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The Hope of Audacity (Boldness)

Consciousness (Energetic Awareness) is the source and substance of All That Is. The Hope of Audacity.

The interaction of Awareness and Energy define Consciousness. One cannot be separated from the other. Without Energy, or the power to act, Awareness cannot know or express itself, and without the desire for Awareness to know and express itself, what gives rise to action? One needs the other for anything to exist!

The Nature of Consciousness and Creation

At the deepest levels of consciousness, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, guilt or punishment – there just IS! There is what we like, and what we don’t like, what works for us, and what doesn’t, what makes us happy and what doesn’t. (From A New Story of Origin)

At our human level of consciousness (outer self or ego), we may condemn this statement as blasphemy of the worst kind. We may point to the world as it is to bolster the argument in favor of humanity’s evil nature but that would be dishonest. Our fear of suffering and death habitually portrays anyone or anything that threatens us as “evil”. It is a belief in evil that creates the world, as we know it. We fear that if individuals learn to question and think for themselves, the doorway to hell will open and chaos will reign. We will be right, of course, as long as we continue to believe we’re evil and  not worthy of love or trust, incapable of real understanding and good intention.

As an individual, do you really think you’re evil? Do you honestly think you cannot learn how to manage and direct the flow of your thoughts and emotions in a world free of judgment and social condemnation? Do you honestly believe you cannot learn how to manage your body’s natural appetite for food and sex in a world of love and acceptance? Do you honestly believe you’re not capable of determining what works for you and what doesn’t, what makes you happy and what doesn’t? When we stop thinking in terms of arbitrary cultural definitions of right and wrong, good and bad, guilt and punishment, everything becomes an exciting learning experience, an opportunity to grow! We act “bad” only when we think we’re bad. Believe we’re “good”, and we’ll act good.

Response-ability, our ability to creatively and effectively respond to evolving conditions, is the key to truth, freedom, peace, happiness and long-term human survival. Responsibility, on the other hand, is uninspiring, obligatory and burdensome, something we must do or else. CHANGE what we think, and we change what we  create! By seeing ourselves as both products of creation, and creation itself, changes in thought and behavior are set into motion. Changes in language follow.

Growing up, we see, hear and experience many things in life and dreams. Some are pleasant and some unpleasant. How we perceive and react to our experiences determines who we become and how we react in life as adults.

As children, we often believe what we’re told without question, no matter the source. It could be a parent who strikes us repeatedly, abandons us, ignores us or tells us we’re bad. It could be a teacher who, in a moment of anger or frustration, tells us we’re too stupid to learn or we won’t amount to much. It could be an acquaintance who tells us we’re too fat or too skinny, too short or too tall, a loser, a fool or a queer. In every case, we can choose to let external judgments define us and control our behavior or we can take responsibility for defining ourselves and controlling our own behavior. This is the creative challenge we all face in life.

Beliefs in fear, separation and competition dominate our current worldview. We too often measure “success” by how much money, power and privilege we have at the expense of love, truth and joy.  Controlling behavior in a fear-driven world that believes in humanity’s “evil” nature requires external definitions of right and wrong, good and bad, guilt and punishment – a cookbook of religious and secular laws enforced by powerful forms of institutional authority. Fear of physical and psychological punishment is the stick that keeps us in line. Even though we’re held accountable for our actions, our cultures define what is and what isn’t “acceptable” in our behavior. Most laws are reasonable but some are self-serving, written to benefit those currently in power, which is shortsighted and abusive.

From our earliest years, many of us are told we’re bad and we can’t trust ourselves. How do we respond to ideas like these? We often respond with denial, defensiveness, depression and stagnation, which results in a loss of love, truth and joy in our lives. Ideas like these, if we choose to believe them, weaken us into submission and force us into dependence on others who claim to be stronger and wiser than us. At its best, it is a system of leaders and followers. At its worst, it is a system of predators and victims.

Being responsible is about changing ourselves for the better. It is about reclaiming our power and taking responsibility for creating our own reality. It is about expanding our consciousness by paying attention to what works for us, and what doesn’t, what makes us happy and what doesn’t.

