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Seth – Black Sheep Kicking Apart the Structures

“And so this god, who was not a god, called Seth, went about kicking apart the structures, and he gathered about him others who kicked apart the structures. And they were themselves, whether they were male or female. Whether they thought of themselves as good or bad, or summer or winter, or as old or as young, they were creators. They were questioners.

“And whenever another personality set itself up and said, ‘I am the god before you, and my word is law,’ then Seth went about saying, ‘You are a nincompoop,’ and began again to kick apart the structures.

“And so you are yourselves, in your way, all Seths, for you kick apart the structures, and you are the black sheep of the religions and the black sheep of the scientists, and the black sheep of the physicians, and the black sheep of your mothers and your fathers, and your sisters and your brothers.

“And yet, the mothers and the fathers and the sisters and the brothers listen, for they do not have the courage to be the black sheep, and they quail in the voice of the thunder that is so playful, though they do not understand it because they equate loudness with violence, and they think that female is passive, and the male is aggressive; and that war and violence must then erupt from the reality of mankind.

“And so you are, indeed, all black sheep of the universe, and Sethites have always been the black sheep of the universe!

“Now, to be a Sethite, you do not have to follow this Seth, you simply follow the Seth in yourself, and that Seth in yourself is a questioner, and an explorer, and a creator. And the Seth in yourself knows when to passively flow with the wind that blows through the window above a summer town, and when to go against the force of your environment. You were Sethites before you met me, and there was a Seth before I was Seth, and the spirit follows through the ages as you know them.”

Excerpt from a session entitled the Halloween Transvestite class – October 30, 1973 in Conversations with Seth, Book 1 by Susan Watkins

…with thanks to Joachim and Kathy.

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