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The Power of Wonder

Dreams come in many forms and deal with many issues. We can call one class of dreams “Creation Dreams” because in these we can observe and explore the elusive act of creation itself. I choose the word elusive because the outer ego portion of the self tends to identify with the “official” beliefs of waking reality, unwittingly cutting itself off from higher levels of awareness. In doing so, it fails to see or appreciate its own creative nature.

Through religion, we tell ourselves we are the creation of God, yet, out of timidity, denial or fear, we fail to see that if we are the “children” of God, we must have God’s abilities, or at least, be gods in the making. According to religion, we are forever children too immature to make responsible decisions for ourselves.

Through science, we tell ourselves: we’re the result of a great cosmic accident, the Big Bang. Somehow, it just happened to contain and release all the essential building blocks for life. According to classical science, we’re the product of mindless, mechanical forces beyond our control. If this is so, how can we think, create, and control ourselves so well?

Read the following lucid creation dreams and discover the power of Wonder in our lives. This process not only works in dreams; it works in waking reality. After reading the following creation dreams, experiment with this process in your own life. What’s to lose in comparison to what you can gain?

Conversely, there is no greater source of FEAR than our denial of power and worth in each other.

Lucid Creation Dreams

Dreams come in many forms and deal with many issues. One class of dreams can be called “Creation” dreams because they focus on the elusive act of creation itself. They allow you to observe and explore the connection between your thoughts and emotions in the creation of your experience. I choose the word, elusive, because it’s necessary to lose yourself in your creations in order to experience them, especially waking experiences. When you stop paying attention to your surroundings in physical form, bad things happen. Think about driving a race car or chopping vegetables with a sharp knife. In physical reality you cannot let your attention stray too far before there are serious consequences.

In dreams, however, there’s room to play. You lose track of one experience, the next minute you’re dreaming about something else. Get killed in a knife fight? No problem! Like an actor in a movie, you get up and move on to the next job. To maintain your experience, you must get lost in it. As a result of busyness and stress in waking reality, you can often fail to recognize or appreciate your role in creating each new experience.

In religion you’re told you’re the creation of God. In science, you’re told you’re an accident or freak of nature, which is beyond ludicrous, given the freedom of choice and complexity of All That Is. If you’re “God’s Child” shouldn’t you have God’s abilities, or at least consider yourself a god in the making? Every thought you have and every choice you make is an act of creation.

As We Think

Creation Dream # 1

Genesis – A Lucid Creation Dream

This lucid creation dream is unique because it’s literally a dream about genesis or creation. It illustrates the nature of consciousness and the power of imagination.

I awoke in utter darkness. My body was human and I was standing on dry, lifeless ground, naked. Curious, I inched forward until the toes of my right foot touched water. It was warm and inviting. When the water grew deep enough, I laid forward and start swimming, all the while, feeling my way along carefully with every movement. The water felt dead, like the land. I wondered: where are the fish? Suddenly baby fish started nibbling curiously at my skin. Where is the light, I wondered, and dawn began to break.

As darkness turned to light, I wondered: where are the dangerous water creatures, and deadly looking snakes appeared, swimming on top of the water in every direction. Below the surface large, toothy fish flashed by. Some slowed to study me (to size me up?), then swam away. Sensing I was in danger, my next thoughts were spontaneous and crystal clear. I wish you no harm and I want no harm. Be at peace.

Nearing the opposite shore, I wondered: where are the plants? Magically, they appeared as if they were there all along! Standing up to walk ashore, I wondered: where are the dangerous animals, and a ferocious Komodo Dragon appeared on top of a grassy knoll a short distance away. Fearing I may have turned the “danger knob” up too high once again, I quickly started wondering: why can’t this Komodo Dragon be different, why can’t it be friendly? Instantly, it looked playful and started awkwardly wagging its long tail as it looked at me. No longer drooling in hungry anticipation, like a puppy, it came to me and gamboled happily at my feet, waiting to be petted.

(To learn more about Komodo Dragons visit: http://www.arkive.org/komodo-dragon/varanus-komodoensis/images.html)

In the dream, The Ball of Light, I had a similar experience with conscious creativity. I created other people in other times and places to observe how different beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations played out in their lives. By not paying attention to our dreams and imaginative experiences how much self-understanding remains hidden? I remember years ago questioning myself about making the effort to remember my dreams. I thought, my God, think about all the extra work, all the sleep I’ll lose. Will it be worth it? I know it is now but I didn’t know then. How important is it to you to understand the nature of your own inner self and being? Is it worth extra effort?