Live by Value Fulfillment and Practice Idealism

By paying attention to what works for us and what doesn’t, what makes us happy and what doesn’t, not only do we discover our true selves, we actively develop powers of observation and discernment. In furthering our dreams of self-fulfillment and understanding, we learn how to use our imaginative and intellectual skills, as well as our inner and outer senses. When we pay attention to what works for us, and what doesn’t, what makes us happy and what doesn’t, we honor and acknowledge the desire to be the best selves we can be, not because we have to but because we can. In doing so, we replace confusion with clarity, weakness with confidence and fear with love.

To live by value fulfillment and practice idealism is a two-step process. The first is to determine the qualities of life and being we value most – our ideals. Ask value questions like:

  • What’s the best or ideal way for me to think about myself, and others?
  • What’s the best or ideal way for me to treat myself, and others?
  • Who do I love to be?
  • What do I love to do?

Write a paper or keep a journal to clarify your ideals. Use your dreams and imagination as tools. Identify the roots of old conflicting or unwanted beliefs and reaction patterns. Forgive all involved, including you. We’re all doing the best we can with what we know in this moment even though we know we can do better with time, effort and insight. For examples, read The Healing Power of Forgiveness and look for similar articles in books and on the web. Scientific and religious beliefs aside, Aware Energy (Consciousness) is the root of all change. It is the closest thing to anything being absolute.

The next step is to fulfill or actualize our ideals to the best of our ability over time. That’s what practice is all about. When it’s done with natural passion, it’s not work; it’s play. This process is the SOURCE of our power! It is CHANGE! It is Growth! It is CREATIVITY! It is FREEDOM! It is doing it MY WAY and learning from it as a way of life! We’re already doing this unconsciously. Why not do it consciously?

It doesn’t matter that we come up with the same answers. What does matter is that we come up with them ourselves – that we do things for our own reasons. Allowing ourselves to become receptacles for information given to us from other sources without question or examination, no matter how much we love, fear or respect those sources, is not power, creativity or freedom; it is laziness and passivity. It usually results in subjugation, which breeds resentment and conflict. Failing to question beliefs that cause harm or make us unhappy reflects poorly on us. It does not honor the source from which we come nor the creative selves we are.

Seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good.

A Project-Centered Life

To live by value fulfillment and practice idealism is to live a Project-Centered Life in which we are the project. Who are we? What’s reality? What’s the purpose of life? Who do we love to be? What do we love to do? What works for us, and what doesn’t? What makes us happy and what doesn’t? These are questions we must always ask if we want to fulfill our own unique potential.

If an idea in the form of a belief, attitude, value or expectation does not work for us or make us happy, we have the power to replace it with an idea that does work for us, one that does make us happy. This creative ability is our means for self-determination, for becoming self-directing and self-motivating. It is the key to self-fulfillment, honest collaboration and true democracy.

There is no greater show of love than the acknowledgment of power and worth in yourself and others. Conversely, there is no greater show of fear than the denial of power and worth in yourself and others. By taking responsibility for who we are and what we do, by putting ourselves in the driver’s seat of our own lives, we celebrate all being as having value, including our own. This is love!

Consciousness is the bridge from here to everywhere.

Larger Dimensions of Reality

Who are we? What’s reality? Where do we begin and where do we end?

Excerpt from A New Story of Origin:

What are thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go? What are emotions, where do they come from and where do they go? Where does each moment come from and where does it go? Where is the biological “you” that existed two minutes ago and where is the biological “you” that will appear two minutes from now? In what form do they exist while you experience yourself in this moment? In what form does the universe exist in the past and future of your present? Who or what creates each new moment of your experience with such exquisite clarity, detail and integrity; who or what creates your experience in the universe of matter, time and space, and who or what creates your experience in the universe of dreams, fantasies and visions?

