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Seth on Worship

Now, Seth does not dig worship…. For one thing, Seth understands worshippers. And, when one understands worshippers, one does not dig worship!

If you will think this sentence over, then you will realize that those who worship do no real honor to the object of their worship. For upon that object, they place all of their hopes, all of their dreams, all of their inadequacies, and all of the responsibility for their lives; and even a god – a sane god – would refuse to accept such a worship.

The god would understand also the nature of the universe, and the nature of playful creativity, and would know that such a worship is – at it’s base now, at it’s base – a denial of the very vitality of life.

For All That Is endows creatures with a latent capacity for the greatest kind of creativity. And a creature who says, ‘Save me, Oh Lord, and hear my voice! Look upon my iniquity and save me from my sin, and rule Thou my life which Thou hast indeed given me,’ says really, ‘Oh, Lord, Thou hast given me no capacity for reason, no free will, no power, no authority, and no goodness; and since Thou hast wronged me of all the holy virtue, then Thou might as well protect me, for I have no abilities of my own, and Thou hast made me without honor. Therefore, it is Thy duty to preserve the poor world upon which indeed Thy mighty foot is placed!’

So, Seth does not dig worship…but worshippers have to face the god that they believe they are worshipping. For they are saying, ‘You have made an inferior product – a flawed image. I am despicable, and therefore, although I adore you and I say, “Yea, though I travel through the valley of death, et cetera”, and (even) though I say, “I adore you, Oh Lord!” what I mean is, “I hate you because you have created me an inferior creature, and therefore, I will make you pay – for my iniquities, Oh Lord, are yours. How can I be good when Thou hast made me evil? How can I hold up my head in the universe, when Thou hast made me flawed? Therefore, do I crawl upon my knees to show you that I cannot stand upright before Thee, for Thou hast made me flawed!’

Such worshippers take it for granted that the product of God is poor – from an inadequate factory – a poor cosmic assembly line. Ford calls back it’s products if they are flawed, and so such worshippers say, ‘Oh Lord, call back humanity, for we are flawed!’ And, no one answers, so it seems.

When the old answers and the old organizations no longer have any meaning to the individual; when he can find reflected in the official answers none of his own questions; then the individual rises up from within itself; and, as once this civilization was born, so shall others be born in the same way…. And so always from within itself does the race then go within its psyche for newer revelations; newer in that they are fresher to the source of itself – they have not been worn away by distortions and so internalized by organizations that their meaning has become lost.

So you arise out of yourselves individually, and out of the heart of your psyche; and so shall the civilization also emerge out of its mass psyche.

From Conversations with Seth, Book One, Copyright © 1980 by Susan M. Watkins, excerpt from the end of Chapter One.

“So you arise out of yourselves individually, and out of the heart of your psyche; and so shall the civilization also emerge out of its mass psyche.” – Seth

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