Every thought we think is creative but very difficult to identify in its outward manifestation, which is why we often fail to see ourselves as creative beings. When we think about the sheer number of thoughts we process every minute, say “yes, no” and “maybe” to, it’s no wonder we fail to see the connection between our thoughts and experiences. This makes it a good time to ask ourselves: What are thoughts? Where do they come from and where do they go? What’s reality? Where does each moment come from and where does it go? It’s like looking at the nighttime sky. You see countless stars. Some are brighter than others while some are dim and hard to see. We also know there are countless stars and galaxies we cannot see with the naked eye. Why is it so hard to believe that much of what we think and feel is invisible to the waking mind, the waking self, yet still very much a part of who we are and what we do?

What do we know that we don’t know we know?

What can we do that we don’t know we can do?

Creation Dream # 2

My Mule Team – A Lucid Creation Dream

I recorded this lucid Creation Dream in my dream journal, 1/11/1991 at 4:10 AM, immediately after experiencing it. Unable to find my original notes for years, I recalled the following version of that dream from memory. When I did find them, I discovered some of my newer memories, or recollection of details, had changed. What does that suggest? As electromagnetic entities, do memories change and evolve over time like you and me? Do they have a life of their own? What you read below is my best recollection of the dream I had January 11, 1991.

I woke up behind the steering wheel of a car, driving at high speed down an empty highway bordered by an empty landscape. An arching concrete bridge loomed off in the distance. Anxious to reach my destination, wherever that might be because I wasn’t quite sure, I continued driving at high speed. At the last minute, when I realized ducks were foraging for food in mounds of dirt, overgrown with weeds on the bridge, I slammed on the brakes and come to a screeching halt in a cloud of exploding dust and squawking birds. Leaving the car parked sideways, I got out and walked to the top of the bridge. A large section in the middle was missing. If I had kept going, I would have driven off the edge and crashed into the water and broken concrete below. Looking into the distance, I saw what I felt was my destination. It was a lone farmhouse several miles beyond the bridge.

Determined to complete my journey, I left the bridge and walked to the edge of a sheer cliff thirty to forty feet above the water. Short of jumping, I could see no way down. Frustrated and desperate, I looked around for some way down – a tree, a rope, a ladder, anything would do. Suddenly, right in front of me, I see the perfect tree! It’s just the right size and type to climb down. How could I have missed it? Jumping across a small gap to a sturdy limb, I climbed down to the ground below, thinking all the while: “I know it wasn’t here before or I would have seen it!”

The water was dirty, muddy and smelly, giving me second thoughts about wading or swimming to the other side. Looking around for another way to cross, one that would keep me clean and dry, I beheld a “miracle”; either that or I was guilty of gross oversight. Right there, standing in front of me were two mules, one black and one white. They reminded me of the two mules I passed every day as I drove my bus on Starr Road through Windsor, California. Thrilled by such good fortune, I stripped and bundled my clothes to keep them dry.

Turning themselves around in the water in the meanwhile, as if to accommodate me, the two mules backed up to the shore to make it easier for me to stay dry while mounting them. Tying an extension of my clothing around my neck, I swung the main bundle around to my back so it would stay dry. Jumping up onto the back of one mule, I leaned forward far enough to reach one arm and leg over the other one. Finally, with my stomach down and an arm wrapped around each neck and a leg stretched over each broad back, I was ready to go.

Walking slowly, side by side and belly to belly, the two mules carried me across the stream as I hugged them in appreciation. When we reached the other side of the stream, I jumped down onto the shore and hugged the both of them affectionately. All the while, I continued to wonder if these were the same two mules I passed every day on Starr Road. After dressing, I said my goodbyes again and set out for the farmhouse.

Before ending the dream, I felt compelled to turn around. As I was completing my turn, the landscape changed from barren and dusty emptiness to a commercial wooden fishing pier, complete with buildings. Floating in the air less than a dozen feet away from me, was a magnificent framed portrait of the white mule’s head. His left profile showed with his ears pricked forward as he looked thoughtfully into the distance. Suddenly, he came to life and he turned to face me. He gave me a huge conspiratorial wink and then returned to his original state as a forward-looking still life. When he turned and winked at me, he looked so real, I began looking for the rest of his body beyond the edges of the frame. Such magic!