Three Aspects of the Self

  1. Body – The adult human body is comprised of trillions of individual cells. One common estimate is 60 to 100 trillion. Each one provides a unique service, singly and as part of larger organizations of cells (organs). Genes serve as the blueprints for growth and change that takes place in the body (do they represent the unseen intention of consciousness, our own and larger fields of awareness?). Working together in collaboration, the cells and organs of our bodies provide us with that unique whole-body “human” experience we often take for granted. The Biological Self, the body and brain, provide us with the means to experience life within the context of fixed space and linear time. In physical bodies, we get to experience birth, we grow up, we reproduce (if we so choose), we experience, we learn, we grow and we die as human beings. The body represents the “being” aspect of Consciousness as opposed to the “source” or creator aspect. The behavior of electrons in atoms serves as a good example to help us understand this two-state idea. In one form, electrons appear as particles or solids. In the other, they appear as waves of energy.
  2. Mind – “Mind”, is the perceiving, thinking, feeling and action-taking aspect of the Self. The human mind is that portion of us that most closely identifies with the human body and waking reality. Like Seth in the channeled material by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, let’s call this aspect of mind, Level One. It is home to our Outer Selves or egos. It is the “I Am” of our being or earthbound identities with their unique sets of characteristics, beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations. It contains our subjective or conceptual sense of self (identity) as opposed to our biological or objective self. Along with many of our beliefs, strong thought and emotional reaction patterns learned in early childhood, and from traumatizing experiences later in life, reside in the subconscious and automatically pop up in response to related thoughts and experiences. Left alone, habitual thought and emotional reaction patterns produce robotic or habitual behavior. We think and act the same way repeatedly with little thought or question. Spreading from person to person, as they often do, they leave us with even less control over who we are and what we do, unless we stop to question and challenge those beliefs and habitual reaction patterns that neither serve us nor make us happy.
  3. Spirit – The spiritual aspect of Self-identity is that portion of our being that is subtle, spontaneous, creative and eternal. It is our invisible connection with All That Is. It is the ghost, whose presence makes us more than machines. The Inner Self is that aspect of our being that dreams and imagines. Since we cannot see or touch it with our biological senses or scientific instruments, we must sense it intuitively. We must infer its presence or accept it on faith. It is here that information is gathered and decisions made that orchestrate and direct change in our waking minds and material bodies. The Inner Self invisibly and faithfully translates the contents of our waking minds – our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations – into the substance of our material reality, visions and dreams. It is from here that we communicate with All That Is and it  communicates with us. For examples, see: Inside Ivy and Ask Value Questions and Listen for Intuitive Answers. Let’s call this level of Consciousness or mind; Level 2. Are there more levels? The Inner Self gives us the power to change our stance in physical reality. Through the power of imagination and inner guidance, we can rethink and re-imagine negative thought and behavior patterns and turn them into positive ones.

(Remember, this is imaginative speculation based on personal study, experimentation, observation and experience in both inner and outer reality. It’s what makes the most sense to me! You must decide what makes the most sense to you, what “feels” right based on your own thoughts and experiences.)

If we compare the different states of Consciousness to water, which is another form of Consciousness condensed into matter, our physical bodies are similar to ice, or water in its solid state. The human mind, with its unique capabilities, characteristics and beliefs, flowing thoughts and feelings, compares best to water in its liquid state. The invisible or spiritual aspect of the self, with its everywhere invisible presence and heightened vibrational levels, compares best to water in the form of steam or water vapor. It is free of limitation and containment. For examples of spiritual freedom, see: The Ball of Light – A Lucid Dream About the Nature of Consciousness and Being. In The Ball of Light, as my Inner Self, I shared a perspective with a young girl from inside her mind that would lead her out of growing despair from the oppressive demands and expectations of her life.

This is a good place to point out that there are no real separations between body, mind and spirit. All aspects of the self are one and separate at the same time. All That Is is one and separate at the same time. As Consciousness (Energetic Awareness) expressing itself in every way imaginable, we are not only the products of creation; we are creation itself! Everything is a manifestation of Consciousness – call it Aware Energy or Energetic Awareness, whichever you prefer – in one form or another. We exist, as not only human bodies and minds; we exist as a ghostly presence, capable of interacting directly with the Consciousness of All That Is. Every one of us, every thing, is another face of God. Some of us see this and some do not.

Everything you do has meaning - do that which has the greatest meaning!

In her last Oprah Winfrey Show, May 25, 2011, Oprah let the world know she understands that each one of us is another face of God, and that she has believed this since she was a child. At the end of her show, she encouraged everyone to develop his or her own inner connection to higher Consciousness for wisdom and guidance in fulfilling his or her greatest potential.

Born into a world that considered being black and female an automatic two strikes against you, Oprah had much with which to contend. Her mother was single and poor. Her first sexual encounter occurred with an uncle at the age of nine. How could anyone surmount these odds in a value judgment world without access to inner wisdom and guidance, without trusting his or her own innate goodness? What could make Oprah want love more than feeling unloved, what could make her want to be valued more than feeling unvalued and what could make her want to be someone more than feeling like she was no one? How can we know success without failure?

