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Seth Riffs On the Theory of Evolution and Nature of Consciousness

“…in certain terms the theory of evolution, as it is conventionally held, has caused unfortunate beliefs. For how can you look at yourselves with self-respect, with dignity or with joy, if you believe that you are the end product of forces in which the fittest survive? Being the fittest implies murderous intent – for you must survive at the expense of your fellows, be you leaf, frog, plant or animal.

“You do not survive through cooperation, according to that theory, and nature is not given a kind or creative intent, but a murderous one. And if you see yourselves as the end result of such a species, then how can you expect goodness or merit or creativity from yourselves, or from others? How can you believe that you live in a safe universe when each species exists because it survives through claw, if it must hunt and kill out of murderous intent, as implied in the theories of evolution,  and of reality itself?

“So when you think of your beliefs and who you are, you must also think of your species, and how you are told your species came to be. For your private beliefs are also based upon those theories, and the (cultural) beliefs …of your times.

“It is seldom that you really question your biological origins, what they mean, and how you interpret them. Are you physically composed of murderous cells, then, each spontaneously out to get the others? If so, your physical being is more miraculous a product than even I have ever told you! If your cells did not cooperate so well, you would not be listening to this voice, and it would make no sound. As you listen to me, the cooperative, creative adventure within your bodies continues, and in terms of continuity reaches back prehistorically and into the future. Because conscious­ness creates form with joy, there is no murder that you have not projected out of misunderstanding and ignorance of the nature of that consciousness.

“Roots do not struggle to exist. One species does not fight against the others to live. Instead creativity emerges, and coopera­tively the environment of the world is known and planned by all the species. What appears to be struggle and death to you at those levels (of being and creation) is not, …for the experience of consciousness itself is different there, as is the experience of your own cellular composition.

“Your body knows how to walk. The knowledge is built in and acted upon. The body knows how to heal itself, how to use its nourishment, how to replace its tissues—yet in your terms the body itself has no access to the kind of information the mind possesses. Being so ignorant, how does it perform so well?”

“If it were scientifically inclined, the body would know that such spontaneous performance was impossible, for science cannot explain the reality of life itself in its present form, much less its origins. Consciousness within the body knows that its existence is within the body’s context, and apart from it at the same time.

“There is a design and a designer, but they are so combined, the one within the other, the one within and the one without, that it is impossible to separate them. The creator is within its creations, and the creations themselves are gifted with creativity. The world comes to know itself, to discover itself, for the planner left room for divine surprise, and the plan was nowhere foreordained. Nor is there anywhere within it anything that corresponds to your “survival of the fittest” theories.”

Appendix 12 (for Session 705), The Unknown Reality, Vol. 2 Copyright © 1979 by Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts. Republished with the kind permission of the current copyright holder, Laurel Davies Butts.

Pete – https://realtalkworld.com

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having (creating) a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“How you define yourself and the world around you, forms your intent, which, in turn, forms your reality.” – Seth

In other words, we create reality from what we think and feel about ourselves and All That Is.

If we don’t consciously choose our beliefs, we unconsciously absorb them from our surroundings.

If our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations create our reality, can we afford not to question them?

What others will no or cannot do for us, we must do for ourselves.

The secrets of the universe lie hidden in the shadows of your experience. Look for them!

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  • Paul July 4, 2018, 4:35 PM

    Great article addressing evolution and consciousness from the perspective of quantum science. Yes, murderous atoms, molecules, and cells are overrated, out to annihilate, kill, and compete with each other for power and dominance, which is Darwin’s “survival-of-the-fittest” doctrine.

    It’s high time that greater emphasis be given on the other side of atoms, molecules, and cells. For, as the article also points out, they operate on the basis of cooperation, coalescence, embracing each other in love to give birth to the structures we now witness today.

    Thanks for sharing this article. It is highly recommended for those interested of knowing our true nature, role, and future in the entire cosmic design.

  • Pete July 5, 2018, 11:52 AM

    I agree with you, Paul. This is a great article for today’s world. The appearance of Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by her husband, Rob Butts, was like a breath of fresh air to a drowning man for me. In late 1977, I started reading my first Seth book, Seth Speaks. It was given to me as a Christmas present from my wife, Sandra. I have never read a book that changed my life so much. Almost every sentence meant so much to me it felt like I was having one mental orgasm after another. I couldn’t believe it! It was as if it was something I already knew but didn’t know I knew because these thoughts and feelings were drowned out humanity’s unquestioning reliance on old beliefs.

    Your writing in response to this article, at this time, is interesting too. It’s relates to an article I’m working on now so I’m going to add a back-link from that article to this one. I think the readers of my article will like Seth’s take on the nature of Being and Creation.


  • Janet B Glatz July 5, 2018, 12:58 PM

    I too read the Seth books way back when, but I don’t think the student was ready at the time-ha! Looking back, I see that the seeds that were planted grew slowly and now have become part of my overall world view. I moved on to the Law of One, which is in many ways similar. Thanks for this post, Pete! A good refresher.

  • Pete July 5, 2018, 4:16 PM

    Cool, Janet! Keep an eye out for Robert, Part 3, George’s and My Thoughts on Robert’s Actions and Intent. In this article I ask everyone to put on their Einstein detective hat to help me analyze Robert and George’s actions and intent regarding the significance of my love, truth, and joy babies. It is challenging but fun too.

    Understanding the nature of Being and Creation – the Ultimate Frontier!


  • Willie Flores February 16, 2019, 6:24 PM

    There is no reincarnation, and no afterlife. Nature has already provided for the continued existence of all species through the process of cell division and reproduction.

  • Pete February 18, 2019, 2:54 PM

    Willie, we’re all free to believe what we want. To add a new dimension to your thinking, ask yourself, outside of this moment, in what form do I exist. Linear time is a psychological construct that provides us with a different dimension in which to experience and explore ourselves, just like time. To create time, we explore the differences between now and then. To create the illusion of space, we explore the differences between here and there. This process is how we learn any new skill or develop any new understanding. Think about it.

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