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Seth – I Am a Poor Imitation of the Voices of Your Own Psyches

(One of Seth’s students asked him about his discomfort with the woman he’s dating because she doesn’t know of Seth’s ideas.)

“Now there are people who are quite involved with my ideas who do not know my name. There are people quite content with their lot and they do not know my name. They know themselves. They are aware of the vitality of their beings and they do not need me to tell them that they are important. The flowers and cats and trees don’t need me to tell them they are important either, and there are many people who do not need me for the same reason.

“These people recognize the vitality of their existence. They ignore the belief systems of their times. They are ancient children. They may not read philosophy, but they listen to the wind. They watch the behavior of the seasons… If you were satisfied with the nature of your existence, you would not be here. Those who are satisfied do not need my voice. They find sufficient reinforcement from the dawn and the twilight.

They may build ditches or work in fields or factories. They do not need to listen to my voice because they listen to the voice of the oak trees and the birds, and the voices of their own being. I am a poor imitation of the voices of your own psyches to which you do not listen.

I will be unneeded, and gladly so, when you realize that the vitality and reinforcement and joy are your own, and rise from the fountain of your own beings; when you realize that you do not need me for protection, for there is nothing you need protect yourself against.

Psychic Politics Copyright © 1976 by Jane Roberts and Robert F. Butts. Reprinted with permission from current copyright holder – Laurel Davies-Butts.

Pete – https://realtalkworld.com

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having (creating) a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“How you define yourself and the world around you, forms your intent, which, in turn, forms your reality.” – Seth

In other words, we create reality from what we choose to think and feel about ourselves and All That Is.

If we don’t consciously choose our beliefs, we unconsciously absorb them from our surroundings.

If our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations create reality, can we afford not to question them?

What others cannot or will not do for us, we must do it for ourselves.

The secrets of the universe lie hidden in the shadows of our experience. Look for them!

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