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Interview With A Hypnotherapist

 (The following article/interview was written by Jon Rappoport for his teleseminar: Techniques for Stress Reduction. I think Jon’s interview with the late Hypnotherapist, Jack True is compatible with our discussion. You can sign up for Jon’s newsletter and access his teleseminars at his website: www.nomorefakenews.com.  Thank you for giving us permission to reprint your article here, Jon! – Pete)

April 16, 2009

Jon Rappoport

This piece is about the GRAND ILLUSION.

It has to do with the conviction that impending events are forming a pattern that has some climax, some revelation, some grand finale.

In the late 1990s, we saw this conviction at work in a huge way. Millions of people were swept up in the coming Y2K disaster. Radio shows spent hours on it. And Y2K wasn’t the only element.

In general, many perceived that the turn of the century was a magnetic force, drawing to it all sorts of happenings that would crack the egg of normal reality. Once and for all.

Not because anyone here on Earth was DOING something, but because events were forming up by themselves, under the direction of unseen causes.

There was the specter of earth changes, earthquakes on a new scale, and a collapse of infrastructure. Radio hosts wove together every strange occurrence to create an expectation.

Of course, as we know, the end of every century has seen such machinations.

Here is a brief interview with the late Jack True, who was, in my opinion, the most innovative Hypnotherapist on the planet. The approximate date of this conversation was June 1991.

Q: What do you make of the constant idea that “there is something in the air, something afoot”?

A: It stimulates people, which isn’t a bad thing. But it also gets people to think that every good or bad thing, on a grand scale, is a Force to which they should hitch their wagons. It’s a human attempt to FIND ENERGY SOMEWHERE.

Q: Find energy?

A: Yes. People are walled off from the sense that they can create energy, so they look for big amounts of it wherever it might be, and then they try to swim with it.

Q: And when that doesn’t lead anywhere?

A: Depression sets in.

Q: Well, on a political level, the same thing happens every four years.

A: I know. The same desire to be part of the big force that is sweeping the nation, to support one candidate, to catch the wave.

Q: So this is a habit.

A: Right.

Q: And what is the antidote to it?

A: At the risk of sounding trite, creating your own energy.

Q: And how does one do that?

A: That’s like asking how you use your fingers to grip an object. If you’ve forgotten, you have to remember or re-learn the skill. This is the hardest thing for people to understand.

Q: Yet, in your work with patients, you have them do all sorts of techniques to re-learn that ability.

A: There is no contradiction there. Except, I’m not making myself the source of their ability. I’m trying to empower them so they act on their own.

Q: When you have people literally invent dreams—what is happening there?

A: Dreams are often happening on a somewhat larger scale than daily life. So when people invent their dreams consciously, they are creating larger energies. They get familiar with that.

Q: And after they do it, what happens when they go back to their lives, where those energies don’t usually play a part?

A: People feel a contradiction. I encourage that. It’s the first step to making a change. Why would you change your life, unless you felt you had much more to give than your life was able to absorb?

Q: And this works out for your patients?

A: Not always, but sometimes. The analogy I would offer goes like this: you discover that you can sing. But you are working as an accountant. So do you change course, or do you fall back on the tried and true? No one can make that decision for you.

Q: How about this analogy? You find out you can make a cup slide off a table with your mind. Now you have to figure out a way to integrate that ability in your life.

A: Yes. That would be the same sort of thing.

Q: There is a reflex that makes people think every large accomplishment they achieve has a hidden cause, that it “comes from somewhere else.” Not from them.

A: I could analyze that reflex for a long time. But to boil it down, I would say the individual Self, in this day and age, does not usually perceive its own size and scope. Therefore Self thinks things are coming from somewhere else, when they are actually coming from an uncharted or forgotten area of Self.

Q: That’s an exciting idea.

A: It also happens to be a true idea. So then, should one simply wake up part way and accept these marvelous moments as “subconsciously derived,” or should one also explore the forgotten areas of Self? I choose the latter road. I’m an advocate of individual power. I don’t think one has to be afraid of it. I think one has to find out about it.

Q: And what about the people who use their power to do bad things?

A: That’s just the way it is. Every power can be turned north or south. Which is the justification often used to try to limit the power of everyone—-to put that power under a ceiling—a ceiling built by those few who think they know what’s best.

Q: Reminds me of the “Hitler syndrome.”

A: Yes. Unfettered power is equated with Hitler, as if we would all become Hitlers if we were left to our own devices. A lie. And in a way, Hitler was created as a prelude to all this NWO (New World Order) stuff, which is based on the idea that power is bad and must be reserved for the elite, who know how to handle it.

Q: The population is given these object lessons.

A: Yes. Every villain is portrayed as someone whose real crime was tapping into too much power—and therefore, we have to reduce everyone down to weakness. “For the good of all.”

Q: So these waves of feeling that “something incredible is in the air, something incredible is afoot”—

A: It is a way to make people feel their best bet to have power is to give it away to unseen forces and then to connect, as slaves, to those forces.

JON RAPPOPORT www.nomorefakenews.com

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  • helena ackley July 10, 2017, 1:21 PM

    Jon, about dreams, Helena Ackley age 92 here again. (after 2 comments on Part one, Jack True.)

    I had 5 guiding dreams, the first 2 came up out of myself, and were washing up my own garbage. Third was pivotal, and had a spiritual aspect in control. It was only then I read my first of Jung, and recognized this was known by someone else too. It was like therapy, but on my own, and against Nay-Sayers. It took inner work of 3 to 4 years to work my way through all each dream showed me about myself. After the pivotal dream, the other two were of what I called a spiritual reality. They came with psychic ability, after a childhood with undeniable miracles. I found psychic ability and power to backfire on me, and renounced it. But after the 5th dream, I realized, this was spiritual power and functioning, it could not be renounced, but I had to learn how to use it as it was invested in me to be used. That was, for the benefit of all it touched, including me, and beyond my knowledge. I live this way, and have lived this way for many years now.

    If this was submitted before, it was without a link to my website. But, I also want to add that, we need to relate to people for the child, or sister/ brother or son/daughter they are, relative to an adult. We cannot expect them to be beyond what they are. no matter how we might like to see it that way about them. I also dislike hearing people called “sheepel” we mostly do the best we can, and an observer calling names is no help to anyone. I am protected, it came when I knew I would not be a threat to others, not when I tried to fight back. It is a war that cannot be won by opposition. WE must want it to help all surrounding us. No one is beneath this on our part.

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