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The Only Standard of Good

The Twelve are teachers and guides who share their nonphysical perspective on life, love, Law of Attraction (LOA), how it works, and why we are here.The way they teach is called the Yoga of Positive Thought.

Twelve Insight Journal, March 17, 2013

If you had the opportunity to be anything that you wished, what would that be—any person, any talent, any ability? You are having that opportunity here and now; there is no right or wrong to any of it. The escapades of one, or the sainted activities of another are all just variations on a theme. The one is not more blessed than the other; each of them is an extension of the One Creator.

This is what allowing is all about: the recognition that all are extensions of the One. And this should let you off the hook. You don’t have to work anything out. You have no karma to repair. You don’t have to earn up any brownie points to make it into heaven. When you see that scalawag over there who is living a blessed life and he’s just not being “good” enough to deserve it, should be a clue to you that you don’t have to be “good” enough either. The only standard of good you have to live up to is your own direct relationship to Source.

So instead of pursuing "good", we would invite you to pursue Source Energy instead. The application of external standards of “good” or “bad” leads you away from your own inner feeling connection with the Source of All. And when you are connected with Source, you will never bring harm to another, for there are no “others."

You are here to express that connection, and the form of it doesn’t matter. You can be or do or have anything. It is all sacred activity because you are here to do it. You are the extension of Creator. So it doesn’t matter what anyone else has said about it. It doesn’t matter what the religionists say about it. All that matters is your connection with Source. When the Source of All flows through you everything you do will be blessed.


~Twelve – www.TwelveSpirit.net (Larry Larson) Republished with permission

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