on an Inner level. Therefore, for example, when the “idea” appears externally (i.e. in reading) it is (or more quickly becomes now than a hundred years ago) an “external recognition” ( a symbol) that widely appeals (intuitively makes sense) on an “Inner level”, which then in turn (“reciprocally”) helps further prepare or precipitate its manifestation. Now, I am not talking about “thoughts becoming reality.” I think that the way the latter has normally been conceived/interpreted for decades by many (hence the great appeal of the Seth material) is in many ways much too naive, too simplistic of an interpretation.

    At the time of the historical Christ for example, the inner collective ground (changing paradigms/archetypes) was perhaps already quite fertile for that paradigm “change in thinking”, however, small at first to proceed, and to (eventually) paradigmatically cause a change in the pattern of thinking in certain large patterns or cultures throughout a civilization over time (i.e., the concept of charitable or compassionate to one’s neighbor and change of a more intimate identification of self with version of ALL or “God” was rather ‘foreign” externally to the populace but in another sense ready to be entertained).

    Now, a certain further evolution of consciousness spoken about here (in a sense long in the archetypal making as well) will now further intensify more “deeply change”, bring to the surface (i.e., how many perceive/relate to each other in time, more reflectively or manifestly empathically). A manifestation (or more collective realization) that could not previously be had until certain lived experiences in time were fulfilled.


  • Pete February 8, 2014, 3:34 PM

    Some good thoughts, Neil!

    “The fact that this ideal becomes ‘”real”‘ is an attraction to what is intuitively known (by quite a few) on an Inner level.”

    Based on my own observations, I think many of us long for these changes outwardly as well, and when we hear or see them expressed in such elegant, confident ways, we react strongly to them, which, as you say, produces a reciprocal effect. The hope, confidence and enthusiasm we feel is the energy that makes ideals real. It’s us saying “no” to one thing and “yes” to another. The amount and quality of energy we invest in change determines how quickly, possible or probable reality, becomes actual reality. It’s the same with a building plan. The amount and quality of energy you invest in your plan determines how quickly, possible or probable reality, becomes actual reality.

    Regarding your last paragraph: Yes, more and more of us long to communicate and share ourselves in an environment of safety, free from fear and judgment. As we understand more about the value judgment world we now live in and the value fulfillment world we can live in, change will accelerate. Again, how soon this change takes place depends on the amount and quality of energy we’re willing to invest in it. It’s my joy and passion to invest everything (well, almost everything) I am into helping to bring about these changes. The stronger my connection with All That Is becomes, the more I feel a groundswell of energy behind these changes.

    Thanks for writing, Neil. Step by step.

  • Robiel November 3, 2020, 11:40 AM

    When did seth spoke about the third personality that he is alive now

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