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Seth On the Role of Violence in Creation

Seth is a non-physical entity or personality channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by her husband, Robert F. Butts. Both are now deceased. In a sense, they’re now ghosts talking to us from beyond the veil of time as are many authors of old. Take what you like and leave the rest. – Pete

“Now. Children build houses of cards and knock them down. You don’t worry about the child’s development, for you realize that he’ll learn better.

“You may even smile at the child’s utter sense of desolation until he finally connects the motion of his own hand with the destruction of the card house that’s now gone, and in his eyes, gone beyond repair.

“Mankind builds civilizations. He has gone beyond the child’s game. The toys are real and yet, basically, the analogy holds. I’m not condoning those violence’s that occur. The fact is that they can never be condoned, and yet they must be understood for what they are: man learning through his own errors. He also learns by his successes. There are also times when he has moments of deliberation and periods of creativity.”

(Today the newspapers carried the story of the violence attending the Democratic presidential convention in Chicago in August, 1968, telling of the many clashes between police and various groups of demonstrators. We {Jane and Rob} had dis­cussed the report at the supper table.)

“The race of man is far more than the physical race however. You see him in but one stage of development. When an individual leaves your system it’s for other systems. He’s learned his ABC’s, but that’s all. There are some exceptions – identities that choose, then, to return and teach. They’re not in the same league, so to speak, as those whose reincarnational cycles are not complete.

“They may return, even enduring violence, as a man might set up a school amid a jungle of savages. And yet even with this there are advances made with­in the system itself. A nuclear weapon in the hands of the inhabitants of middle-age Europe (for example) would have been used almost immediately, and with nary a qualm, to wipe out all but Christendom.

“Christendom may well have perished along with the rest of the world, but this possibility would not have been considered, so narrow and evilly self-righteous were the governing powers at the time.

“In those days neither did a sane, righteous man give thought to sharing his wealth, or even consider the plight of the poorer classes. Not only was charity not given, its practical nature was not considered. The archaic concept of God nicely covered such matters.

“The poor were obviously sinful. Poverty was their penance, and it was considered a sacrilege to try to help those whom God had so cursed. Animals were tortured in sport. Compassion for living things in males was regarded as a weakness to be plucked out to a degree you can barely realize now.

“Women were scarcely thought of as human creatures (except) in very select circles. The progression through the centuries would be far more noticeable if you knew all the facts. There is one aspect here that I have not previously mentioned. Man was not allowed to play with the more dangerous toys until certain evidence was given that he had gained some control.

“This does not mean that he could not destroy the world that he knew. It simply meant that such destruction was not inevitable. You do not give a child a loaded gun if you are certain he is going to shoot himself or his neighbor.

“Now the weapons and the destruction are the obvious things that you see. The counterparts are not so evident, and yet it is the counterparts that are important. The self-discipline learned, the control, the compassion that finally is aroused, and the final and last lesson learned, the positive desire for creativity and love over destruction and hatred. When this is learned the reincarnational cycle is finished.

“There’s a reason why these lessons must be learned in just this way. Elementally there is only creativity. Destruction is merely the changing of form. A cloudburst or a tornado knows nothing of destruction. This same energy encased within a human form is something else. There are different kinds of creativity to learn, and (one) specialization in energy, is focus and feelings; elemental energy becoming conscious of itself, and aware of issues that did not exist for it earlier; millions of molecules momentarily united with the living consciousness, filled with primal energy, now learning love, and forming highly sensitive psychic patterns, electrical charges that now form emo­tions instead of clouds; the innocent chaos of undifferentiated personality that exists behind the highly specified and truly sophisticated mechanism of one thought. And all of this before an individual is born within your system. In terms of time this is (what stands) behind us all.

“Little wonder that psychic battles wage, and yet beyond your system there are refinements impossible to describe, and further developments more miraculous than those that have gone before. And through all of this, the entity formed from that massive chaos retains its identity and the knowledge of its pasts, and continues to grow in (awareness and) creativity.

“This is some of the most important material that I have given you, for you have wondered about the purpose, and have been able often to see but one small speck of time and space.

“The violence (in Chicago) you were speaking of this evening (referring to Jane and Rob) opened up a chasm within each participator’s soul, through which he glimpsed the dizzying origins that were behind his identity. There was the fear, then, and afterward, of falling back into that mindless chasm.

“Now a storm at times will fascinate many, and so will such a violence, but a highly destructive storm will find few going abroad in it. Each participator sensed the chaos to which he had direct access. He feared it then and afterward, even in his fascination, because he was bound to recognize that it would sweep him and his enemy into insanity or death.

“Many of the participators have never known that they had access to such energy, therefore the notion that such energy could be used creatively never entered their heads.

“Many of them felt tiny, alone and powerless. Now the energy alone was exhilarating. For the first time many of the participators realized intuitively that such energy was also the source of creativity.

“Many will try various methods of re-experiencing the energy in order to release creative feelings they didn’t know they possessed. Their energy of course was neutral. It was their use of it at the time that caused the destructive elements.

“The energy that was liberated has already changed your national scene, and will continue to do so. Such massive liberations of energy will be used to begin to unify the whole planet in peace. This will not happen before disasters also occur, but when it does happen it will represent the first such time within the planet’s history where there was peace with equality for all.

“There have been various periods that were peaceful, but there was no equality.”

Session 452, The Early Sessions, Book 9 of The Seth Material Copyright © 2002 by Robert Butts

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  • Pete September 7, 2013, 4:35 PM

    In the Air Force, OJT was a popular acronym that meant On the Job Training. As a medic, we spent very little time in the classroom. Most of what we learned, we learned on the job through observation and practice. It kept life interesting.

    Learning how to create a life that works and makes us happy is the same thing, isn’t it? It’s On the Job Training. As we think, we create. To change what we create, we must change what we think. If that’s so then we must treat life as a mirror and our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations as the creators of our reality. As Seth says, we must learn how to see the connection between what we think and what we experience.

    From We Create Our Own Reality:


    Thoughts are “things” with a reality of their own, and you, an artist. With thoughts in the forms of belief, attitude, value and expectation, you paint the landscape of your life. Create a great day!

    External value judgment systems, like right and wrong, good and bad, and people who like to play “leader”, well-meaning though they may be, make it hard for us to think for ourselves when they like so much to think for us. Shame on us if we let them. Ultimately, there is no right of wrong, good or bad, there just IS! There’s what we like, and what we don’t like, what works, and what doesn’t, what makes us happy and what doesn’t. For example, if you hit someone in the nose and they hit you back, is that what you like? Does it work for you? Does it make you happy? It wouldn’t me, and if I accept full response ability for my own wellbeing, I better find better ways to treat others, and do it quickly!

    Great piece, Seth, Jane, Rob and everyone and everything that makes this wisdom so readily available. It brings hope, peace and understanding to many of us.

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