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Attachment is the Key

Twelve Insight Journal

July 28, 2013

The stuff from your past is not the problem; it is your attachment to all the stuff from your past. The best thing you can do with anything from your past, good or bad, is to use it as a launching place for your future creations. So in some ways, if you have something in your past that was unpleasant for you, you should have an easier time of creating a magnificent new future out of it. You will be all too eager to let go of it and put your attention elsewhere.

But it is your attachments that keep dragging you back to it. You want to continue to be upset with some person or another, or with yourself, and that binds you there. You want to have justifiable anger or resentment, and that serves only to chain you to a past that you really didn’t like anyway. You cannot move on and cling to it at the same time; law of attraction won’t allow your circumstances to change until your vibration (belief, attitude, value and expectation?) changes first.

But your attachment to something good can be just as binding, holding you back from something that is even better. You cannot bind yourself to yesterday’s glories. That’s why really successful millionaires go on to make more and more millions. They don’t even need the money any more; it’s the thrill of creation that has them going. You never get it done. You always go on to create more and more.

And so it really doesn’t matter what your past was like. The content of it is irrelevant. What is extremely relevant is the "is-ness" of the now moment, your present vibration in the now moment. You either benefit or hold yourself back with the vibrations that you choose to carry with you. You are under no obligation to carry any of them forward.

So simply choose to keep the parts that benefit you and let the rest go. It’s all in your now. The only thing that brings your past forward is you. Attachment is the key: And releasing of attachment is what allows you to move forward. And whether you chain yourself to a past that was painful or to a past that was glorious, you arrest your forward motion, and that violates the very character of your being. It is the attachment that causes the pain, not the content of your past.

You are here to create, to move forward with that which is new and vital and refreshing. Release what was, celebrate what is, and eagerly anticipate the new life already on track to meet you.


Twelve ~ www.TwelveSpirit.net

Yoga of Positive Thought in Practice

I had lots of opportunities this week to experiment with changing thoughts on the fly, from expecting the worst in a situation to expecting the best. And the most wonderful surprise is that it works! Expect the best and let it go.

When I spent a lot of time working outdoors, I discovered that the rain, the wind and the sunshine would gladly cooperate with my trains of thought. I seldom lost a day of work due to weather. Now it is intriguing to discover that the environment of people works the same way as well. But why not: If our spirit is cooperation, then why wouldn’t we call up the spirit of cooperation in others? If we truly expect things to work right, they will, and I guess those around us can just be pleasantly surprised!

Blessings of light,


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  • Pete July 28, 2013, 2:17 PM

    Instead of judging ourselves by our experiences, isn’t it more productive to learn from them? A great reminder from Twelve Spirit!

    In the second paragraph, when Twelve used the term “vibration”, I added in parentheses belief, attitude, value and expectation to give it more meaning for me.

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