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The Magic Show – A Poem by Jane Roberts

Poem by Jane Roberts,

What magicians we all are,
turning darkness into light,
transforming invisible atoms
into the dazzling theater
of the world,
pulling objects,
(people as well
as rabbits)
out of secret
microscopic closets,
turning winter into summer,
making a palmful of moments
disappear through time’s trap door.
We learned the methods
so long ago
that they’re unconscious,
and we’ve hypnotized ourselves
into believing
that we’re the audience,
so I wonder where we served
our apprenticeship.
Under what master magicians did we learn
to form reality
so smoothly that we forgot to tell ourselves
the secret?

Written in 1979 and published as the lead-in to The Magical Approach, copyright © 1995 by Robert F. Butts, Jane’s husband.

Shared on Facebook by Lynda Madden Dahl. Thank you, Lynda!

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