Driving north through Windsor the next day, I couldn’t wait to see my two mule friends on Starr Road. Normally they grazed peacefully in different areas of the coral, seemingly unaware of each other or their surroundings. But today, both them were standing near the road, staring back at me with an intelligence and intensity I had never seen before. Both were tracking me as the bus slowly drove by, and both were standing together, belly to belly, just as they had in my dream!

What a profound spiritual moment! Could these two mules have actually been in my dream with me the night before? Is it possible for such real connections to exist between dreams and waking reality? Their behavior and my feelings say, yes! Wow, the memory of this experience still sends chills throughout my body after all these years. Who are we? What’s reality? What’s the purpose of life?

Creation Dream # 3

Snakes – A Lucid Creation Dream

This lucid creation dream involves my son, Evan. It occurred when he was still trying to kick his dependence on methamphetamine, which he did eventually with great success. He had joined the Army National Guard and just left for Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, when the dream occurred.

In my dream reality, I silently walked ten or fifteen feet behind Evan along a narrow dirt path enclosed on both sides by tall, vibrant green grass. It was taller than either of us so we could only see the path ahead and behind us. It was as if there was only enough consciousness in Evan’s body to keep it upright and walking, which is why I felt the need to watch over him. I wanted him to wake up and take control of himself.

Suddenly, he turned right and disappeared with a splash. At the spot where he disappeared, a wide hole opened in the grass wall to reveal a large pond, several feet off the path. Evan was swimming under water, ten to twelve feet from the bank. As I watched him, four large black water moccasins swam out from the bank under my feet and followed him. With a feeling of horror, I dove into the water behind them. As I swam, I noticed a wooden raft about twenty feet out from the bank on the opposite side of the pond and hoped Evan would reach it before the snakes caught up to him. As it turned out, the snakes didn’t try to catch up with him; they just followed him. With relief, I watched as he pulled himself up onto the raft, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was being followed.

Concerned for my own safety now, I took time to make it clear in my mind that I didn’t want, or think I deserved, to be attacked or bitten by these four snakes. When I reached the raft without being attacked, I climbed out of the water in great relief. As soon as I was seated next to Evan in the middle of the raft the four snakes slithered out of the water and coiled themselves, one at each corner of the raft, effectively blocking any escape. Evan seemed oblivious to the danger we faced and sat there mindlessly. Worried, I waited to see what would happen next. Soon it grew dark and I decided it would be even more dangerous to leave the raft at night so Evan and I curled up and went to sleep. I hoped the snakes would give up and go away during the night. When I awoke the next morning my disappointment was great because the snakes were still there. What did they want, I wondered? They didn’t attack us when we were in the water or asleep on the raft.

I looked at the snake closest to me and wondered why it and its companions chose to become part of our experience? What was the point? It rose up so its face was level with mine. As we observed each other, I began to think there must be some reason why we’ve come together, something I had yet to understand. Snakes, especially poisonous ones, symbolized death to me.

My mother had an extremely irrational fear of snakes and some of it seems to have rubbed off on me. Whenever she saw a snake, even on television, she would cover her eyes and wait for it to go away. Feeling it was time for me to face my own fear of snakes, I opened my mouth to give the snake access, knowing that if it chose to strike my tongue, I would die quickly because the human tongue is suffused with more blood than most other parts of the body.

Since I was afraid the snake would bite my tongue, that’s exactly what it started to do before I stopped the action with a blinding flash of light out of sheer panic. As my vision returned, the snake calmly pulled its head out of my mouth. Was it time to rethink my beliefs about snakes? Was it a trust issue on my part? Did I have to trust the peaceful intent of this snake as much as it had trusted me not to bite off its head? Not only could the snake bite me, I could bite it as well!

Once I understood this, I replaced my fear with love and the snake once again put its head back in my mouth. After a moment, it was removed, my tongue unbitten. It quietly faced me with a calm look in its eyes. Glancing around at the other snakes, I could see that all four of them were standing on their tails watching me.

They were not here for Evan; they were here for me! They were helping me learn to see things for what they are in the moment and not let old stereotypes and response patterns control my actions. I was learning how to change my beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations when they needed to be. I was learning how to consciously create my reality.

