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Free to be me! – Conscious Creators

What does freedom mean to you? To me freedom is the right to be ME. It is the right to explore and discover who and what I truly am. It is the right to Be and Create what works best and makes me happiest in my oneness with and separation form All That Is – as both a product of creation and creation itself. It is the right to seek the greatest fulfillment of my own unique potential, to be who I love to be and do what I love to do.  It is the right to live by value fulfillment and practice idealism – to determine the qualities of Being and Creation I value most, my ideals, while actualizing them to the best of my ability! This, to me, is the meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

However, I am not alone in the in the universe of All That Is. There is you, there is me and there is All That Is. To be free to be me, I must take your freedom and the freedom of All That Is, into account as well as my own. If I’m to be free, you must be free. We must all be free, including nature! This understanding or agreement lies at the heart of developing our  response-ability. Since we are not born consciously aware of this practical truth,  we must discover it through experimentation, observation,  education – trial and error – as Being and Creation unfolds before us.

Accepting responsibility to develop Response Ability – Conscious Creators

Responsibility is seen by many as an unnecessary burden. Those who are currently exploring beliefs in separation and competition find that accepting responsibility for the consequences of their actions is limiting. When we see ourselves as alone in the world, the idea of personal gain and survival can become paramount in our minds. Within this framework of ideas, lying, cheating, and stealing become acceptable for personal gain. After all, this is a dog-eat-dog, devil-take-the-hindmost world, isn’t it? Why accept responsibility for the consequences of our thoughts and actions when we can point the finger of blame at someone else and walk away laughing in their confusion?

The value of an idea is in the reality it creates and what we can learn from it – Conscious Creators

Eventually, if not in this lifetime, in another, we learn that we’re not alone. We learn that we’re multidimensional, vibrational Beings of Aware Energy. We learn that we are both one with and separate from All That Is – that we are not only products of creation; we are creation itself! To maintain a satisfying level of freedom we must accept full responsibility for the consequences of our thoughts and actions. It is the only way we can learn from them and avoid defining ourselves by them. When we define ourselves by our behavior and its consequences, we solidify thought and behavior patterns. They become identifiers of who we are. Why would we do that to ourselves? We know that if we refuse to pay attention and learn from our experiences, if we refuse to grow in understanding and awareness, others will be forced to step in to limit the harm we do to protect their own health and freedom for themselves and others. Ultimately, who is responsible for what you do? Who is responsible for what I do? Who is responsible for what we do in groups we’re part of?

Look at the world through the lens of responsibility. For example, you’re responsible for yourself, your family (if you have one), you’re responsible for your work, paying your bills, driving your car, your safety and the safety of others. Looking at this list through the lens of responsibility is overwhelming for many. However, viewing life through the lens of response-ability acknowledges that life is a creative endeavor and have the joy and challenge to grow in your role as creator of your experience. By adopting a pro-active view of life, you transmute what was once burdensome into  joy. Perspective is everything. It’s why some people succeed and others fail. Look at the difference between “have a nice day” and “create a great day!” One salutation is hopeful but doubtful while the other is confident and acknowledges your power as the creator of your reality.

When we look at life through the lens of responsibility, life too often serves as a mirror of judgment and condemnation. When we look at life through the lens of response-ability, life becomes an opportunity to improve our creative abilities. That’s right! We are blessed with the divine power to see the difference between who we are and who we want to be, what we do and what we want to do, what works for us and what doesn’t, what makes us happy and what doesn’t. This is freedom and it is our source of power and redemption in life!

It is this amazing ability that provides us with hope for the future. It is what makes it possible for us to imagine and then create the self we want to be and the world we want to live in. It is our response-ability, the ability to see things for what they are and shape them into what we want. The power of thought and imagination is what gives all things the ability to not only survive but thrive. This is so for cells in our body, it is so for us as human beings in society and it is so for nations in the world. Adapting to changing conditions to maintain satisfying levels of safety, freedom and happiness is a creative challenge. It is what makes life exciting and well worth living!

The Purpose of Life

The challenge of Being and Creation is learning how to use the power of thought and imagination to shape the energy of ideas, the building blocks of creation, into a pleasing reality. The prize is a sense of satisfaction, the feeling of a job well done. Like learning how to walk or talk, it is a personal, subjective endeavor that requires creative aggression. It is a great balancing act that makes falling part of learning how to stand.

Remember: thoughts are “things” with a reality of their own and each of us, an artist. With thoughts in the form of beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations, we paint the landscape of our lives. Create a great day!  (From: We Create Our Own Reality)

What are your thoughts about the role of response-ability in our lives? Throw your thoughts up on the wall so we can all look at them. That way we can keep what we like and leave the rest. It’s ironic, isn’t it – the only way to be free is to be response-able?

Pete –  https://realtalkworld.com/

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having (creating) a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“How you define yourself and the world around you, forms your intent, which, in turn, forms your reality.” – Seth

In other words, we create reality from what we believe about ourselves and the world around us.

If we don’t consciously choose our beliefs, we unconsciously absorb them from our surroundings.

If our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations create reality, can we afford not to question them?

The more we love, understand, and appreciate ourselves, the better we treat ourselves and the world.

Bless us all with love and understanding!

The secrets of the universe lie hidden in the shadows of our experience. Look for them!

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