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Seth – That Which Is Enduring Is Not Physical

(A good one!!! – Oceanside Rick)

“None Of You Are Physical; That Which Is Enduring Is Not Physical .. Consciousness Is The Force Behind Matter.

“You are like children, in your terms, with a game, and you think that the game is played by everyone. Physical life is not the rule. Identity and consciousness existed long before your earth was formed.

“You are physical bodies and suppose that any personality must appear in physical terms. None of you are physical; that which is enduring is not physical. In that respect at least you are no different than I. Consciousness is the force behind matter, and it forms many other realities beside the physical one. It is only because your own viewpoint is presently so limited that it seems to you that physical reality is the rule and the mode and the purpose of existence.

“The source and the power of your present consciousness is not and has never been physical, and where I am many are not even aware that such a physical system exists. You have chosen your own illusion and so you must accept it, and from its viewpoint must you try to understand the realities that exist beyond it.

“There are many illusions, but the illusions are also real since they are created and since they exist. Yours is simply not one that I have pursued, and one of the purposes of my appearance at these sessions is to acquaint the one you call Ruburt with inner travel, for he must leave the system as you know it, and in doing so set up habit and paths that can be used to advantage.

“The situation is not quite stable at this point however. Those where I am have not been acquainted with your system directly. We have not been a part of it, though some of us have watched its developments, and interacted within it in other ways.

“We have helped nurse it along by our energy. Others like yourself have introduced various concepts to it and been more directly involved. We were long before your beginning in physical terms.”

The Early Sessions, Book 9, Session 443

Posted on Practicing Idealist by Oceanside Rick, Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are Awareness and Energy (Consciousness) two aspects of the same thing? Without Energy, or the power to act, how can Awareness know or express itself? And without Awareness and its desire to know and express itself, what is there to acknowledge and inspire Energy to action? Doesn’t one need the other for anything to exist?

As we think, we create. Change what we think, and we change what we create.

Pete – https://realtalkworld.com

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having (creating) a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“How you define yourself and the world around you, forms your intent, which, in turn, forms your reality.” – Seth

In other words, we create reality from what we choose to believe about ourselves and All That Is.

If we don’t consciously choose our beliefs, we unconsciously absorb them from our surroundings.

If our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations create our reality, can we afford not to question them?

The secrets of the universe lie hidden in the shadows of our experience. Look for them!

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