With this new understanding, I stood up feeling safe among friends, not enemies. As I bent down to wake Evan up all four snakes dove off the raft, heading to the nearest shore. We dove in behind them. When we stood up to walk onto the shore, we passed them as they waited for us in shallow water, two on each side to form a path for us. When we reached dry land, I turned and bowed to them in gratitude for the role they played in teaching me the difference between fear and trust. In return, they bowed to me as if to say, “You’re welcome.”

Evan’s role in this experience was important too. That he needed my support made me take risks I might not have taken otherwise. Is the universe a great teacher or what? To me it’s the best! I couldn’t have learned these lessons by reading about them in a book and experiencing them in biological terms is too risky. We can die or be seriously injured in a dream and get up and walk away but, experience these same things in waking reality and they become permanent consequences relative to our human experience.

Think about the number of times you’ve changed gears in the middle of an active experience. Sometimes you react automatically, but at other times you think about what you’re about to do. You have insights and impulses. It is this process of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting that’s at the heart of being and creation. It’s the essential self that knows no bounds, that has no limits except those we impose on ourselves through belief. Consciousness, or Aware Energy, is God within us. We think and feel, act and react as easily and naturally as we breathe. Creation is so much a part of our nature we often fail to see ourselves creating our experiences on the fly.


Experiment – Wonder Where Love, Truth and Joy is in Your Life, and the World!


  • where love, truth and joy is inside you and bring it out.
  • where love, truth and joy is in the world and begin to see it?

By wondering where love, truth and joy is within you, you invite them into your waking life and the world. You create a place for them to be – a vacuum into which they can appear. Call for it and then forget it. When it arrives, you will know it.

Play with this natural/magical approach to create your reality. Wonder about everything you want to know. Wonder about things you want to bring into your life. For starters, ask yourself, who do I love to be? What do I love to do? What’s the best way for me to treat myself? What’s the best way for me to treat you? Ask, where is the rain, during a drought. Where is my love for you? Where is my love for me? Where is my confidence in myself? Where is my confidence in you? Where is the excellent mother, father or teacher in me? Wonder about the things you want in life out of a sense of love, joy and anticipation, not fear. When you wonder where something is, you draw it to you. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Don’t only wonder about things, write stories about them! Take a question like: What works best and me makes me happiest in my oneness with and separation from All That Is, as both a product of creation and creation itself? Get as close as you can to the truth of who you think you are based on collaboration with the universe and your own inner and outer experiences. See where this process takes you. Go to sleep with questions on your mind. When you wake up in the morning ask your inner self if it has anything to tell you. Write the answers down in a note book and work with them until you get everything out of them you consider valuable. Seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good because it allows you to self-correct over time. Let love and understanding be the light and your way. Expand your awareness and understanding.

Another way to apply this technology is to talk to yourself and your body parts. If some part of your body suffers injury, short of being permanently lost or damaged, talk to it; act as if it has the power to heal itself or change its mind. Sometimes, if you react to an injury like a burn or twisted muscle fast enough,  you can tell the affected body part to let go of it, forget that it happened, and it will disappear in some cases. It depends a lot on how much you want it to go away. All That Is is Consciousness, or Aware Energy, condensed into matter. It can communicate with you and you can communicate with it. You can call it hypnosis if you want to but it is just as much about suggesting desirable alternatives that you and the affected part are free to choose from. Every thought is a suggestion, a blueprint for action.

What’s funny is that we talk to ourselves and others all the time telepathically and wish for changes. Then we forget to look for them because our beliefs  tell us that it’s impossible to create change this way. The inner self understands the role of thought and feeling in the creation of reality but the outer self or ego, often, does not. Blocked by outer beliefs, logic and intellect, it often denies itself the power to make changes in its life in spite of the fact that we do it all the time. We just don’t see it. Be bold, be playful! We have nothing to loose and lots to gain.

Pete – https://realtalkworld.com/

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having (creating) a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“How you define yourself and the world around you, forms your intent, which, in turn, forms your reality.” – Seth

In other words, we create reality from what we choose to think and feel about ourselves and All That Is.

If we don’t consciously choose our beliefs, we unconsciously absorb them from our surroundings.

If our beliefs create reality, can we afford not to question them?

The more we love and understand ourselves, the better we treat ourselves and the world.

Bless us all with love and understanding!

The secrets of the universe lie hidden in the shadows of our experience. Look for them!

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