Faced with challenging dilemmas like these, what is a person to do? Oprah’s public record clearly demonstrates she was perceptive and trusted her own inner wisdom far more than most. Starting at a young age, she memorized passages from the bible and recited them at her grandmother’s church, (Google “Oprah biography”) much to the delight of church members. At a young age, she knew intuitively, if not intellectually, that what you give is what you get. Give love and you get love. Value others and you will be valued in return. Treat others as though their lives have meaning and your life will have meaning.

Did the invisible hand of higher consciousness guide Oprah’s thoughts and actions? Did she keep her mind open to the soundless voice of her Inner Self and higher consciousness so it could whisper in her ear? Did her Inner Self and higher consciousness set the stage for her unique circumstances in life before birth, as they were necessary, or perhaps, a combination of both? To what degree was her waking mind involved in the creation of her reality?

The thoughts and events we experience in life do not happen by accident. We attract them to us as surely as though we are magnets. Our personal thoughts in the forms of belief, attitude, value and expectation, draw them to us. As we think, we create. Earlier, I asked, what are thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go. The answer is, they come from everywhere and nowhere in response to our need or desire in the moment. When we look for them, they appear. When we stop looking for them, they disappear, although they are never lost. For examples of how thoughts come and go, read Pete’s Creation Dreams.

When our bodies are hurt, hungry, horny, sick or tired, they let us know of their condition, which inspires us to thought and action. The world around us loudly lets us know about its condition. When our waking minds are quiet, as they are in meditation and sleep, we open ourselves up to thoughts emanating from more subtle levels of Consciousness. How well we receive and understand these messages depends on our level of experience and openness. When we ask questions, we also inspire new thought in ourselves.

We all have stories to tell about mysterious thoughts, impulses, dreams and encounters we’ve had in life – how we reacted to them and where our choices led us. Dilemmas, acted out by the people and circumstances around us exist to give us choices. Who creates our unique dilemmas and why do we choose them if not to learn from them, if not to discover who we are? Love, or the need for love, played a huge role in Oprah’s life. As a result, her life serves as a living example of what love, the opposite of fear, can do for us. How will we use this knowledge in our own lives? Oprah makes the mysterious real like no other.

Changing Ourselves for the Better

Real talk World is about changing ourselves for the better. Who has more of a right to change us, who has more to gain, and who can do a better job than us?

To change ourselves, and the world, for the better, it helps to have a solid ground of ideas to stand on. It also helps to know what’s “better”, and how to get from here to there. The following excerpts from A New Story of Origin give us a place to start in reshaping ourselves, and the world.

In the beginning, there was nothing – until Nothing decided to be Something. You can call this profound event Original Thought, the Divine Spark of Creation, the Birth of Unconditional Love, the Birth of All That Is or God, or the Birth of Consciousness (Aware Energy). In fact, it was, and is, ALL these things and more; including the moment Consciousness learned how to condense a portion of itself into “matter”. Humanity refers to this moment as the Big Bang.

In deciding to be Something, Nothing expressed a Primal Motive – the Impulse to Be. Why would Nothing do that? What would make Nothing want to be Something? Isn’t it for the same reason you and I learn to think, walk, talk and try new things? In its most basic form, don’t you and I “exist” and “do” things out of a Love for Being and Creation, tempered by the Impulse to Survive, once we exist? As Nothing, in the beginning, yearned to be Something, we yearn to be something in response to the same impulse, the Will to Be, tempered by the Will to Survive. Not only do we want to be everything we can be, we want to remember ourselves in every way we have been, every way we are.

Our current forms of knowledge are too specialized, intellectualized and compartmentalized. To make choices that work for us and make us happy, we must learn how to use our inner senses as well as our outer ones, our intuitive abilities as well as our intellectual ones. Our thinking must become more holistic and universal. As unique, individualized expressions of Consciousness or All That Is, we must ensure that our personal and collective belief systems take as much into account as they can. Our worldview and our myths must make sense to us. I f they do not, we must upgrade them.

Just because someone with the authority of a parent, teacher or preacher shares their “truth” with us does not mean we must accept it without question. We must question all ideas since us, and only us, are accountable for who we are and what we do. If we fail to establish our own beliefs, we absorb them from our surroundings and create our reality by default – passively instead of actively.

