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Jane Roberts: the Mass Psyche is Preparing for Another Intuitive Upthrust

Jane Roberts:

There is no doubt that we need to believe that life has meaning. That belief may well be a biological imperative. If we were as science maintains – only creatures formed by elements combining mindlessly in a universe itself created by chance, surrounded everywhere by chaos – then how could we even conceive of the idea of meaning or order?

Science would say that the idea of meaning itself is simply a reflection of the state of the brain, as is the illusion of our consciousness. But a science that disregards consciousness must necessarily end up creating its own illusion.

It ignores the reality of experience, the evidence of being, and in so doing it denies rather than reinforces life’s values. We need a division of scientific dogma from national policy-making so that those values not considered by science can be given some voice in issues involving public welfare. An authoritative God coupled with an aggressive science sanctioned by national policy could have disastrous results indeed.

This Universal Divinity or Ultimate Reality or All That Is wouldn’t be confined to one people or nation or species though, but would include all species of life. Each creature, each life whatever its degree would have its rights as an expression of that Source and as an inhabitant of Earth and contributor to planetary existence.

Divinity, then would be dispersed throughout creation.

I become more and more convinced that the mass psyche is preparing for another intuitive up-thrust, and that within its vast ranges it does possess the solutions, visions, and wisdom that we need. That power is making itself felt in the private arena. It’s expressed and personified in the psychic experience of large numbers of people. It speaks through the spacemen and saints and psychic heroes of automatic writings and Ouija board messages; even in the cults and the frenzied activities of the fundamentalists.

The mass psyche is looking for a way out of official beliefs. It’s ready to form a more comprehensive vision. But we must stop automatically taking such information at face value, translating it automatically through ancient beliefs. We must look directly at our own experience again – and learn to trust it. We must be our own psychic naturalists, combining reason with intuition. We must refuse to let old theories define our realities for us, limiting and distorting the very scope of our lives.

Instead, we must learn to acknowledge and interpret our own psychic perceptions; to distinguish between, say, psychic newscasts, documentaries, dramas, fantasies, and educational programs. We have to learn to read the language of the psyche and to discover far more about the psychodramas strange blend of inner and exterior events.

And to do all of that, we have to trust ourselves and our impulses.

In order to be sane and healthy, in order to even begin to understand our potentials as a species, we have to cultivate ideas and philosophies that provide us with a secure psychological base as good creatures, alive in a good universe. Otherwise, by our own definitions, we condemn ourselves as meaningless subjective mechanisms, or as the sinful children of an ancient revengeful god.

And, as Seth states in his The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, we must redefine our ideas of good and evil and reexamine the characteristics of idealism so that we really understand that the end cannot justify the means taken to achieve it. Our ideals must be reflected in the methods we use to fulfill them.

These are all issues in which each of us can be personally involved by studying them as they appear in our personal lives. It’s vitally important that we examine and explore the reaches of our own consciousnesses, gather evidence of those unofficial psychic events held in such disgrace by science and religion, and build up our own confidence. We need to examine the very contents and processes of our minds – not with instruments but with our consciousness itself.

As I type this final chapter, Rob has just finished his work on Seth’s The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, and Seth is already on Chapter 9 of Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment. I’ve clocked many more hours of trance-time, of course, and I’m still trying to map those contours of the psyche in which my subjective travels happen.

There is a point, though, where the private psyche opens up to the mass psyche and where they both become aware of a still greater Source from which all reality emerges. The completed manuscript for Mass Events sits on Rob’s desk right now.

And even if we can’t prove Seth’s model of reality any more than we can science’s or religion’s, certainly Seth provides a more intellectually and emotionally satisfying one as far as I’m concerned, and one that leaves us room for gallant, meaningful action And how strange that my private impulses led me to a kind of public vision in which we all uphold a democracy of spirit, and insist upon interpreting not just the Bible but the nature of reality for ourselves!

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  • Estel January 18, 2014, 11:26 PM

    I have heard and read so many times about changing one’s reality and I just cannot grasp the concept. What angle can one use to change their current reality if it is not what they wish to experience?

  • Pete January 26, 2014, 9:00 AM

    Hi Estel,

    Thanks to your question, I just discovered something really cool about WordPress! Besides suggesting that you ask questions like: “What works and makes me happy” and, “what works and makes US happy”, to include everyone, there wasn’t much else I could think to say. Finding our own answers is extremely important for us as creative beings. If we can paint ourselves into a corner, why can’t we paint ourselves out?

    Anyway, here’s what I discovered this morning. I know Seth has some great things to say about who we are and how we can change ourselves for the better so I decided to test my search capability with the search tool on this website. Low and behold, when I typed in “Seth”, I received a list of all the Seth articles on this website. Each article includes a short synopsis. I found 27 articles that relate to the question you asked! If these articles don’t give you hope and make you feel empowered, I don’t know what will.

    Another interesting source is Twelve Spirit from the Twelve Spirit or Insight Journal website. I found five articles from Twelve Spirit. Just type in “Twelve Spirit” to bring up their articles. They’re short, simple and very insightful. I would also recommend a new article I just added to Real Talk World. It provides down to earth insight into how cultural beliefs affect our lives. It ‘s written by a young Australian writer, Kasey Edwards. It’s entitled: When Your Mother Says She’s Fat.

    If beliefs are the building blocks of our reality, shouldn’t we question them? Kasey thinks so and so do I. Evidently, you do too or you wouldn’t be asking how to do it. Good luck on your quest! Are you on Facebook? There are many folks there exploring this same subject. I’m on Facebook. If you want to hook up with me or others who are asking the same questions as you, type in my name, Roger Peterson, and look for the same picture of me that appears on this post. I’ll be happy to hook you up with other folks and groups that are learning how to become conscious creators of their reality. As we think, we create. Change what we think, and we change what we create. Cheers!

  • Martin John aka RvMj January 29, 2014, 2:56 AM

    Psychic Politics An Aspect Psychology Book by Jane Roberts
    Read by Martin John

    This one is about “The Codicils” Out of all the Jane Roberts and Seth Material I have read, for the purpose of making an audio book, this was by far the most difficult:

    First, I put if off for days…then when I began I found my pace very slow and with abnormal pauses at times (I edited this one); then the editing and making of this youtube took a greater amount of time and effort than normal. But here it is. This is amazing stuff. Enjoy and share. No adds on this channel!


  • Pete January 31, 2014, 8:31 AM

    Hi Martin,

    The link to your audio version of Psychic Politics on YouTube is inactive. As you may already know, Amber Allen Publishing claims copyright infringement. Discussion about money and rights has already begun on Facebook. Perhaps it’s time to examine our relationship with money and the root beliefs that determine how we use it. What belief structures or models hide behind, and support, the adoption of concepts like “Laissez Faire (free market or anything goes) Capitalism, Trickle Down Economics and Ownership. What do we gain and what do we lose by using money, power and privilege to measure success as opposed to values like love, truth and joy? Let’s stop being afraid of ideas and learn to examine them freely. Let’s not make it about winning and losing, let’s make it about living and learning! 🙂

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