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Seth–the Greatest Spiritual Teacher of Our Time

What is the purpose of existence?
Why was I born?

From The Seth Material” by Jane Roberts

“… you must be taught and trained to create responsibly. Yours is a training system for emerging consciousness.”

“You are learning to be co-creators. You are learning to be gods as you now understand the term. You are learning responsibility – the responsibility of any individualized consciousness. You are learning to handle the energy that is yourself, for creative purposes.”

From “The Early Sessions”, Volumes 1-9, by Jane Roberts

“The child must mature, and your system is a maturing ground, a very primary one…. A beginning school…”

“The human race is a stage through which various forms of consciousness travel. Before you can be allowed into systems of reality that are more extensive and open, you must first learn to handle energy and see, through physical materialization, the concrete result of thought and emotion.”

“In more advanced systems, thoughts, and emotions are automatically and immediately translated into action, into whatever approximation of matter there exists. Therefore, the lessons must be taught and learned well. The responsibility for creation must be clearly understood.”

According to Seth, the physical world can be thought of as an elementary school. We are all enrolled in a cosmic grade school and we are here to learn AND to enjoy our being. In the fertile soil of physical reality we are meant to grow and blossom.

Our day to day experience is our classroom, and we are learning the A.B.C.’s of how to use energy so that we can become conscious co-creators with the Universal Spirit, Mind, God, All That Is, or whatever term you prefer. On one hand we are each unique manifestations of the Universal Spirit/All That Is, and on the other, we are individual “infant” gods, or gods in training (both one with and separate from All That Is).

One of the most important lessons to be learned is that we create our own reality according to our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. We each have access to unlimited energy and the inner knowledge of our “soul” or greater identity, and we are supposed to learn how to use our awesome power with skill and wisdom.” – Rick Stack,

http://sethlearningcenter.org/,  an information site and https://sethcenter.com/, the home page of sethcenter.com

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