Because we are Consciousness (Energetic Awareness), condensed into matter:

  1. We are both one and separate.

  2. We are not only the products of creation; we are creation itself!

The Law of Consciousness and Creation

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, guilt or punishment – there just IS! There is what we like, and what we don’t, what works for us, and what doesn’t, what makes us happy and what doesn’t.

If an action, idea or belief does not work for you, what does? If an action, idea or belief does not make you happy, what does? Be bold! If you can disengage from current events and old reaction patterns long enough to ask these questions, you’ll make rapid progress in changing yourself, and the world, for the better. However, if you continue to watch and play the game as it is, change of the kind you value will not happen.

The growing collapse of our economic and social system (increases in human population, the number of people in jail, homelessness, joblessness, hunger, disease, wars, global warming, the loss of wealth and unsustainable growth and consumption), can be laid at the feet of putting individuality and self-interest (ego) ahead of oneness and the common good, fear ahead of love. A similar imbalance occurs when we put the common good ahead of self-interest so why not create a system that balances both. By giving equal value to both our oneness and individuality, we make it possible to cooperate, not compete with one another. By asking questions that include everyone, we not only acknowledge our oneness and individuality, we acknowledge our individual and collective roles – and responsibility – in co-creating our shared reality.

What will work best for ALL of us? The Hope of Audacity.

Instead of continuing to create a world of leaders and followers, predators and victims, by letting thoughts of fear, separation and competition dominate our thinking why not ask: what will work best for ALL of us?

This question takes YOU, ME and US (everyone and everything) into consideration. It takes into account the fact that we’re both one AND separate. It also supports the understanding that we’re not only the product of creation but creation

  • What will work best for ALL of us in personal terms? (What is the best way for us to fulfill our own unique potential in support of the world AND ourselves?)
  • What will work best for ALL of us in terms of business? What is the best way for us to sustain the health and well-being of the planet and humanity(?)
  • What will work best for ALL of us in terms of education? (What is the best way for us to learn and grow? What are the most important things for us to know and understand?)
  • What will work best for ALL of us in terms of the environment? (What is the best way for us to treat nature and the earth?)
  • What will work best for ALL of us in terms of peace? (What is the best way for us to treat ourselves as individuals and nations?)

To ask questions, make suggestions and share your successful strategies with others, go to the Reality Creation Project Yahoo Discussion Board. The website address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/create_reality.

I also encourage you to form local groups for fun, experimentation, mutual support and discussion. The antidote for fear is love. The antidote for distrust is trust. The antidote for contempt is appreciation. The antidote for violence is forgiveness. The antidote for the belief that we are unlovable and unworthy is the belief that we are lovable and worthy. Instead of thinking about how bad we are, how little we do and how poorly we do it; why not remember how good we are, how much we do and how well we do it? Isn’t it better to count our blessings than our sorrows?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

The self is your seat of power and the moment is your point of power!

In life and business, how many of us ask: is what I’m doing good? Do my actions improve the quality of life or undermine it? Do they increase humanity’s chances for survival or threaten it?

Create the change you want to see in the world!

“Nothing you can ever think, say or do can keep you from being loved  unconditionally.” – The voice of Unconditional Love (from Encounter with Unconditional Love)

Think about what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. In the presence of unconditional love, do you feel the urge to commit hateful acts of mayhem or do you feel the urge to let your own love flow?

I encourage you to read Seth’s article, Seth – Trust Yourself. It’s a great comapanion piece to this one!

As I said earlier, the ideas expressed here represent what makes sense to me based on logic, intuition, study and my own experience. Whether any of this material makes sense to you, based on your own experience, is up to you to decide. Take what you like and leave the rest. Figure out what makes the most sense to you!


Roger A. “Pete” Peterson – http://realtalkworld.com/

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having (creating) a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“How you define yourself and the world around you forms your intent, which, in turn, forms your reality.” – Seth

In other words, we create our own reality from what we choose to believe about ourselves, and the world around us.

If we do not CONSCIOUSLY choose our beliefs, we UNCONSCIOUSLY absorb them from our surroundings.

If our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations create our reality, can we afford not to question them?

The more we love, understand and appreciate ourselves, the better we treat ourselves, and the world.

Replace money, power and privilege with love, truth and joy as the measure of your success.

The secrets of the universe lie hidden in the shadows of our experience. Look for them!

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